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Connecticut Firm Wins Under Armour Clothing Challenge

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By winning a challenge by one of the world’s leading performance clothing manufacturer, Body Biolytics, a Connecticut firm, is positioning as part of the growing wearable computing market.

Body Biolytics, a start-up under MACSEA of Stonington, created electronic monitoring systems which enhance the tracking biological data like heartbeat and motion. Under Armour, the Baltimore based athletic apparel maker, produces a digital fitness performance monitor called Armour39. The device measures activity and transmits the data to a mobile app or wristwatch. The company sponsored a challenge to firms to increase the capabilities of it’s devices. MACSEA makes ship monitoring systems.


Armour39 – Courtesy UnderArmour

Fifty firms entered the contest and five finalists were selected. Body Biolytics was the top finalist with an entry that adapted MACSEA neural network-based health monitoring software . In a press release, Kevin Logan, MACSEA Ltd’s President and CTO, said, “We’re applying the same machine learning technology we use to assess engine health to monitor human performance. In some ways, monitoring a human through sports physiology is simpler than monitoring a diesel or gas turbine engine on a Navy ship, where we’re analyzing data from hundreds of sensor signals in real-time. For fitness and medical applications, we’re only monitoring a fraction of that number of body sensors.”

The firm won a cash prize and stands a chance to partner with UA. Other firms that entered included a nano technology company, and university programs specializing in bio-mechanical engineering.

Uber Launches In Southern Connecticut

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Uber, the ride sharing company, has expanded service to New Haven and Fairfield counties according to the company’s blog.

Uber Backseat

Handout Photo Courtesy Uber

The company which started in California, connects riders with drivers for hire through a mobile app. Drivers use their own vehicle, and are sent information to pick up passengers. The company says their rates are less expensive than a taxi. Uber takes a percentage of the fare which is processed electronically.

The company is offering five free rides up to $30 through May 11th to kick off the service. The rides must begin and end in the state. Availability may be limited.

Uber has faced strong opposition from established taxi cab companies and livery services in Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. among other cities.



Andriod Apps Scanned For Malware

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Google announced Thursday that it will be scanning apps on users Android devices to check for malware and other problems.

Mashable reports:

Previously, when the Verify Apps service was enabled, only apps from third-party app stores were scanned, and only upon installation. Now Verify Apps will check every app before it is installed — and will regularly check that all of a user’s installed apps are “behaving in a safe manner.”

Apple has scanned apps since starting it’s app store.


YouTube Dominates Smartphone Entertainment Apps

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Half of the entertainment content viewed on a smartphone is through YouTube according to a study by a mobile analytics firm as reported on Re/code.

Flurry says that the video arm ofYouTube Google dominates the moblie market alond with Facebook and it’s properties.

The typical U.S. consumer devotes 2 hours and 42 minutes a day to their smartphones or tablets, up 4 minutes from March 2013. Apps have eclipsed the mobile web, accounting for 86 percent of the average mobile consumer’s time.

That’s a pretty good return on Google’s 2006 purchase of the video site.

Upgrade Your iPhone To Shoot 2K Video

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New Apple iOS 7 features are displayed on screen during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 in San FranciscoThe camera in the iPhone 5 series is pretty good. You can make it much better with a $7 app. has the story:

With the built-in camera app able to capture HD video at up to 120fps, Ultrakam takes the opposite route, limiting the frame-rate to 30fps and using a more efficient codec to in order to capture 2k video: 2240×1672. The app also allows you to shoot at 24fps for a more film-like look.

The downside is you need 3GB for every minute of footage.

App Programming Competition For High School Students

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A nationwide competition for high school students to create mobile apps is being championed by U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty.

vine ios 5Esty, a Democrat who represents Connecticut’s Fifth District, is asking students to create an application and then enter a video to explain the app and describe what they learned.

One entry will be selected from each Congressional District.

More information on how to enter from Esty’s district can be found here.

Students from other districts can get more information here.


Netflix iOS App Enables Airplay, HD

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Netflix announced today that it’s new version of it’s iOS App allows video streaming to Apple TVs.

Airplay is a feature that allows video or audio played on an iPad, iPhone or later model Mac computer to appear on the TV connected to an Apple TV. While there is a Netflix app on the Apple TV, the new feature will allow a user to connect to other units on the same Wifi network without entering account information on that device and have more precise control over playback features.

The new feature was announced in the Netflix company blog  written by Roma De, the director of product management at Netflix. Version 5.0 was released in the App Store within the last 24 hours.

She lists other reason you may want to use your iOS device for controlling the video:

(FILE) 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominees Netflix To Report Quarterly Earnings This WeekUse your iPhone or iPad as a remote control for the Apple TV during AirPlay. You can pause, seek, select audio or subtitles and stop playback from your iPhone or iPad.

To make this even easier use the lock screen functionality (iOS 7) in our new iOS app during AirPlay. And you can continue to use other apps like email on your phone while using Airplay with Netflix.

Netflix recently made moves to close it’s Bloomfield distribution center.

Do you plan on using the new feature?

New App To Vent About Your Commute To Your Elected Representatives

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If you are stuck in traffic, you could take to Twitter or Facebook, but will anyone besides your friends and followers read it?

21265_10151640998621171_1521854591_nWired reports on a way to get attention in higher places. Called the I’m Stuck App, it notifies your elected representatives when you are stuck in transit. The idea being that tie ups and delays may be part of larger problems in America’s infrastructure, and by contacting  representatives in Congress action may result.

The app was developed by the bi partisan infrastructure advocacy group Building America’s Future.