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Connecticut Firm Wins Under Armour Clothing Challenge

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By winning a challenge by one of the world’s leading performance clothing manufacturer, Body Biolytics, a Connecticut firm, is positioning as part of the growing wearable computing market.

Body Biolytics, a start-up under MACSEA of Stonington, created electronic monitoring systems which enhance the tracking biological data like heartbeat and motion. Under Armour, the Baltimore based athletic apparel maker, produces a digital fitness performance monitor called Armour39. The device measures activity and transmits the data to a mobile app or wristwatch. The company sponsored a challenge to firms to increase the capabilities of it’s devices. MACSEA makes ship monitoring systems.


Armour39 – Courtesy UnderArmour

Fifty firms entered the contest and five finalists were selected. Body Biolytics was the top finalist with an entry that adapted MACSEA neural network-based health monitoring software . In a press release, Kevin Logan, MACSEA Ltd’s President and CTO, said, “We’re applying the same machine learning technology we use to assess engine health to monitor human performance. In some ways, monitoring a human through sports physiology is simpler than monitoring a diesel or gas turbine engine on a Navy ship, where we’re analyzing data from hundreds of sensor signals in real-time. For fitness and medical applications, we’re only monitoring a fraction of that number of body sensors.”

The firm won a cash prize and stands a chance to partner with UA. Other firms that entered included a nano technology company, and university programs specializing in bio-mechanical engineering.

State Invests In Non Petroleum Based Fragrances

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The state of Connecticut wants what you smell to be from renewable sources, and to that end has invested in a company which is creating ways to produce scents from biomass sources.

Last week, Connecticut Innovations announced a $500,000 investment in P2 Science Inc. of New Haven. The investment was made through its Eli Whitney Equity Fund and Elm Street Ventures.

Biomass consists of wood chips, unwanted grain products and similar materials which has been used for heat or creating energy.

A worker displays biomass fuel at the Diageo Roseisle distillery in Scotland

A worker displays biomass fuel at the Diageo Roseisle distillery in Scotland March 20, 2014. (REUTERS)

Connecticut Innovations said the company will use a proprietary process to create aldehydes for use in fragrances, polymers, lubricants and cosmetics.

P2 Science is a specialty chemical company dedicated to producing high-value, high-margin consumer and industrial product ingredients from biomass. In addition to new proprietary ingredients, the company’s products will include vegetable-based equivalents of chemical ingredients previously only available from petrochemical sources and will be suitable for direct substitution for such ingredients in customer products. Because they will be derived from soy, canola, palm and other oils, as well as wood, grass and other plant-based feedstocks, P2 Science’s products will meet the growing demand for renewable alternatives.


Connecticut Launches New Data Website

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X00232_9To increase transparency in state government, Connecticut unveiled as a central location for government produced data.

Gov. Dannel Malloy said in a statement, “We launched this website to as part of our goal to make the data collected by state government more open and easily accessible to its owners – the taxpayers of Connecticut. will make vast amounts of data – data that was previously hard to find – easily accessible to individuals, researchers, entrepreneurs, academics, policymakers and other state agencies, and spur a new level of innovation and collaboration in our state.”

The site features data in eight categories: Business, Government, Education, Public Safety, Transportation, Health, Environment, Housing and Development. The data is collected by executive branch agencies and an executive order signed by Malloy last year instructs the state agencies to identify and upload the data to the site.

The site has some data already, including traffic counts for the state, leased and owned state buildings, and information about the state’s First Five Program. Sections for Health and Public Safety were empty as of Monday at noon.


Vote For The Next Gen Space Suit

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Fresh off the success of it’s 2012 collection, NASA is soliciting the public’s help in picking the next generation space suit for upcoming missions to space.

There are three versions under consideration for the Z-2 Spacesuit Design, and you can vote here

Option A: “Biomimicry”bio_spaceCenter_scaled
uses the protective qualities of natures creatures to protect it’s occupants.





tech_nbl_scaledOption B: “Technology” refers back to suits of the past and is designed to help facilitate movement.





trend_rocks_scaledOption C: “Trends in Society” attempts to predict what clothing may look like in the future.





The last space suit wonTime Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2012,

NASA says:

The Z-2 marks several milestones for NASA:

  • First surface-specific planetary mobility suit to be tested in full vacuum

  • First use of 3D human laser scans and 3D-printed hardware for suit development and sizing

  • Most advanced use of impact resistant composite structures on a suit upper and lower torso system

  • First integration of the suit-port concept with a hard upper torso suit structure

  • Most conformal and re-sizeable hard upper torso suit built to date

Photos courtesy of NASA

App Programming Competition For High School Students

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A nationwide competition for high school students to create mobile apps is being championed by U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty.

vine ios 5Esty, a Democrat who represents Connecticut’s Fifth District, is asking students to create an application and then enter a video to explain the app and describe what they learned.

One entry will be selected from each Congressional District.

More information on how to enter from Esty’s district can be found here.

Students from other districts can get more information here.


Some AAC Women’s Basketball Tournament Games To Be Web Streaming Only

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The first and second rounds of the upcoming American Athletic Conference women’s basketball tournament at the Mohegan Sun Arena will be shown only on ESPN 3.

On Saturday March 8th, the University Of Connecticut Women’s Basketball team will play the winner of Friday’s first round game. ESPN 3 is available on Apple TV, iOS devices, Roku players and Xboxes.

John Altavilla has a post here with great links.





Connecticut Medal of Technology Call For Nominations

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Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineeringsinglehed is asking for nominations for it’s Connecticut Medal of Technology.

The award, patterned after the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, recognizes achievements in technology, innovation, and advanced manufacturing. It is awarded in alternate years in conjunction with the Connecticut Medal of Science. Winners will be featured in the hall of fame at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford.

Nominations are due by March 14th and can be submitted online.

New Area Code For Connecticut

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The state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) announced Monday the formation of a new area code that will overlay the current 860 area code.

According to a press release, the current code is running out of numbers. Starting in August, new phone activations in the geographic area will be assigned 959. By the state and the telecoms opting for an overlay, customers will not have to change their current numbers like they did in the late 1990’s when the state was split into 860 and 203 area codes.

2X00212_9According to PURA:

For most customers, the new area code should have minimal impact:

  • existing telephone numbers, including current area code, will not change;
  • customers will continue to dial area code + telephone number for local calls, and 1 + area code + telephone number for long distance calls;
  • local calling areas will remain the same;
  • prices for calls and coverage areas will not change due to the overlay;
  • customers will still dial services such as 911 (211, 411, 811, etc.) with just three digits.

The automated equipment will have to be updated to insure that it recognizes 959 as a local call. The new code will take effect August 30, 2014.

More info here:

Nokia XL Photo: REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino



WCSU Wins Local Coverage Award

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Congrats to the election coverage team at Western Connecticut State University on winning two awards for their Election Night Coverage this past November.

The Litchfield County Times reports:

“Election Connection 2012,” a four-hour election night broadcast collaboration with Charter Communications [was] a bronze winner in the 34th annual Telly Awards competition honoring outstanding TV, film and video productions worldwide.

The program, produced by Dr. J.C. Barone, WCSU associate professor of communication and media arts, also recently received the Communicator Award of Distinction from the International Academy of the Visual Arts.

South Windsor Electronics Recycling On Saturday

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If you live in South Windsor and have old electronics you want to get rid of, Saturday is the day.

The town will sponsor a dropoff for old electronic equipment at the Town Hall, 1540 Sullivan Avenue on Saturday, July 13, 2013 from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM in the rear parking lot.

In a press releaBUSINESS COMPUTER SMALL COMPANY WOMAN PREPARATION FUTURE PROBLEMSse the town stated, “Residents may bring to the collection site telephones, phone equipment, cell phones, computers, copiers, fax machines, iPods / PDAs, modems, computer monitors, keyboards, mousse, printers, stereos, radio equipment, televisions, speakers, microwaves, digital cameras, VCRs, DVD players.”