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Hyundai Readying An Electric Vehicle?

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Speculation is ramping up that Hyundai will be selling an electric vehicle sooner rather than later on these shores.

The Detroit Bureau reports that rather than going route of Fuel Cells in the United States as they are in Europe, Hyundai is looking to bring it’s home market BlueOn vehicle to the market.

The BlueOn is sold in South Korea and might be what the company needs to comply with emissions regulations in California which are more stringent than in other parts of the country.


Tesla Sales Beat Rivals

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21265_10151640998621171_1521854591_nIt’s not a perfect comparison, but sales for Tesla’s Model S are beating rival models from Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

CNN/Fortune is reporting that first quarter numbers from LMC Automotive that show the Tesla Model S selling 4720 cars, Mercedes moving 3,077 of their S Class, BMW 2,338 of the 7 Series and Audi putting 1,462 copies of their A8.
The prices don’t directly match up, of course. Buyers also do not get a tax credit for putting the German cars in their garage.
But for a manufacturer just getting started and a small dealer network, it’s a positive sign.

I’ve personally seen three Model S cars on the road in the past four weeks. One in New York’s Greenwich Village, one in Back Bay, Boston and the red one pictured in this post driving through Manchester on Sunday with New Jersey plates.

Photo by Doug Stewart

Higher Fuel Economy Standards Could Be A Plus For The State

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The director of energy initiatives at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology in East Hartford has an interesting take on why higher fuel economy standards pushed by the EPA could be good news for the state in a column in the Hartford Business Journal.

Joel M. Rinebold says companies like Companies such as UTC Power, Proton OnSite, FuelCell Energy and Precision Combustion are well established in the area and can provide research, design and manufacturing for alternative fuel engines.

How likely would you be to use an alternative fuel vehicle?


Los Angeles Times photo by Dan Neil

State Wants To Redefine Renewable Energy

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The state of Connecticut is investigating creating a new definition of renewable energy that would include low or non emission sources such as hydro electric power.

An article  in the Hartford Business Journaldescribes how the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is studying  ways to bring more renewable energy production into the mix, especially large scale sources like hydro electric power from Canada.

Do you opt for renewable energy in your power consumption at home?

Courant Photo by Michael McAndrews

Solar Tour To Show Homes, Businesses In New Light

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Houses and commercial buildings drawing their energy from the sun will be part of a solar energy tour in October.

“This event is a perfect opportunity to see first-hand the installations and technologies practical and economical in Connecticut today,” the tour’s host Solar Connecticut Inc. said in a press release.

The sites will be staffed by installers, designers or owners who can talk about specific issues.

The Solar Tour will be held on Oct. 6th  from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Admission is free at the sites.

A full list of sites will be announced next month at