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State Invests In Non Petroleum Based Fragrances

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The state of Connecticut wants what you smell to be from renewable sources, and to that end has invested in a company which is creating ways to produce scents from biomass sources.

Last week, Connecticut Innovations announced a $500,000 investment in P2 Science Inc. of New Haven. The investment was made through its Eli Whitney Equity Fund and Elm Street Ventures.

Biomass consists of wood chips, unwanted grain products and similar materials which has been used for heat or creating energy.

A worker displays biomass fuel at the Diageo Roseisle distillery in Scotland

A worker displays biomass fuel at the Diageo Roseisle distillery in Scotland March 20, 2014. (REUTERS)

Connecticut Innovations said the company will use a proprietary process to create aldehydes for use in fragrances, polymers, lubricants and cosmetics.

P2 Science is a specialty chemical company dedicated to producing high-value, high-margin consumer and industrial product ingredients from biomass. In addition to new proprietary ingredients, the company’s products will include vegetable-based equivalents of chemical ingredients previously only available from petrochemical sources and will be suitable for direct substitution for such ingredients in customer products. Because they will be derived from soy, canola, palm and other oils, as well as wood, grass and other plant-based feedstocks, P2 Science’s products will meet the growing demand for renewable alternatives.


Plug Into Easier Data Storage

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Managing the thousands of documents, songs, videos and other media across laptops, smartphones and other smart devices is a cumbersome process without an easy solution.

Even with countless data management services like Dropbox and iCloud, users can still have trouble maintaining universal access across all of their devices.

Plug is a Kickstarter project that seeks to make data management a simple and stress-free process for users.


The device is small box that connects a USB device to the Internet and syncs data on the device to a storage space on the Internet. After the data transfer is complete, Plug makes your data, including music, pictures and videos, universally available across all compatible devices.

While the concept is similar to cloud storage such as Dropbox, there are differences that make Plug a new experience for users. For example, the device has a physical presence in your home and to upload data, you simply plug in a flash drive, external hard drive or other device. The data syncs with the online storage and remains located on the physical device for easy access. With cloud services, the entire exchange takes place between your computer and the internet.

According to the Kickstarter page, users can increase storage size for any compatible device by terabytes, regardless of the original size. With this extra space comes the ability to access countless songs, movies and other media without the burden of capped storage space on devices.


In addition to just increasing storage size, Plug allows users to easily and quickly share content and it is even compatible with services such as CrashPlan which backs up data.

The creators, Cloud Guys Corporation, also place a huge focus on security. Using secure technology, the creators emphasize that only you have access to your data.

According to the Plug’s Kickstarter Campaign “The security of your Plug device is our first priority. Like a private datacenter, your Plug is far more difficult to hack than your computer. Our team works continuously with security experts to make sure it remains so. Like high security servers, your Plug will be frequently updated with security patches to keep it unaccessible from badly intentioned governments and individuals.”

Plug isn’t quite a storage service that cloud storage users are used to. According to the Kickstarter page, users own the device and their storage space, whereas other services merely rent the space. In fact, the creators emphasize that Plug is not a service, but a product that you buy once (although there are options to expand the service if you choose so).

The Kickstarter campaign explains the product’s goal, “Plug brings the kind of unity that can make or devices really work together. It opens an era where we can think of all our devices as a single group; where playing with two devices from two different manufacturers can really make us live a single and continuous experience.”

The team has been working on Plug for about two years and expects that the service will be ready to ship at the end of the year.

Plug’s Kickstarter page is open for contributions now and ends on September 8th.

Photos Courtesy of Plug


Stamford Firm Raises $2.15 Million In Funding

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Local Yokel Media, a Stamford firm that places digital ads in hyperlocal media has announced that it’s raised over $2 million in funding.
The funding comes in part from Connecticut Innovations and the Department of Economic and Community Development. The firm specializes in placing advertising that it targeted to specific geographical areas, using  the websites of local newspapers and blogs. The company also creates ads if needed.

“The funding that we have secured will be used to further build our hyperlocal ad targeting platform, and for business development and sales and marketing efforts,” said Dick O’Hare, Local Yokel Media CEO.

Get Your “CT Brew On” With New App

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MIO5X025_4BF4_7It’s Connecticut Beer Week and local brewers will be joined with tourist officials and  state legislators will be rolling out an app to help people find their way along the CT Beer Trail.

The press conference will be held in Room 1B of the State Legislative Office Building at 11 a.m. to highlight the contributions of local brewers  to the state’s economy. They will launch a “Brew & Buy Local” campaign to make public more aware of the breweries in the state and their contributions to Connecticut’s economy.

According to the press release, part of the campaign will include the app which will  “help visitors connect with the CT Beer Trail.”


Study: Connecticut In Tech Top 10 Among States

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A new study shows that Connecticut has maintained it’s position in the top ten for science and technology capabilities among the fifty states.

The Milken Institute ranked Connecticut ninth, the same position as in 2010.  Milken measured almost 80 indicators including workforce, capital investment, and research to arrive its rankings. The institute combined those statistics to rank a state on how well it takes it’s science and technical capabilities and uses those to create corporations and employment. Connecticut was number nine, holding on to the same rank as the 2010 study.

Massachusetts ranked first and New Hampshire ranked tenth and were the only other New England states to place in the top tier. Connecticut has ranked as low as ten and as high as seven in the study over the past decade.

“This index shows the resurgence of the science and tech sectors, and the importance of innovation in state economies,” Kevin Klowden, Institute senior economist and co-author of the report said in a written statement. “States that are traditionally strong in science and technology have come out of the recession on the backs of those sectors.”

Here’s the top ten (and the ranking for 2010):

  1. Massachusetts (1)
  2. Maryland (2)
  3. California (4)
  4. Colorado (3)
  5. Washington (6)
  6. Virginia (8)
  7. Utah (5)
  8. Delaware (10)
  9. Connecticut (9)
  10. New Hampshire (7)

You can find the full report here.

Connecticut Launches Four Startup Hubs

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From CTNewsJunkie: Entrepreneurs like being around other entrepreneurs. At least, that’s the idea behind the creation of four startup hubs that opened at the end of last month.

“We’ve learned that entrepreneurs want to be in places with the best networks – be they technical, financial or social – which enable them to explore and test great ideas and to find the partners, attract the investment, and connect with the customers they need to grow,” Catherine Smith, commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development, said in a press release last month.

That’s why the state’s quasi-public agency, Connecticut Innovations, is investing $5 million per year in the creation of four hubs in Storrs, New Haven, Hartford, and Stamford. The hubs will act as incubators for entrepreneurs with an idea they don’t quite know how to turn into a business.

Check out the full story here.

Innovation Challenge

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Get your idea presentations ready!

Connecticut Innovations, a quasi public agency that provides funding and advice for state firms, is soliciting entries for  innovative ideas that will stimulate job and economic growth.

The idea is to promote growth and collaboration between private companies and academic institutions. Winners in the competition will receive up to $150,000 for up to one year for the project they propose.

What is your biggest challenge to getting your idea out there?

Tech Startups In Connecticut’s Mill Towns

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There will be a panel discussion of high tech start up businesses in Connecticut’s oldest towns next week at Eastern Connecticut State University.

The panel is scheduled for 3 to 6 p.m., Nov. 15 in the J. Eugene Smith Library on campus.

The panel will feature state entrepreneurs who will discuss launch and growth strategies for for tech firms in towns that once were home to textile manufacturers.

There is no charge  but registration is required, call (860) 465-5000, or visit

Check Out CT’s Tech Companies At The Connecticut Innovation Summit

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Want to learn more about Connecticut’s most promising technology innovators and the products they’re creating?  Then head to the Connecticut Technology Council’s Innovation Summit on Nov. 1 from 2:00-7:00 p.m.

The 74 startups that were chosen earlier this year as Connecticut’s “Tech Companies to Watch” will get a chance to meet potential investors at the event, while you get a chance to see what sort of innovation is brewing in the state.

This year is the sixth time the CTC will be holding the event.  In 2011 nearly 400 people attended.

Want to go?  Register to attend here.

Gearing Up For ‘Start Up Weekend’

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If you are starting a new business, you need a business plan. Can you imagine putting it together in just one weekend? Those participating in Metro Hartford Alliance and Hartford Area Young Professionals Startup Weekend will being doing just that this weekend.

During the weekend, participants pitch ideas to a group and get feedback about the ideas. Once the ideas are discussed, the group decides by vote which ones to pursue. Then the group works to put the project together over the next 54 hours. Once the project is together, it’s presented to local entrepreneurs for more critiques.

The event will be held at the Hartford Public Library. Cost to participate runs from $75 to $99 depending on area of expertise.  Students with ID can register for $25. The event runs from Friday, September 21 at 6:00 p.m. to Sunday, September 23 at 9:00 p.m.

For more information and a full schedule, visit,