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Former Employer, Not Google Tipped Off Government About Searches For Pressure Cookers And Backpacks

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The post that swept the internet Thursday by a Long Island woman who said her families home was searched by the FBI after her family searched for information about pressure cookers and backpacks was touched off by her husband’s former employer, according to Tech Crunch.

The article quotes the Suffolk County Police as saying in a statement:

Suffolk County Criminal Intelligence Detectives received a tip from a Bay Shore based computer company regarding suspicious computer searches conducted by a recently released employee.  The former employee’s computer searches took place on this employee’s workplace computer.   On that computer, the employee searched the terms “pressure cooker bombs” and “backpacks.”

After interviewing the company representatives, Suffolk County Police Detectives visited the subject’s home to ask about the suspicious internet searches. The incident was investigated by Suffolk County Police Department’s Criminal Intelligence Detectives and was determined to be non-criminal in nature.


Support For Chromecast Grows

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Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management, holds the new Google Chromecast dongle as it is announced during a Google event at Dogpatch Studio in San Francisco

When Google launched Chromecast, a $35 HDMI-connected dongle that lets you stream online media, last week only a handful of services were available or officially announced.

This week, the number grows. According to GigaOM, streaming video services Vimeo and Redbox are on their way to the new platform.

Additionally, GigaOM reports that there are hints that Plex and HBO GO are also in the works.

These services will join Youtube, Netflix and Google Play as some of the supported services on the new device.

The Chromecast is available now for $35.

Google Launches Zagats On Phone and Computers

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Google To Buy Zagat Guides

Google launched a new website and mobile apps for Zagats Restaurant Guides this afternoon.

According to Google, which acquired Zagat Restaurant guides in 2011, updated the service to include multimedia content to help users find the best restaurants in their area.

For the first time ever, users can get free access to content (which now includes pictures, videos and more multimedia features)online using computers and smartphones.

For now, the website only offers curated content for nine cities across the country and abroad, including New York City and Boston. However, there are plans to expand to fifty cities.

Using Google services such as search and mapping, the company has worked to improve the experience for users.

“These days, the challenge in deciding where to go is not about about a lack of information or user reviews, but finding accurate information and trusted opinions so you can quickly make informed decisions. Through our digital products—and the Google products you use every day like the new Google Maps for Mobile—you can rely on Zagat’s curated lists and summary reviews to cut through the clutter so you can find the perfect spot.” said Gannon Hall, Group Product Manager and Head of Zagat in a blog post.

The service now has apps available for Android and iPhone, and an newwebsite.

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Google Bring More To Your TV

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Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management, holds the new Google Chromecast dongle as it is announced during a Google event at Dogpatch Studio in San Francisco

Google unveiled Chromecast, a $35 competitor to Apple TV and Roku, last Wednesday.

The device, which connects to your TV via HDMI is a three inch dongle that lets users stream content from devices to a connected television.

The Chromecast is about the size of a flash drive, and connects with devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Notably, connectivity is not limited to Google and Android products, the Chromecast will also work with Apple products.

Additionally, Google is offering developers the opportunity to create products and services for the Chromecast. This means that services like Spotify or Flickr can create apps specifically for the platform and expand available content to Chromecast users.

Additionally, in the announcement post, Google says that the device will feature support from entertainment services like Netflix and Youtube, with more services offering support in the future.

Based on the wide support for the product, a remote will not come with the device. Instead, users will control the Chromecast using any of the compatible devices to use and manage content. Additionally, Google is offering developers the opportunity to create products and services for the Chromecast.

Google’s Chromcast is available now for $35.

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Google Interacts With 60% Of Users Daily

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File photo illustration shows a Google logo at a Best Buy electronics store in Encinitas, California

CNET reports that 60% of all devices connected to the Internet exchange data with Google on a typical day.

The study, conducted by DeepField, an Internet Data Analytic company shows Google’s massive influence on the Internet.

In addition, the study also concluded that Google accounts for 25% of total internet traffic.

The study is not limited to computers and smartphones, it also includes game consoles, home media appliances and other connected devices.

CNET notes that the exchanged data is not just from search; Google offers a number of services like advertising, hosting and analytics that users interact with daily.

“Based on measurements of end device and user audience share, Google is now bigger than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter combined,” said Craig Labovitz in a blog post on

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Ice Melting Between Google And Apple?

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The head of Google says the strained relations between the folks in Mountain View and Cupertino is less and less.

In a Reuters article, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said the companies have talked about issues but would not be specific about what they worked on.

The two companies are in “constant business discussions on a long list of issues,” Schmidt said..[at] the annual Allen and Co media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho on Thursday.

Google Restores Easy Mobile Map Caching To Android

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If you’ve tried to cache a Google map on your Android device recently, you had to go through some more hoops than on the previous version.

Google hopes that it’s fixed that according to CNET.

Caching maps on a device is useful when traveling to areas where the network connection is bad or where high roaming fees discourage mobile network use. But the new Google Maps app had required a laborious and obscure method to cache maps.

Now it’s not so hard. Users can tap on the map to display a screen to search or explore an area, and scrolling down to the bottom of that page reveals a small card that says, “Make this map area available offline.”

Google, AOL Suing IRS For $88 Million

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Saying they were overcharged stemming from a transaction in 2004, Google and AOL are suing the Internal Revenue Service for $88 million.

MIO5X009_6B8E_9According to a Bloomberg article, the companies worked together on several projects, starting in 2002.

Google, based in Mountain View, California, issued the warrant for its “series D preferred stock” in June 2002 in recognition of AOL efforts to promote Google’s search engine among its users, according to the complaint.

The IRS erred in disallowing a $238.6 million deduction claimed for the difference between the price AOL paid to exercise a warrant for Google stock and the value of the shares, according to the complaint in U.S. Tax Court.

AOL’s suit is separate from Google’s action. Google is asking for over $83 million and AOL is asking for over $4 million.

Extensive Google Streetview Of UConn Now Online

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UntitledNew Google Streetview images of the University of Connecticut have been posted and they feature extensive high resolution views of the Storrs Campus taken last summer.

A note to faculty and staff announcing the street level imagery and invited web site developers to embed the Street view into their own sites.

Google’s Street View teams sends GPS equipped cars and bicycles to document a geosynchronous 360 degree view from street level that can be accessed through their Google Maps pages.

Now recent graduates can have a lasting record of what the campus looked like, and older alumni can see all the changes that have taken place since they graduated.

You can see the maps here

View a photo gallery of UConn Dorm life through the years here.