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“Heartbleed” Security Flaw: What Passwords Should You Change?

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Mashable has a list of sites and services and actions you should take in the wake of the security flaw called Heartbleed. Here’s a good explanation of the problem in the New Yorker.

An encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug is already being called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. The bug has affected many popular websites and services — ones you might use every day, like Gmail and Facebook — and could have quietly exposed your sensitive account information (such as passwords and credit card numbers) over the past two years.

SiriusXM To Launch LGBT Sports Show

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SiriusXM announced a new sports programs focused on gays and lesbian in sports.

The show, called The Outfield, will air on SiriusXM OutQ a channel with programming focuses on the LGBT community. The company said in a statement, “The live call-in show will be hosted by sports broadcaster Eddie Robinson and will feature interviews with LGBT athletes and LGBT allies as they discuss sports, fitness, and the advancement of openly gay athletes competing in sports at all levels.”

the show will premiere April 13, and air weekly at 11:00 am ET.

UPDATE: Wisconsin Owner Sues Tesla, Saying His Car Is A Lemon

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UPDATE: Tesla says there are some things that aren’t quite right with the claims.

A Milwaukee man is suing electric car maker Tesla after a series of problems his lawyer said make the car a lemon under the law.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

Robert Montgomery paid more than $95,000 to have his white Tesla S delivered to his home from Palo Alto, Calif., in March 2013, but according to his lawsuit, the car has had major troubles — like not starting. He had it towed to service centers in Chicago four times. In all, in was out of service 66 days in the first year.

No shrinking flower, Montgomery’s lawyer, lemon law expert Vince Megna, uploaded a video highlighting some of the problems with the car.

A provision in the sales agreement requires any disputes to be settled by an arbitrator.  Megna said that Wisconsin law makes that provision moot by voiding any waiver of rights by a car buyer.

According to the article, problems with the car include, “not starting, not going into drive, recessed door handles that do not emerge when touched, faulty battery coolant pumps, faulty steering wheel controls and several electrical problems.


State Invests In Non Petroleum Based Fragrances

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The state of Connecticut wants what you smell to be from renewable sources, and to that end has invested in a company which is creating ways to produce scents from biomass sources.

Last week, Connecticut Innovations announced a $500,000 investment in P2 Science Inc. of New Haven. The investment was made through its Eli Whitney Equity Fund and Elm Street Ventures.

Biomass consists of wood chips, unwanted grain products and similar materials which has been used for heat or creating energy.

A worker displays biomass fuel at the Diageo Roseisle distillery in Scotland

A worker displays biomass fuel at the Diageo Roseisle distillery in Scotland March 20, 2014. (REUTERS)

Connecticut Innovations said the company will use a proprietary process to create aldehydes for use in fragrances, polymers, lubricants and cosmetics.

P2 Science is a specialty chemical company dedicated to producing high-value, high-margin consumer and industrial product ingredients from biomass. In addition to new proprietary ingredients, the company’s products will include vegetable-based equivalents of chemical ingredients previously only available from petrochemical sources and will be suitable for direct substitution for such ingredients in customer products. Because they will be derived from soy, canola, palm and other oils, as well as wood, grass and other plant-based feedstocks, P2 Science’s products will meet the growing demand for renewable alternatives.


Mozilla Board Members Resign As Company Issues Statement Of Support For Equality

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Three board members of Mozilla have stepped down while the organization does damage control in the wake of disclosures that it’s CEO, Brendan Eich, donated to organizations in favor of the anti same sex marriage Proposition 8 in California in 2008. Here’s some background from the L.A. Times.

Here’s more from the Wall Street Journal on the resignations.

The three board members who resigned sought a CEO from outside Mozilla with experience in the mobile industry who could help expand the organization’s Firefox OS mobile-operating system and balance the skills of co-founders Eich and Baker, the people familiar with the situation said. They did not want to be identified because they are not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

Mozilla issued statements in support of LGBT equality on it’s blog over the weekend as well.

Over the past few days we have been asked a number of questions about Brendan Eich’s appointment as CEO. This post is to clarify Mozilla’s official support of equality and inclusion for LGBT people.

Mozilla’s mission is to make the Web more open so that humanity is stronger, more inclusive and more just. This is why Mozilla supports equality for all, including marriage equality for LGBT couples. No matter who you are or who you love, everyone deserves the same rights and to be treated equally.

3D Printing Could Be Means To Copy Secure Keys

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You know those keys that say ” Do Not Duplicate?” 3D printers could be a means for people to make copies.

Forbes reports on the ability for secure keys to be duplicated from even a photo.

At the Def Con hacker conference Saturday, MIT students David Lawrence and Eric Van Albert plan to release a piece of code that will allow anyone to create a 3D-printable software model of any Primus key, despite the company’s attempts to prevent the duplication of those carefully-controlled shapes. With just a flatbed scanner and their software tool, they were able to produce precise models that they uploaded to the 3D-printing services Shapeways and i.Materialise, who mailed them working copies of the keys in materials ranging from nylon to titanium.

“In the past if you wanted a Primus key, you had to go through Schlage. Now you just need the information contained in the key, and somewhere to 3D-print it,” says 21-year old Van Albert. “You can take a high security ‘non-duplicatable’ key and basically take it to a virtual hardware store to get it copied,” adds 20-year-old Lawrence.

Android Video Game Console Now Available

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Video game industry veterans presented the Ouya, an Android-powered home game console on crowdfunding website, Kickstarter last year.

In just a month, Kickstarter users contributed over $8.5 million to the project and the Ouya met its $950,000 goal with overwhelming success.

Although Kickstarter backers who supported the console early have had access to the Ouya already, the console was not available to the general public until today.

Consumers can purchase the console today, and it is available at a few retailers including Best Buy and Amazon, although TechCrunch reports that Amazon is sold out of the new system.

The Ouya, which costs $99, has over 170 games available to play right now now. Additionally, the Android powered console allows game developers to easily bring smartphones games to the platform, and the potential for strong support is presence.

Photos Courtesy of Ouya

Angry Birds Is Back

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Angry Birds is back with the second installment in its Star Wars branded game series.

Angry Birds Star Wars II will follow the story of the prequel trilogy. There will be new characters introduced to the Angry Birds world and players will even be able to “pork the dark side” and play as evil pigs.

The game will also interact with Telepods toys from Hasbro, which will allow players to experience the game on compatible devices and in the real world.

The game will be released on September 19th in App Stores worldwide.

Angry Birds Star Wars has been downloaded over 100 million times since its release.

Photo courtesy of Rovio

BMW Joins The Movement Towards Electric Vehicles.

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New information about BMW’s i3 electric vehicle was released today. According to the new vehicle is being offered at a lower than expected price to promote interest in the new car.

The car, which will cost $41,350 without state or federal incentives from electric vehicles, is an attractive price to consumers interested in the new technology.

“The BMW i3 heralds the dawn of a new era for individual mobility and for the BMW Group. True to a genuine BMW, the BMW i3 has strong emotional appeal, outstanding product substance and a guarantee of sheer driving pleasure,” said Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management, Sales and Marketing BMW. “With this leading-edge vehicle and attractive price, we will provide customers with a compelling offer for electromobility.”

The car’s battery can be charged from empty to 80% in just 20 minutes using public level two charging stations. Additionally, the i3’s maximum range is up to 124 miles in power-saving model.


Furthermore there is an engine variant that extends the i3’s maximum range, however this will cost an additional 4,000 euros, which is approximately $5,300. Additionally, there will be a hybrid model that has not been priced.

The BMW i3 will be unveiled worldwide on July 29th, and be available in the US in the second quarter in 2014.

Also, to ease range anxiety fears, BMW will reportedly offer at-home charging stations and car sharing. Also, the company will sell the cars on the Internet through select dealers who will visit customers at home.

GoPro Makes Sharing Easier

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Shooting video and taking photos at Lake Compounce.

GoPro has made it even easier to capture and share videos with a new update for its smartphone app.

The camera brand, which markets their cameras as the “world’s most versatile camera,” has expanded the capabilities of its mobile app, which is available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

The update lets users remotely control the camera, manage photos and videos, and share content.

GoPro has included support for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the app and lets users instantly share their content.

Users can also manage the content and even delete unwanted content off the camera from the phone.

In order to connect devices to the updated app, an update is required for compatible devices.

Photo Courtesy of The Hartford Courant