Lone Signal Will Broadcast GIFs Into Space

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lone signal

Lone Signal is a new program where people can send messages into outer space. For the first time ever, the average human has the ability to communicate with other worlds (even if extraterrestrials don’t respond).

The Verge is reporting that as part of the Lone Signal program, an animated GIF will be broadcast on Tuesday to outer space.

Lone Signal invited Kim Asendorf, the creator of the GIF to take part in the broadcast. Asendorf chose “Humans Watching Digital Art,” from 2011 to show to the universe.


The broadcast which will be sent in California will be directed at the Gliese 526, a solar system located approximately 17.6 lightyears away from Earth that has the possibility of being habitable.

The 17.6 lightyear journey means that the signal will reach the solar system in early 2031. Nonetheless, experts chose Gliese 526 as the first destination for Lone Signal because it is an ideal location because of its relatively close position in the known universe.

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