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Connecticut Exhibitors At CES: A Roundup

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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is wrapping things up today but not before Connecticut-based exhibitors made an impression.  They include:

  • Bad Elf, LLC of East Hartford presented their line of GPS accessories popular in the aviation, marine, outdoors, and fitness markets.
A Dan D'Agostino stereo amplifier

A Dan D’Agostino stereo amplifier

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‘Still Revolutionary’ No. 2 Focuses On Business & Innovation

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Connecticut’s fall “Still Revolutionary” campaign was revealed today with the goal to “support both tourism and economic development efforts.”

“Our goal, always, is to retain, attract, and create good-paying jobs with good benefits,” Governor Malloy said.  “But for too long, our state failed to compete, and our tourism strategy is a great example of that.  Because of a lack of investment, Connecticut was literally left off the map of New England tourism destinations.  Whether it’s tourism dollars or economic development, we are going to compete because it will benefit our state and our residents.”

The new campaign, which will showcase companies doing business in the state, will be delivered through TV, print and at a new site: www.ctforbusiness.com.  The site was created in order to promote the idea that Connecticut is the perfect place to start or relocate a business.

The “Still Revolutionary” campaign has paid off digitally.  According to a press release from Malloy’s office, Connecticut’s tourism site — ctvisit.com — has seen a 100% jump in traffic since the campaign launched and the Connecticut Office of Tourism has provided travel assistance to 51% more potential visitors via traditional inquiries, online traffic and counseling at welcoming centers.

Looking to capitalize on Facebook’s reach, interested parties can “like” the Visit Connecticut  Facebook page for a chance to win an overnight stay in Connecticut.  The getaway includes a two-night stay at Saybrook Point Inn & Spa, dinner for two at Saybrook’s Fresh Salt, wine tasting for two at Chamard Vineyards, and two tickets to an evening performance at the Goodspeed Opera House.

You can learn more through social media: FacebookTwitterPinterest and YouTube.

Enter Doodle 4 Google At Connecticut Science Center

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Young people can visit the Connecticut Science Center and create original artwork that will be entered into the “Doodle 4 Google” contest. The winning entries from around the nation will be put on the Google.com homepage.

This year’s theme is “If I could travel in time, I’d visit…” according to the Center. No general admission purchase is required and the contest is open through August 31st. For more information, visit www.google.com/doodle4google


Ergotech Positions Itself For Army Contract

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Have you ever had an oddly shaped object that you needed to work on but couldn’t position it in just the right way? The United States Army has this problem and solved it with the help of a Danbury firm, Ergotech.

Ergotech announced Tuesday that it won a contract valued at $2.1 million for work positioners that a helicopter engine or transmission could be mounted on for repairs or modification. The work positioners allow maintenance personnel to perform tasks on heavy, irregularly shaped objects at a height and position that’s comfortable and can provide access where needed.

“No matter what size, shape, weight or type of product, the 3-axis Ergotech positioners provide, secure, and balanced positioning with variable work height, tilt and 360 degree rotation,” the company said in a press release.

Ergotech said they plan to hire additional assemblers, technicians, field service technicians and machine operators at its Danbury facility.

Six Connecticut Hospitals Deemed Country’s ‘Most Wired’

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According to a survey released Tuesday, six Connecticut hospitals are among the nation’s “Most Wired” for their use of information technology to improve their hospitals.

The six hospitals named are: Hartford Hospital, Middlesex Hospital, MidState Medical Center in Meriden, St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich and Yale-New Haven Health System.

Some of the survey’s more interesting findings include:

  • 93%  of Most Wired hospitals use intrusion detection systems to secure patient privacy and data.
  • 100% of Most Wired Hospitals check drug interactions and allergies when ordering medications to reduce any potential medication errors.
  • Nearly half of Most Wired hospitals employ social media for community outreach and crisis communication.

The survey was conducted by McKesson Corporation, the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives and the American Hospital Association.

The full H&HN cover story can be downloaded here.

Correction: It was originally written that Greenwich Hospital and Bridgeport Hospital were winners in 2011 but not 2012.  That is incorrect.  Greenwich and Bridgeport are part of Yale-New Haven Health System, which includes the three hospitals.  I regret the error.

Malloy Signs Bill To Publish State Regulations Online

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Connecticut made digital progress this week, as Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed a bill yesterday requiring state agencies to to publish agency regulations online, both on the Office of the Secretary of the State’s website and on the individual regulating agencies’ sites.

“To put it simply, it’s unacceptable that many state regulations are not available electronically,” Governor Malloy said. “As I’ve said numerous times since I took office last year, Connecticut has lagged behind for too long when it comes to utilizing modern technology. Transitioning the services of state government into the Information Age must be a top priority.”

To read the full text of the bill:

Public Act No. 12-92, An Act Transitioning The Regulations Of Connecticut State Agencies To An Online Format.


Stamford’s Great Play Continues To Expand, West Hartford Targeted

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With all of the technology at a child’s fingertips these days it can be tough to encourage kids to exercise.  That’s where Great Play, an interactive gym for kids that got its start in Stamford, comes in.

“The kids gym category has been around for decades, but the curriculum was outdated and one-dimensional in our view,” Great Play CEO and co-founder Keith Camhi said.  “We felt that broadening the curriculum and integrating engaging technology could remake the industry.”

The technology that Camhi, who opened the first Great Play in Stamford along with his wife, Jyl, is referring to is their  “Interactive Arena.”  The arena contains 12 computers controlling eight projectors, a directional sound system and over a dozen sensing systems.

“The point of our technology is to make it fun for kids to develop motor skills and sport skills,” Camhi said.  “They come in and to them it’s pure play, but hidden under the covers is a comprehensive curriculum to help them reach their full physical potential.”

Great Play has many Interactive Arena-related patents pending and recently received their first for their throwing wall technology.  They use three IP cameras (think surveillance cameras) to triangulate the position of a moving ball in space and return the equivalent of a mouse click when the ball hits the wall.

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Watch Out Pandora, Glastonbury-Based Raditaz Keeps Getting Better

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As far as apps go it’s all about location lately.  We’ve seen it in the past with Foursquare and Gowalla.  We’re seeing it now at SXSW.

Raditaz, a Glastonbury-based streaming music company is looking to tap into that with their service.  Within Raditaz a user can access a Google map to see what others are listening to around the country.

Raditaz began three years ago and now operates out of a basement underneath a Subway in Glastonbury.  I spoke with the CEO of Raditaz, Tom Brophy, today via Skype.

In addition to the location-based features, Raditaz also boasts The Echo Nest‘s music intelligence platform, a trend feature and tags.  Tags are applied to playlists by users to describe the music being played.  For example, if the creator of the playlist primarily uses that set of songs while working out they could tag it as “exercise.”

Over 14 million songs are available on Raditaz as well, compared to Pandora’s 900,000.

Brophy told me that he has been contacted by an American car manufacturer to include Raditaz in an upcoming streaming music endeavor (it’s a secret).  

Brophy would like to add lyrics and artist biographies in the future.  He has quite a few other bigger goals, too:

“Our goal is to really make the best music app out there,” Brophy said.

Only time will tell but they’re off to a good start.

Raditaz is available on all iOS devices, Android phones and on your computer at www.raditaz.com.

Webster Nomination Process Begins Today!

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Is there a Connecticut-based blog out there that you don’t go a day without checking out?  If so, head on over to The Webster’s nomination page to submit your picks for Connecticut’s Top Blogs of 2012.

There are 15 categories so there’s plenty of recognition to go around.  Come next Wednesday your nominations will be tallied so the voting process can begin on March 26.

Go on and nominate the bloggers you read everyday and show them you appreciate their work!


Obama’s Proposed Budget: What it Means For Connecticut

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When President Obama released his budget proposal on Monday, it immediately became the object of much scrutiny from his political opponents, some even referring to it as “Debt on Arrival.”

The budget proposal is in a word: long.  But within the many pages of the document there’s much to be said about technology and innovation, a lot of which can be found in the section on “Investing in Our Future.”

So what could it all mean to Connecticut?

For one, as of the Fall 2011 semester, the majority of all students enrolled in public institutions in Connecticut attend community colleges.  Over the last ten years community colleges have seen a 48% increase in full-time enrollment.

Courtesy of Connecticut Community Colleges


Under Obama’s budget community colleges would receive a huge boost in funds, including $8 billion dollars to “support college partnerships with businesses to build the skills of America.”  The businesses in these partnerships are what the White House considers high-growth industries, including cybersecurity (the administration proposed $769 million support the operations of the National Cyber Security), digital healthcarehigh-tech education and high-tech manufacturing.  All of the these industries require cutting-edge technologies and courses are already being offered at some colleges including Manchester and Tunxis.

Another top priority for the administration’s budget is to expand next-generation, wireless broadband to all parts of the country.  The budget (accurately) acknowledges that wireless broadband is a critical component of day-to-day business operations and economic prosperity.  Perhaps because of the millions of dollars spent by Verizon and AT&T, Connecticut’s wireless broadband access is for the most part pretty solid (other than some areas of Litchfield County).  Areas of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire could certainly use the help, especially from AT&T.

AT&T Broadband Coverage Map

AT&T Broadband Coverage Map

A lot of the negativity in Connecticut surrounding the budget revolves around a potential 1% cut (approximately $5.1 billion) in the Pentagon’s budget.  According to The Hartford Courant’s Mara Lee, to reach the 1% cut the Pentagon’s purchasing of the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft would be slowed down.  Pratt & Whitney in Connecticut produces the engines for those jets.  Additionally, there would be a delay in the production of a missile submarine that is under contract with Electric Boat.

Without those large projects, both companies could potentially be forced into laying off workers, something both companies have already had to do lately.

The budget still needs to pass through Congress before any of this is actually on the books.  This decision is expected in the Spring.

In the meantime, sound off in the comments with your opinions.