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Connecticut Exhibitors At CES: A Roundup

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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is wrapping things up today but not before Connecticut-based exhibitors made an impression.  They include:

  • Bad Elf, LLC of East Hartford presented their line of GPS accessories popular in the aviation, marine, outdoors, and fitness markets.
A Dan D'Agostino stereo amplifier

A Dan D’Agostino stereo amplifier

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Some Personal Favorite Gadgets & Startups from TC Disrupt

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Startup/Hardware Alley

By the time I arrived at Disrupt on Wednesday, Startup Alley had been replaced by Hardware Alley.  Fortunately, some of the hardware on display was very impressive and I still had a fair share of startups to check out from the Battlefield competition.  Here are three of my personal favorites:

Simple.TV: Probably the product on Hardware Alley that I’d be most interested in purchasing.  Simple.TV is a device providing DVR without a hard drive or even video output.  For example, with Simple.TV connected to an antenna or cable television and an Internet connection you can watch live or recorded television from anywhere in the world on your iPad (or with Roku, Boxee, or Google TV).  Pretty cool, especially for people often away from home.  Take, for instance, a diehard Yankees fan from Connecticut who is always traveling.  With Simple.TV he could always watch his team’s games even from a different time zone.  Simple.TV won Best of Show at CES and will be available this summer.

Ark: A startup that was in the final 6 in the Battlefield (the winner was UberConference, a visual conferencing tool).  Ark is a search engine for people.  Want to reconnect with an old high school friend?  Ark will make it easier.  Or if you just moved and would like to find someone with common interests, Ark can help you out there, too.  Ark also appears to be much easier to find new business contacts than LinkedIn is.


Stevie: For those who are often on Facebook or Twitter watching videos that your friends and followers share, Stevie is for you.  It pulls in all of the videos that friends have posted and creates television channels out of them.  On the bottom of the screen is a ticker showing status updates and Tweets and on the right you’ll get stuff like birthdays and photo uploads.  It’s really neat to watch it all in action, but again, it’s only for the most social of users.