Vine Losing in the Social Video Market

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Until recently, Vine was rapidly growing and the user base was expanding as more people joined the service each day.


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However, the Huffington Post reports that Instagram Video is taking a significant part of Vine’s users. The article states that on June 20th, the announcement date of Instagram, the sharing of Vine videos began to fall.


Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook last year, already had a devoted user base of over 100 million users that share photographs on a daily basis. Instagram recently released Instagram Video, a social video service that lets users create short videos to share with friends.

The service allows its users to create videos up to 15-second in length and provides the ability to add filters to their work, and was released in late June.


On the surface, both of the apps are similar and accomplish a similar goal of sharing short videos with friends and other users.


While Vine and Instagram are similar, there are still some noticeable differences. Vine videos are all six seconds in length and loop repeatedly, like an animated GIF. Meanwhile, Instagram users can create videos that are up to 15 seconds in length, and do not loop. Additionally, Instagram users can also add filters to their videos.


According to the article, Vine videos are being shared about 65% less on Twitter since Instagram Video launched.


Despite the increased competition, Vine is still expanding its business. The developers recently released an app for the Kindle Fire and in its most recent Blog Post, it teased new releases in the near future.

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