UConn Football: Talking Offense With ‘O’ Coordinator Mike Cummings

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If you saw the Blue-White Scrimmage Saturday then you know the defense dominated the offense .

What’s goin’ on?

The quarterbacks, four of them combined to complete 38 of 62 for 363 yards and a touchdown with most of the work being done by senior Chandler Whitmer (19 of 26, 163 yards and a touchdown). The QBs were sacked three times. Max DeLorenzo rushed for 51 yards on seven carries, a pretty good effort and Lyle McCombs added another 32 on 10 carries.

The receivers, led by Noel Thomas (4×55) and Kamal Abrams (4×51, 1 TD) were outstanding although there weren’t any real looks to them deep or on any other route really outside of hits across the middle.

“You didn’t think you were going to see everything in the spring game did you?,” Byron Jones said afterward.

Good point but not for nothing those short or intermediate-range passes have been awfully productive play in college football by the receiver and/or tight end, especially if they can make a guy or two miss in space. If not? well…  .

The offensive line showed it still needed work in both the passing and running game and UConn Coach Bob Diaco didn’t hide from it after the game calling the unit “still a work in progress.

Anyway, offensive coordinator Mike Cummings , a pretty cool guy, is confident the unit can and will be productive in the end. Continue reading

Diaco Expects Undivided Focus At UConn Practice

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What’s goin on?

Oh, the UConn men won the national championship Monday night and the women go for it tonight – that’s all. Congratulations UConn fans. Enjoy this time.

UConn football wraps up spring practice with the spring game Saturday (3 p.m.) Rentshcler Field. The Huskies had a practice yesterday and Wednesday will go through a final prep for the game,


UConn Football: “Dog House Party” Set To Jump Off For Students Wednesday

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What’s goin on?

The Huskies are having a night practice tomorrow set to begin at 8 p.m. on campus. And as part of a promise new UConn coach Bob Diaco made to the students, the practice, which they can come in and see the final 30 minutes (9:45 p.m.) will feature a scrimmage and pizza party afterward in which the students and coaches will kick it around for a little bit.

Talk about getting connected?

UConn sent out an email to students on the event and over 600 of them RSVPd



UConn Football: Offensive Line Update, Gus Cruz, Too

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What’s goin on?

If the UConn football team is going to improve and obviously it must - the offensive line is certainly going to have to get back to the days of ground and pound and they’re going to have to protect the quarterback, too.

No secret there, right? It has to be done though and UConn hasn’t done a good job in either department consistently since 2010.

Now, if Saturday’s open practice was any indication the Huskies’ aim at being a formidable offensive unit that grinds and protects was legitimate but the execution on game day, really, is what counts. The experience up front, too, we know, is at a minimum but offensive line coach Mike Foley sure was dealing with all of that during the open with up close and personals with each lineman during instruction.

Foley is a great teacher…

“Let’s go! No walking!,” he yelled at one point as the line headed over to the padded walls for a drill that would see three of them at time, line up next to each other get a good a solid base and with their heads and necks locked and looking forward, with their palms out, three-quick pats on the wall, accompanied with three quick sliding movements in unison to the right, boom, boom, boom, then, to the left, boom, boom, boom.

Next group in… Continue reading

UConn Football Practice 7 News And Notes

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Minus the technical difficulties….Couldn’t post last night but here’s my original posting from Saturday night….

What’s goin on?

Practice was open today and there were some scrimmage-like situations within the practice.

“Whatever happened with the play [the ball] got re-spotted back at the original line of scrimmage and we moved the hash so the moving parts were ball movement in terms of field space, left hash, left middle, middle, middle right, middle, right hash and then formations, personnel groupings, defensive changes with fronts and coverages, pressures, who was rushing, who wasn’t rushing….

Diaco said he thought the players did that smoothly. Continue reading