Mailbag July 27: No.1 Thing Diaco Has To Get Done This Year Strenghthen OL

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Q: For me the #1 thing Diaco has to get done this year is strengthen the offensive line. That will help help the running game and give the QB time. What do you think? – Raymond Martineau, Steubenville, Ohio

A: I think that’s important no doubt. I think instilling in the team not finding ways to lose may be a tad bit bigger, at least in my view. The offensive line is part of the deal there, too. Sure, it has been an issue the previous three seasons but there have also been a number of games UConn could have and should have won but lost because something bad happened at the wrong time. Those things have to be kept to a serious minimum or eliminated altogether. That’s how you seal deals, win games. I think the mindset of the team has to go in that direction.


No UConn Football Preseason Practice Opportunity For Fans This Year

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What’s goin’ on?

Players report for preseason practice Aug.1 with the first practice scheduled for Aug.2. First game is Aug.29 at home against BYU on ESPN at 7 p.m.

As you know the 2014 season will be the first under Bob Diaco, the new man charged with making the Huskies’ football program steady, consistent and competing for league titles.

Usually, there are preseason practices open to the public but not this year. There will be no opportunities for fans to see the team practice before the season opener this year.

.While Diaco will still be out and about at times during the month mingling with fans and boosting support in UConn football, I’m hearing he really wants the focus in camp. And he’s got to get to know the team, too. It’s only a matter of weeks now before all he and his staff have done and are trying to do is on display for all to see.

There will be media sessions and we’ll do our best here to bring you the best of whatever that day has to offer and then some. The first two  media availability sessions are Aug.2 and Aug.6.



UConn Football’s No.12 Recruit For 2015 Chris Lee Talks About Commitment

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What’s goin on? Just spoke with 6 foot 7, 260-pound tight end Chris Lee of Severna (Md.) Park High. Lee is the Huskies 12th commitment to the Class of 2015. Lee, who visited UConn last month, is believed to have been a top Huskies target at the position. Apparently, the young man has some experience in coming up big at big moments. Peep this clip of Lee on the hardwood… “First, the campus was beautiful, just gorgeous,” Lee said. “The other thing, the coaching staff, their energy is infectious. They’re a great a staff. They know what they’re doing and they want it bad. And finally, I talked to Tyler Davis and Connor Freeborn and they kind of got me hooked on UConn.” Lee hadn’t had any other scholarships offers but was getting calls from Maryland, Navy and Rutgers. “UConn was the only place I visited and I knew it was the place for me,” Lee said Continue reading

UConn WR Davis On Biletnikoff Award Watch List; AAC Well Represented Too

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What’s goin on?

Senior wideout Gereny Davis is on the Fred Biletnikoff Award Watch List. And he should be on the list.

The award, annually, goes to the best receiver in college football.

If you check the complete list you will see The American is well represented among the group as well.


A Good, Local Trip For UConn Fans: An Evening With Head Football Coach Bob Diaco

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What’s goin on?

You may or may not have heard about the event “An Evening With Head Football Coach Bob Diaco” scheduled for July 29 at Rentschler Field.

Whether you have or haven’t – and are a UConn football fan -  whether you’ve had a chance to meet Diaco or talk to him this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss but be careful – he’s quite a motivator and an excited one at that.

Some of you might want to dust off your cleats after hearing him. There’s a little twist to the event this year, too.

Anyway, here’s the release from UConn on the event put on by the Greater Hartford Chapter of the UConn Alumni Association….  Continue reading

UConn Coach Bob Diaco On Staying Focused On The Jobs Recruits Will Be Asked To Do

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“Because that creates physical parameters for what we’re looking for,” Diaco said. “We call them our profiles. Our profiles are set per the jobs we ask them to do which aren’t going to change. They stay the same. And then you inspect your team that you have to see how many guys you need to collect of what particular spot.”

What’s goin on?

Looks like we’re rolling this story out over the weekend but I wanted to leave a little more of it here now to chew on. Here Diaco offers some details on how he and the staff find the right fit for positions to build the team while recruiting

Diaco continued…

Continue reading

UConn Football Coach Bob Diaco On The 1-2-3-4-5-Star Deal And Then, How UConn Does Its Business

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What’s goin on?

As part of a bigger story I’m working on this week I wanted to dribble this little nugget out for folks to nibble on with respect to the recruiting sites, their ratings and what, if anything does it truly mean to new UConn head coach Bob Diaco and his staff.

It’s usually a hot topic in some pockets of the UConn fanbase and usually that conversation centers on the lack of four or five stars players on the roster.

Diaco lit this one up for all time and I mean of the dropping the mic on stage when you’re done type lighting it up, too. Enjoy… Continue reading