Message From UConn President Susan Herbst And A Word On Realignment

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UConn President Susan Herbst sent this message to fans and supporters today

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11 thoughts on “Message From UConn President Susan Herbst And A Word On Realignment


    @linda..duh..I want you to think for a minute about admissions and athletics..Here’s a clue..1990!

  2. Linda

    I still don’t comprehend why football is alleged to be a source of revenue for the teams we are speaking about. It isn’t. The SEC, BIG-10, and a small part of Big 12 and Pac-10 produce big time football reveunue. 1/2 the teams lose money and another 40% barely crack a million (or less)

  3. Chandler Booth

    When the big east first started it took regional teams and in time formed a league that was as good as any. It takes time to make a name for your team and conference. The Acc will be raIded and make no mistake about it. Its best teams or markets will be taken way and it will be decimated too. It’s time to start over and make things happen, not to cry over what has been. Hard work will win out. If all teams do this any conference will grow and be strong.

    1. Leroy Jenkins

      According to ESPN, our entire strategy is to pray that teams leave the ACC so we can get in. That’s a loser strategy and shows how far UCONN sports has fall since Lew Perkins left.

  4. kevin

    roadrunner has a good point mixed in with his humor. The money that will be lost from our conference tv deal is going to affect our program and college. Something that may have to be recovered by taxes, higher college costs and rates tot he students, or a crafty tv deal on our own possibly? We do need vision at this time, I think we need to kick the tires on the idea of staying with the good basketball schools and independant football? Or just stay in football as Boise is set up too and then other sports go with the catholic schools. Pay a big buy out option so they aren’t scared we leave and lock it up.

    On top of this, lock up KO already! I doubt we are attracting a top coach from somewhere else without a conference. KO deserves a shot

  5. Steve

    I thought the letter was pathetic. Whiny, poor us–we are UCONN–be proud. What dribble (and I don’t mean basketball). This school has been wetting its pants trying to get out of the Big east for three years. Oh, and Geno, you are pathetic too

  6. Tracy Berry

    I’m totally on board. What has happened has happened and we need to put on out big boy pants. We will have a place to play and I hope that it is not the ACC. We have a lot to be proud of and people that don’t see that are fair weather fans.

    1. Leroy Jenkins

      Your wish will ocme true! We will definitely not be in the ACC. It’s looking like we’ll be in the MAC, at best.


    Nice piece “President Herbst” sincerely…however with all due respect, when it comes to realignment, UCONN needs Visionaries, thinkers and doers ..not cheerleaders with fairytail imaginations…..

  8. fobe

    I have to say, I think this is an absolute terrific letter by President Herbst. Everyone’s perspective on what’s important in life I hope has changed in the last few days. It’s the big pictuce that counts. I (we)are too focused on short term issues and successes. I love and am proud of UCONN and everything the school represents. I trust that the leaders in power of this great university will move us forward in all aspects…Especially with perspective.

    Susan……I’m signed on!

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