Boise State To Play UConn Football In East Hartford (2014), Huskies Go To Bronco Stadium In 2018

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From the UConn athletic department…

UConn Athletic Communications — March 27, 2013 — UConn, Boise State Football Series STORRS, Conn. (March 27, 2013) — The University of Connecticut and Boise State University will play a two-game non-conference football series in the 2014 and 2018 seasons. UConn and Boise State will meet on September 13, 2014 at Rentschler Field and then on September 8, 2018 at Bronco Stadium.

Boise State, a member of the Mountain West Conference, has the highest overall winning percentage in college football since the 2000 season with a record of 147-21 for a .875 percentage. The Broncos are also the highest scoring team in the country in the same time period at 41.04 points per game.

The Broncos are third on the NCAA’s list of all-time winningest FBS programs at .723 – only trailing Notre Dame and Michigan. Boise State has won nine conference championship and posted undefeated seasons in 2006 and ’09. BSU has played in a bowl game in 11 consecutive seasons, including wins in the ’06 and ’09 bowl games.

 “We are very excited to announce that another nationally prominent opponent will be visiting Rentschler Field,” said UConn Director of Athletics Warde Manuel. “We are committed to giving our fans an exciting football schedule each year and we believe this series with Boise State will be an important piece of that. Husky supporters should be enthusiastic as we will playing home games against Michigan, Maryland, Tennessee, BYU, Virginia and now Boise State in upcoming seasons.”

“College football fans around the country know all about Boise State and their tradition of competing as a perennial top 25 team,” said UConn head football coach Paul Pasqualoni. “We have built a very exciting schedule for our fans over the next serveral seasons and we look forward to their support of our Husky team.”

Gametimes and television coverage for the two games will be announced at a future date.

The following is a complete summary of future non-conference games under contract for UConn football:

2013: August 29, Towson; September 14, Maryland; September 21, Michigan; September 28, at Buffalo.

2014: August 28, BYU; September 6, Stony Brook; September 13, Boise State.

2015: September 5, Villanova; September 26, Tennessee; October 31, at BYU.

2106: September 3, at Tennessee; September 17, Virginia.

2017: September 16, at Virginia.

2018: September 8, at Boise State.

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36 thoughts on “Boise State To Play UConn Football In East Hartford (2014), Huskies Go To Bronco Stadium In 2018

  1. Artie A...

    Simply another fake post from Desmond!

    Ridiculous as we all know Warde is camping out in the Bahamas!

    There is no way Warde could have scheduled this game because his last gig was at Buffalo!

    Sorry Dez but the loyal here know both Warde and Susan are commie spies for the CIA and were sent here to stop UConn from winning at anything.

    Dez, there are times you have to man up. You are playing injured. The meds have overcome you. Have you missed the number of people telling you that Warde is doing nothing?

  2. jack54

    Hope Uconn non conference schedule has variety. Not a big fan of 2 for 1 contracts. May have to go that way for some of the”Big Boys”. Neutral site games would be ok if it does not mean 1 less home game. Some teams that may peak our interest and be good match-ups vs. Miami,Kansas,UCLA,Georgia,Illinois,Arizona St,Penn ST, TCU,Mississippi,Sacred Heart.

  3. RST

    I have never criticized ADWM because I think he is doing a great job. He moved UConn to Hockey East, he hired Kevin Ollie after a suitable evaluation (and to show he was not going to be pushed around by an ex-coach), he kicked GDL upstairs, and he is now getting the scheduling done right. Of course, if he does not hire David Berard, I may fall off the bandwagon.

  4. Optimism in Uconn Country?

    Haven’t seen this much love for our AD in forever. Can we now agree that his MO is keeping mum until there is something to say. People screamed about out scheduling and how he was doing nothing and all the while he was negotiating with other schools. There is no reason to talk just to be heard… we have seen where that gets those people who champion that way of management at both the college and pro level (Rex Ryan anyone… anyone…) Lets Manual and Herbst do their job and hope and pray that some day we can not only bring the OCC schedule up a notch but eventually the conference play as well. IN turn we better bring it each Saturday. We are going to look pretty bad if we can’t beat the SMU’s ECU’s and UCF’s of the world to look attractive to another conference. Fans only responsibility is to get to the stadium early, get in the stadium and go crazy.

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      Well when you are 18 months away from the 2014 OCC schedule and you had no games scheduled…it’s a concern. WM is now proving his worth and moving the scheduling in the right direction. He was the AD for 12 months and didn’t get a game scheduled until 3 weeks ago so I think people were concerned. Moving in the right direction…

  5. Navin R. Johnson

    Very good. 2014 is shaping up to be almost as good as 2013. Two more to go and I’d like to see a top level MAC game.

      1. Frustrated by Resigned

        To get recruits you for this league you have to only play the “Big Boys”

    1. Pat C

      Forget another MAC game when all our new conference games are basically MAC games to begin with. We need strong OOC cause in conference isn’t going to impress anyone.

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        It is so easy to schedule the BIg Boys 18 months away. It is typically scheduled way in advance plus their OCC game are all buttoned up for 2014.

        Lets get real people and understand that major college football teams are not knocking on Connecticuts door to play a football although BYU and BSU are nice starts for ADWM.

  6. jack54

    Hope the rest of the “New Big East” teams do the same. It will really help the overall strength of the conference if everyone upgrades their national profile. Sell the league as America’s newest and hottest ticket. A conference with an unlimited future. Hey everyone, get in on the ground floor.

  7. Jay

    By the way Dez, I am here in Dunk City. reminds me of the excitement during the 1990 Dream Team and 1995 first national championship for the girls.

  8. Adam

    Outstanding! Looks like a good schedule with BYU and Boise coming here in 2014. Also excited to add Utah and Idaho to the road trip slate!! Thank you Warde!

  9. UConn Jac

    Mich, BYU, Boise St. are all good news. Even when they travel to ESCU and find 45 to 47,000 fans at the game the middle of no place it will help the AD. Hope they return to 8 W’s a year.

    1. dconner Post author

      @UConn Jac hope as many UConn fans as possible go to ECU. I’m sure you’ve seen the fan support there what it’s like outside and inside the stadium. Enthusiasm there is ridiculous. Lot of football smart folk, too…

      1. roberttherugguyraleigh

        As much if not more Purple and Gold than Tar Heel Blue or Wolfpack Red here in Raleigh “the heart of North Carolina”!

  10. Frank

    If you want to be a big boy, you have to play the big boys. This is the step we need. This is what will help us, someday, get into a big time conference. Not stadium expansion, not an act of God or the Easter Bunny. Play the big boys, be competitive with them, and the recruits and maybe a conference, will happen. Great job ADWM!

    1. Jesse

      You mean I’m not going to get a new conference in my Easter basket?!? Lol.

      I do agree with you though. Play the big boys and show that you belong. All the big games on the schedule this year and in the future are winnable games and would be huge for UConn to win them. I know it’s optimistic, but keep scheduling like that AND winning the Huskies can really turn into the Boise State of the east coast.

        1. Jesse

          I don’t know why you don’t see Michigan as a winnable game. It’s not like Dennard Robinson or the other QB (I can’t remember his name off the top of my head) lit up the Big 10 like Robinson did in 2010. If UConn can get close to the defense of last year and get the run game going, I would go as far as to say UConn could win easily.

        2. Frank

          @pat, way to be a debbie downer. I actually see four pretty big games this year. All of them are big when you are trying to make a name for yourself.

          1. Pat

            I hope you’re not including Maryland (6-18, 3-13 conference for the last 2 years) among those 4. What game other than U-M would be considered an impressive win?

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