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UConn Coach Bob Diaco And Huskies Arrive

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UConn Football Practice Three: Notes And Quotes

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What’s goin on?

Trusting you’ve seen some of the videos from this morning’s practice.

There’s some good stuff in there including the Rodeo Drill which UConn Coach Bob Diaco invited the media onto the field to see up close. It was great and part of an extra 30 minutes we got to stick around and see the Huskies in their first day in full pads.

We certainly appreciated that.

A safe and fun spring break wish to all the players….

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Florida Offensive Lineman Set To Sign With Huskies At 7 A.M. Wednesday

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And based on what his Coach says that will be a pretty exciting time.

What’s goin on?

Daniel Oak, a 6-3, 280-pound offensive guard/center from Fort Myers, Fla. committed to the Huskies on Sunday and will make it official at 7 a.m. Wednesday, the first day recruits can sign their national letters of intent, according to long-time Fort Myers Coach Sam Sirianni.

Florida International and Florida Atlantic were in the mix and he was on the boards at Wake Forest and North Carolina but it was going to be between those schools and Toledo – before new UConn coach Bob Diaco landed at the school.

Siranni said Diaco introduced himself to Oak as the head coach but that Diaco was so cool and down to earth that later, Oak asked Sirianni, “That was the head coach, right?”

That was late January.

“I’ve known coach Diaco since he was about 22 or 23 years old,” Sirianni said by phone Tuesday. “I kind of helped him with the lay of the land down here when he was at Eastern Michigan and Virginia. The one thing I’ve always liked and respected about him is that he’s just a real guy, always appreciated that.”

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Logan Marchi, Now Not Going To UConn, On His Disappointing Phone Call

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What’s goin on, folks?

First, enjoy the big game today..

Second, you’ve probably heard by now Logan Marchi, the quarterback from St. Paul-Bristol who committed to UConn in June, then left his high school recently based on a financial decision, won’t be signing with the Huskies Wednesday because of, reportedly an “admissions thing”.

Marchi told me by phone this morning he got a call from UConn Friday stating he could not be admitted to the school because of academics.

“First of all I want to clear up…everybody has been.. I’ve seen where everybody has been talking that this is some deep conniving plan that’s like beyond thought but it was an admissions decision by UConn,” Marchi said. ” I had no choice. I wasn’t able to sign on Wednesday so my only option was to de-commit and explore my options with other schools. If nothing turns out there then I’ll have to prep.

Asked if he didn’t qualify Marchi said: “I guess so because when they called they just said admissions denied the application and there was nothing they could do about it. I got the call Friday so it was a bit of a late call for me.”

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Season Tix On Sale, Catching Up With Coach Diaco And Geno Da Man

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What’s goin’ on?

Had a good time at Geno’s Grille (great food!) on campus Monday night where the womens basketball coach, Geno Auriemma, did his radio show with Bob Joyce. It’s a good show. Geno is a great interviewee, we know, but interviewer? Pretty darned good. His guest was new UConn Coach Bob Diaco. We’ll get to some of the highlights of that but on a business note first football season tickets went on sale today. It’s an important time. You know it and everyone at UConn knows it, too. Building the brand includes supporting the team, filling the seats.

UConn has done a good job of getting the energetic Diaco out in front of folks pushing support for the program.

“It’s an incredible, exciting time,” Diaco said after the show. “,,,We’ve got seven home games, it’s going to be an awesome slate as it relates to the out of conference schedule; fun, exciting, energetic games. We’re excited about putting a team out there together and getting an absolutely great environment going in that facility with the people and the fan experience.

“We’re working with sales and marketing right now to talk about the Game Day experience so, listen, we’re trying to create an environment where it’s a great way, great family way to come spend 3 1/2 hours and really be entertained in a safe, fun exciting way.”

- As you know the staff was announced Monday and it is stocked with experience and talented people andI’m up to 11 text messages now from people who know a lot of the guys. The consensus is Diaco did a heck of a job assembling the staff. I also hear folks are really going to like the new defensive coordinator, Anthony Poindexter, from Virginia. Anyway, the media gets to sit down with the assistants Wednesday afternoon, a good move. You’ll like this about Diaco, too. While he’ll be available, tomorrow too, he wants folks to get to know the assistants more. Also, positions still need to be filled for: director of football operations, director of player personnel and director of strength and conditioning, none more important than the latter, Diaco said.

“We’re looking to build on the momentum we have right now. The way the pieces fit together are really pretty interesting and unique. It was really, really well thought out as it relates to who is balancing who and in the balance of give and take, assets and liabilities,….it’s a nice fit as it relates to the personality of different guys.”

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