Checking In With UConn’s 2013 Quarterback Recruit, Richard Lagow

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What’s goin on?

We’ve been a little short on UConn football news lately. Camp closed to the media on Saturday. The season will be here soon enough, less than 10 days now.

We’ll have media availability Sunday in preparation for the season opener at UMass. The Huskies begin preps for the Minutemen on Saturday.

For now, here’s one for you recruiting heads: an interview I did today with Plano, Tx. High quarterback, 6 foot 6, 218-pound Richard Lagow, a 2013 commit to the UConn football program

First things first…

Here’s Richard on a report that he was waiting/hoping for an offer from TCU..

“That’s kind of confusing because when I got first interviewed about that it didn’t really get worded like I said it and then it kind of spread like wildfire,” Lagow said. “The guy asked me, ‘Are you UConn or are you looking for something else?’ and what I told him was ‘I’m completely, 100 percent UConn right now and I said the only thing that could make me think about changing my decision is if I got an offer from a local team that’s in a good conference’. Obviously that narrows it down to TCU and SMU. He asked me ‘which schools’ and I said, ‘Well, TCU and SMU are in great conferences. If I got offered from one of those schools I’d look it and think about it because it’s close to home, great conference and if it was a great place to fit in I might look at it’

“When it first got written it was like ‘If TCU offers, this kid is going’ and that certainly is not how it is.”

So, then, how did the young man settle on UConn?

“I liked the coaching staff a lot and I think I fit in with a lot of what they want to do,” Lagow said. “I was really surprised with all the facilities and everything about it. It had a great feeling about it. I liked Storrs a lot, a little town I liked.”

Lagow, who camped at UConn over the summer and committed the day after it was over, has lived in Plano his whole life. It may sound like a small town but Plano is not small at all. So where did this small-town mentality stuff come from?

“You know, my dad (Kyle) moved to Temple, Tx., and he grew up Eufaula, OK, and they’re both small towns. He played high school football in Temple and they won a state championship (Kyle was a tight end) and he always told me stories about how everybody knew everybody’s name and when he was in a restaurant people would come up and talk and all that, it just sounded cool,” Lagow said.

Right now, Lagow is enjoying hanging out with his teammates. They’re a close-knit bunch aiming for the Class 5A state title. It’s not going to be easy but the journey has been fun so far.

“My four years being here this is the closest team I’ve been around, everything about it has a great feel, we’re just really looking forward to the season. We went 4-6 last year. We lost four games in like the last minute. We didn’t finish very well but we’ll change that this year.”

Those are the words of a competitive young man. He’s not at all afraid of it. That will serve him well in Storrs because the position will still be stacked when he arrives.

“Obviously, they’re all good quarterbacks,” Lagow said. “I definitely feel coming from Texas and the competition I play against that if I go up there and just do my job every day I’ll definitely get on the field.”


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19 thoughts on “Checking In With UConn’s 2013 Quarterback Recruit, Richard Lagow

  1. fustrated smart fan

    I forgot, can you imagine NAVY wish boning everybody to death when they join the big east, five-six hundred yds/gm rushing since these teams and their defenses do not see it? And good coaching to boot! And mobile runnin’ QBs. I would have to believe that Uconn fears the future and must be proactive now. Houston Veering left and right. June Jones’ passing city. Did i forget to mention Boise? To quote Joe Willy, a passing touchdown is a cheap touchdown. Can Uconn live on the cheap in the coming Big East with all of the National tv coverage coming down the pike?

  2. fustrated smart fan

    Remember it is a TEAM sport. A QB can be good and in the dog house simultanously if there is no imaginative playbook or the defense cannot contain. If the former Notre Dame coach at Umass runs the wish bone, can the Uconn ‘ D ‘ stop it or keep falling for the mis-direction and fakes because they do not practice stopping it ? I hope the secret practices address this issue.It is not the players’ fault if they lose must win games with good players on paper but maybe the other coaches are better with worser players. Also, Umass has a QB opening and he can maybe play rite now, today, and become a PRO sooner and make money for himself and his family now, just like the Uconn ticket masters. ( why does money keep coming up? )

  3. Anti Steve

    Texas hs football and more specific the league Plano plays in, is on a different planet from the league that CC played in CT. Chesus.

    1. Steve

      I could not agree with you more. I will reiterate I hope this kid wins the state title in Texas and then comes here and proves me wrong, I’d love nothing more than for that to happen. I simply stated my opinion that clearly no one agreed with and that’s ok, it’s a free country, but I stand by it.

  4. Steve

    I’m not being negative, just discouraged. And not one point anyone placed really changed my mind (comparing Branford to a school in Texas holds no merit to me). I’ve been a season ticket holder since the day the Rent opened and have followed this team to every big game it’s had in the past 10 seasons. Maybe what some see as grumpy, is really just high expectations I set for this team, and in that case I hope and pray this kid proves me wrong, I simply stated 4-6 is not a record I would expect of a Big East QB (by comparison Casey Cochran was 45-4 in his four seasons as a starter)

  5. Steve sounds like a Boston College University Golden Eagles fan.

    CW- rs soph
    JM(wo)- sr
    SM- rs soph
    CC- rs

    CW- rs jr
    SM- rs jr
    CC- rs fr
    RL- rs

    14 (need a qb this class)
    CW- rs sr
    SM- rs sr
    CC- rs soph
    RL- rs frosh

    15 (need a qb this class)
    CC- rs jr
    RL- rs soph

  6. pj

    Steve, if you look at highlight films they had lousy protection and he does a lot of scrambling. It was his first year as a starting QB. Scouts say he’s progressed tremendously in the last year. This summer he won the state of Texas 7-on-7 championship. That is about as prestigious as it gets in the high school QB world. Last spring, ranked him the #50 player in Texas, which if you know how strong texas football is is pretty darn good. He’s a player and has a ton of potential.

    Dez, I don’t know why you say our QB situation is stacked. Chandler Whitmer is 3 years ahead of Lagow, Scott McCummings is a wildcat-only QB, and Casey Cochran hasn’t played a snap. We’re really thin at QB — most schools have 5 QBs, we have 3 this year, one of them limited. Yeah, hopefully Whitmer and Cochran turn out to be great QBs, but if you were rating the competition at QB, UConn may be the most open opportunity for an incoming QB among all schools in BCS-level football.

    1. dconner Post author

      Whitmer will have two years of eligibility after this season, McCummings will have two, Cochran state player of the year, could have four, you don’t think the situation will be stacked when he arrives? If you say so…

      That being said, as I said, that won’t bother Lagow

      1. pj

        Hi Dez,

        If you assume every incoming QB is going to redshirt one year, then by the time he’s done with his redshirt it’s him and Cochran competing to backup Whitmer and then him and Cochran competing for the starting role the next year. If he won that he would likely be a 3-year starter.

        It’s very rare in college football to be competing with basically one guy for the various rungs on the ladder, and to have a chance to start 3 years if you beat that one guy.

    2. pj

      PS – I forgot to mention McEntee, our backup this year, but he’ll be gone before Lagow arrives.

  7. ctmike

    Dear future recruits,

    Not all our fans are as ridiculous as Steve.

    All UConn fans except Grumpy Steve.

  8. Steve

    I was excited about the size and potential of this kid, but a D1 QB should be able to carry his team to better than a 4-6 record. I know the competition is tough down there in Texas, but still seems a little underachieving.

    1. pj

      Steve, just to add to what I said earlier: Here are the TexasHSFootball recruiting rankings:

      Lagow is ranked #50, and this was before winning the Texas 7-on-7 championship. He would probably move up if they were re-done. Nevertheless, even at #50 players behind him have committed to Oklahoma State, Texas, USC, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Florida State, TCU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Baylor, and other very good schools.

    2. roberttherugguyraleigh

      Branford CT 4-7 (lossing 2 games by 1 point each)1980 season 1981 graduating class, in a State Championship game the next year, coached by a Connecticut treasure and current SCSU Head Coach Richard Cavanaugh. So Steve lets see Lagow what he puts up this year. Desmond I have waited years to get my guy, Richard Cavanaugh, a mentin. Thanks Steve!

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