Don Brown To Leave UConn For Boston College

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It’s not official yet but, per sources, defensive coordinator Don Brown is set to leave UConn and join Steve Addazio at Boston College.

What a blow for the program. It must, however, adjust. This is one staff change you probably didn’t expect…



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141 thoughts on “Don Brown To Leave UConn For Boston College

  1. husky66

    2.5 weeks and no DC named yet to replace Brown?

    Andy Reid got a job in three days and he can’t coach any longer.

    Let’s hope PP has a great candidate lined up.

    1. dconner Post author

      Pasqualoni said a lot of people have been calling about the openings and thats what Ive heard as well. The coaches convention is up this week in Nashville too. Also DC is a position that if need be could be handled on the inside rather easily by Hank Hughes

  2. Jack Renoud

    In trouble. Whole program, football and basketball. Watch!!!!!!! UCONN will never be the same after what has happened to it.Bad enough that the programs were floundering. To have no viable conference , per-say, is beyond belief. How could the administration allow this to happen? Dark days are upon the UCONN mighty!

  3. TheeJerk

    Dez do you think we can get DJ Joey French Eyes to play more naughty by nature and Quad city DJ’s songs next year instead of that wierd asian guy

  4. RST

    So this whole musical chairs thing is in hiatus until Maryland’s court case over the $50MM? Did not realize it had gotten to the courts yet — and suspect it hasn’t. I would think that the negotiations have just begun. So we are looking at a very long timeline here are we not?

    1. dconner Post author

      I don’t think UConn has any other options so if “musical chairs” is the game it has to play…and also, be careful what you wish for with the ACC even if you do find a seat at the table. Lot of eaters going or want to.

  5. Artie A...

    Hello Dez, I hope you and yours had a most joyous holiday.

    Sorry you are disappointed with my comment on the very ill timing of the article on BC’s new HC. There was absolutely no reason for that to be run at this time in my opinion. Him getting the job took place and was reported on three weeks ago. We all know he is from CT. I realize it is not The Courants job to worry about a fan bases feelings though.

    This could have been done in the spring with us having some time to lick our wounds. Replaced two recruiters leaving at a important time in the process and a very acclaimed one also going to BC. This could have been done by yourself or any of The Courant staff who I pay to read. I do not need THC to use up multiple columns of space to bring me the Boston Globe.

    This was just more salt in a huskies wound. As for Addazio only time will tell, they were calling for his head in Florida. He dumped Temple too soon to get a track record. I could care less. It just stinks to see nothing more than a BC promo at this time in my sports section.

    Again no malice towards you Dez, just your company.
    Rant over and over it. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!

    1. dconner Post author

      Lots of insecurity around here, envy, jealousy of others. The last two turn me off. Turns my stomach, too. Just no need for them. Not good. Anyway, the only respond reason Im responding is because, to my surprise, I see it in your recent comments of all people. I see it from one guy five or six times a day, couple others two or three times a day. You’re not them. Hope you don’t become them. I’m sorry. Some of this I just never expected from UConn fans. I mean, this is Connecticut.

  6. jack54

    Maybe BC grad Dan Malloy is a sleeper agent. Was he sent by the BC alumni to destroy not just UConn, but the entire state ? Over the past few years,most news and sports reports that target our state and university are negative. ACC-B1G presidents + AD see this stuff and are frighted away. The perception or truth is that we are heading in the wrong direction.

  7. Artie A...

    Ouch and ouch again…A stake in my heart for Christmas…
    For those that always blame Dez….And More…

    What in the hell is the Courant trying to do? Sell papers in Boston? Today’s sports headline story and column after column of recruiting promo has me wondering about inside connections.

    There are few in CT that do not know of Steves achievements. It is well known that many wanted to see him here.

    Today’s sports headline story reeks of someone bitter and trying to put UConn fans in a deeper place than they already are. I simply cannot fathom the timing of this article or the fact we need anything from The Boston Globe as holiday filler in The Courant.

    DEZ talk to your editor! He / she tarnished my five golden rings, and chased away my four calling birds, three french hens and both turtle doves.

    The Partridge being my subscription is on a very thin branch. I am strongly considering parting ways after all these years.

    Just my opinion but the only people in the Courants reader area that would need or want this story are or would be BC fans. Understood but not a good time to kick us huskies in the crotch when we are already down…..

    1. dconner Post author

      I’d laugh at this if I thought you were joking – but I don’t think you’re joking. I wish you were though Artie. The coach is also a Connecticut native, where our paper is based. Disappointed.

  8. jack54

    Told Santa all I wanted for Xmas was a B1G invite. Got up today, ran down stairs, and found a lump of coal in my stocking. With it was football season ticket info for Rutgers + Maryland ! Maybe it will happen next year if we are all good boys + girls. Keep up the fight in 2013. Happy Holidays everyone !!!

  9. Frankie/Stamford

    Dez, has anyone figured out the potential loss of revenue for the school and athletic department in a worst case scenario? By that I mean we stay exactly where we are. By the way, I think you are doing a great job covering the football program and you are right by not being a cheerleader for the program and reporting “just the facts” to quote Sgt. Joe Friday.

  10. TheJerk

    twas the day before christmas when all through the U.
    not a coach was coaching not even on film

    The coordinators were leaving as fast they could while visions
    of dental implants danced in coaches head

    Then out on the runway there rose such a clatter,
    I stood up from the tailgate to see what was the matter

    When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a miniture
    conference USA and 8 crappy teams

    With a smmirk and a same old line, I knew in moment in must
    be mike aresco

    As I turned my head in disgust, down the runway came commish
    with a bound

    He spoke of making this the best conference in america,
    but went straight to work, and filled our schedule with a
    bunch of jerks

    And putting his finger inside his nose, and giving a nod,
    he held a quick presser as hes rose

    And I heard him say as he rode out of sight

    Have fun in our conference you now live in blight

  11. Yonick Bush

    Great article on the Courant by Jeff Otterbein that basically confirms that the stupidity of the lawsuit is a major reason why the ACC and BC had and will continue to block us.

    Kudos to Jeff for one of the rare unbiased and well researched articles about UCONN football.

  12. Artie A...

    I can’t believe how low the frustration has gotten things here. Timmy B has called Dez a bugger fraud.
    How far will some go to shoot the messenger? Accuse a man of faking to pick his nose ????
    Come on Tim the local beat writer is not one bit of our problem.
    Don did what most people in his shoes would have done. He took the best opportunity available. He owes us nothing, we owe him for setting a standard PPs new hire will have to meet……

  13. mikeinmanila

    If we take care of what we can control, we will be OK, especially if nothing much happens for the next 24 months. This would be good news for UConn since it would allow UConn to:

    1. Gain an AAU invite
    2. Continue to build the endowment
    3. Complete the upgrades of all on campus athletic facilities
    4. Have 2 years of MBB stability and growth under KO (i.e., sign 2-3, 4+star recruits)
    5. Get back to regular NCAA appearances and conference championships for the Men’s BB team
    6. Acquire 1-2 more national WBB titles
    7. Get the football program (and attendance) back on track (i.e., conference championships)
    8. Begin fundraising for expansion of the Rent to 50K (in 2014)

    The longer this drags out, the stronger UConn will get. We are arguably at the lowest point right now. I still maintain that when all is said and done, at worst, UConn will end up in the #6 football conference, most likely we’ll end up in the #5 football conference and if we can get an invite to the B1G (i.e., the holy grail), we’d be in the #3 football conference.

    Our immediate focus right now should be to accomplish items #1-8 which are largely under our control. If we keep our energies focused on these things, the rest (i.e., conference realignment) will largely take care of itself.

    1. Yonick Bush

      Where’s the money coming from to make the facilities upgrade? The state just cut our funding.

      Fundraising? With unemployment and soon to be higher taxes rates for all, people do not have money to donate. And there’s the call to end deductions for donations so some big donations could disappear as well.

      By the way, no one cares about women’s basketball.

      1. mikeinmanila

        I disagree Yonick from several perspectives:

        * UConn has proven that it can generate the donations from PRITAVE, not state sources for its athletic programs. After the BB development center and the other on campus athletic facilities are completed (the capital funding is already well under way) in 2014, full attention can be given to expanding the Rent

        * The people who donate large sums of money to UConn will not be affected by a 2% increase in their mariginal tax rate and will still have access to tax deductions for these types of contributions

        * Unemployment is going down, not up. Projections are that it will keep decreasing to under 6.5% before 2014

        * If no one cares about WBB, why did SNY just agree to a $4.55M deal to broadcast UConn WBB? Also have you looked at WBB attendance figures and TV ratings for WBB at UConn? UConn is a unique brand in WBB…and as a result carries much more weight with regard to what UConn would bring to the table

        * Finally, most ecomomists say the economy is likely to be much stronger by 2014. If a 10K stadium upgrade is all that stands between UConn and a B1G or ACC invite, I don’t think it will be a problem to get the funding at that point

          1. mikeinmanila

            SillyBoy…that’s a good handle for you.

            Obviously, you have no clue about WBB. For a comparison, do you that UConn WBB gets only slightly less in TV revenue than what each Mountain West team gets for FOOTBALL?

            Rather than spout uninformed nonsense, for a change try and educate yourself first.

          2. SillyBoy

            Great…now you are bringing up UConn womens basketball compared to Mountain West football…equally entities that no one cares about nationally. I may not have a clue about womens basketball but I do know it is a very niche sport that most of the country has extremely low interest in. Most D-I colleges outside of the UConns and Tennessees draw pathetic attendances and lose money…heck most colleges don’t even recruit much and are lucky to field teams…hence the very exciting 105-26 outcomes we see…and at the professional level, if it wasn’t for the NBA’s financial backing, the WNBA would not exist—period. So when I say that no one cares about womens basketball, I mean not having national interest with no tremendous financial benefits…you can think what you think and I’ll let it go at that…my point in college athletics, football is the only sport that matters from a national scope…

    2. RST

      Let’s see how KO does during the rigors of BE play before we anoint him the MBB savior. Gotta see how he handles adversity first. They might not win a BE game this year. How he handles that will go a long way toward determining his fate.

    3. RST

      Is there a plan to gain an AAU invite? I have not heard of one although that may mean nothing. UConn is hiring 275 more professors to get its student-teacher ratio down to help in its rankings. I am sure if there is a plan, that must be part of it. But I also suspect that externally funded research is another big part; and that would be very difficult to ramp up quickly (although new professors are generally hired with a bring-in-the bucks-or-leave understanding).

      1. mikeinmanila

        Pres. Herbst has said that UConn needs another $90-100M in research grants to be a viable candidate for an AAU invite. With the recent approved additional headcount and biotech investment this appears “doable” according to Herbst. Also note how Herbst always uses the words “research institution” when describing UConn….that’s specifically targeted for the AAU

        1. RST

          How much do they have now? Is that total awards or per year funding out of multi-year awards? Either way we are talking at least three years unless they hire some heavy hitters who already have big contracts that they bring with them.

          1. mikeinmanila

            Herbst wasn’t specific, but it sounded like a “per year” figure. Last I saw, UConn had about $225M (AAU average was about $425M) in annual research grants. With the new Bioscience initiative,the $1.1B Jackson Laboratory investment that was announced in January, as well as the 290 tenured teaching positions being added, my guess is that it would take 2-4years to reach this goal. That said, UConn would need to be invited, which requires an affirmative vote by 45 out of 60 member schools (i.e., 75%), so UConn will need to make member schools aware of UConn’s growing “brand” in research (hence Herbst’s use of “research institution” when describing UConn)

            Given that the major conferences are unlikely to make a move before 2014 (since the Big 12 doesn’t appear to be adding schools in the next 1-2 years and the B1G needs to absorb Maryland and Rutgers), this is good news for UConn.

    4. husky66

      I know you hope for the Big10 invite. can’t see it happening.

      They took Rutgers, w/ no outright BE FB championships ever, a record of FB attendence not much greater than UConn’s, a men’s bball team that reeks & a USN&WR ranking less than UConn’s only because they have favorable geography. (The AAU thing is a smoke screen, Nebraska got booted out of AAU and still got an invite)

      so on geography alone, RU got an invite. also its likely they will play their big games in E. Rutherford, ie Michigan and Ohio State. WE have one game w/ Michigan and all you hear is screeching about making them play in E. Hartford. who knows if that matters, but our response doesn’t help perception.

      so w/ a much smaller TV market, a perception that we can’t get r’ done w/ FB after being on the cusp of success and fans that frankly number about 38K total has kept us out of even the ACC, a large portion of which ain’t exactly football central.

      sorry, Big10 isn’t extending an invite. They already have a UConn in Indiana, why do they need another?

      wanna talk about why MD got into Big10? sure ain’t the FB team RE is running out there. He’s apparently a better recruiter now and but there is no way he will make them competetive at the higheest levels in the Big 10.

      UConn gets the ACC invite, if and when FSU AND Clemson leave for SEC. Cincy goes first based on the Louisville formula. They are more sucessful w/ FB than we are. academics aren’t a factor any more. if they were, how do you explain Duke, Wake and UVa, even BC, holding their noses long enough to vote Louisville into their conference?

      1. mikeinmanila

        A couple of points:

        * I agree that the B1G is a long shot, but it’s NOT out of the question (only happens if they can’t get 2 teams from the ACC, and we have AAU status). Note: AAU status is required for UConn to even get a look from the B1G. Nebraska was a member when they were invited, and only lost it after they got in the B1G. No school gets a B1G invite (besides ND) without AAU status…and the options along the east coast would really be limited to UNC, Duke, UVA, GT…and UConn (if it gets AAU status). Note: Tulane is AAU status, but don’t see that happening

        * If FSU and Clemson leave the ACC for the Big 12, I would expect USF and Cincinnati to be chosen (with UConn getting a strong look)…More likely scenario is that UConn gets an ACC invite if 1-2 more “nothern” schools leave the ACC (e.g., UNC, UVA, Duke) and/or the ACC loses more than 2 schools, both of which are highly likely

        * UConn needs to get aggressive with scheduling. This probably means 1 game a year in either Boston or NYC. Requiring Michigan to come to the Rent is a mistake in my judgement (not exactly getting in Michigan’s good graces with that move). BTW, not sure why we couldn’t also look at the Yale Bowl…there might be a good reason, just haven’t heard people mention it

        * Academics will matter in the case of UConn (a selling point for UConn over available schools)…for the ACC (Duke, UNC, etc have been UConn supporters in the past for this reason and BB, of course) and particularly for the B1G. Note: Rutgers and UConn are ranked similarly from an academic standpoint but UConn has made more steady progress over the past several years.

        * RE, while he may not be loved with the way he handled his exit, will turn Maryland into a winner. I’d look for them to go bowling next season

        I maintain that if UConn focuses on what it can control, we will VERY LIKELY end up in the 5th best “BE/ACC” football conference….with an outside shot at the B1G.

  14. Lost in Transition

    Take 2: Independence was once a good idea until I thought about what it meant to have no conference affiliation… no bowls… no place for olympic sports… no auto bid to NCAA tournament…how that affects recruiting when not guaranteed a national schedule. NO pull getting teams to come here even if we go there. It is hard enough to get Michigan to play at the RENT. ALl great games on the road, and only the dregs at home. Then you couple that with the fact that if we go to super conferences and Uconn is on the outside looking in, those league teams break off and will not be able to play us at all in football.


    @Ray ..INDEPENDENCE IN FOOTBALL ..yes that’s what I think will be the best option ..@ Lost in Transition ..with the conference that ARESCO is trying to assemble is a $$ looser everywhere you costs increase .. Much less revenue from a TV ..especially when it gets divided up with a 12 lack luster programs…add to that ..low attendance and fan support because of those lack luster competition. Go independent, play Goliath’s play BC , be “the Davy” a d eventually sells tickets.. It brings in better talent ..becomes a quality TV product..maybe UCONN negotiates a contract with say SNY ..more $$ for UCONN ..and no one to share it with ..UCONN drives they’re own bus..instead of waiting for the BiG or ACC cabs to pick them up..

    1. Lost in Transition

      I would agree if Uconn had any leverage… independence brings no bowl affiliations. Independence brings no automatic bid to the NCAA tournaments. What if we try to schedule and can’t? Big possibility since teams in the big 5 are not going to schedule outside of it to improve their SOS. Those on the outside will not get a chance to play them in a few years. I once thought independence was the only option if we got to this point… but now I can’t see any contract from a network that would make it worth our while. Especially if we can’t schedule regionally. Temple is the only team in the Northeast that we have and I don’t see Syracuse, Pitt, and others looking to help us out… remember the big East mantra these last few years… everyone for themself.


    @ RST .I’m thinking they get two heavy weights with UCONN’s mens and womens basketball programs..they would benefit even if in the interim ..add Gonzaga, Xavier and St joes and they have a product for sure..even if UCONN leaves eventually ..they benefit ..much like it would have benefited the Big East if Boise stayed ..(they’re gone in the next couple of months or after next year)’s more of a win win for the catholic schools then anything else…

    1. Lost in Transition

      They don’t want Uconn and Cincy… not after what they did throwing themselves at the ACC… Other teams won’t want us for football only. They are leaving us and the divorce is final.

  17. Lost in Transition

    I am going to call it here… let Boise and San Diego go… the reason is simple. Either we are in a conference that is going to stretch our athletic budget to far and be irrelevant or we can be in a conference with other teams and still be irrelevant. I say this even though I love my Huskies. If the ACC comes calling it won’t matter if Boise is with us or not. AD just needs to schedule less cream puffs and we have to be able to win against the likes of Western Michigan and NC State. Our competition is solely Cincy for that last spot. We need to get better and beat them time and time again. Right now we are second behind them atheltically both in basketball and football. Doesn’t matter what we have done in the last 10 to 15 years… it is all about now.


    Just wondering what our AD is up to?? He has been waaaay too quiet ..This is the guy that gets paid to formulate the VISION AND MISSION for UCONN athletics..President Herbst called him a “Rock Star” doubt because she is our biggest “cheerleader”..Our AD has not spoken…With the climate and uncertainty of realignment, the AD Warde Manuel has failed the fan base and UCONN. Hmmm..the ATHLETIC DIRECTOR ?? leadership abilities prevail and should shine at moments like these but where is he ?? What is he doing?? ..oh that’s right.. NOTHING!! He is waiting for an invitation and he has flim-flammed some to think he has that “leadership ability”..What exactly were his accomplishments at Buffalo ?? His silence has many of us wondering if that equates to being in WAAAAY over his head in ability to lead the Athletic Department!!


    It’s time to carve our own destiny UCONN should stay committed in all sports to the catholic schools..and football should go independent..schedule the Goliath ‘s and become the Davey… You will sell out the rent with “those” programs in the house..the talent pool will grow and will be a much better platform to attract recruits..I believe we could possibly garnish our own TV contract with SNY .. Which would give us a much larger piece of pie then the conference fiasco that ARESCO is trying to assemble with futility …we certainly have fallen from the ladder where we once stood.. So we have time..but let’s take the highway WITH INDEPENDENCE and cherry pick a schedule that the HUSKIES WANT TO CHEW ON, that will put fans in the seats, sell the UCONN club seats as a “MUST HAVE” with the tax incentive given to industries in Ct..and win the games..that could happen…

    1. RST

      This might be a good interim solution, but what is in it for the Catholics? They know we would leave in a New York minute for the ACC or the Big Ten.

      1. Ray

        The Catholics would get the most successful program in the country over the last 15 years. There is not another team in the country (not kentucky,duke,north Carolina)that can match our record. Of course there would have to be a locked in contract so that we would not run when the acc calls. I like your independence thoughts

  20. Ray

    Don’t forget everyone…..As Coach P would say, “Its a work in progress”…….

    The problem is the progress has been downward the last two years.

  21. Ray

    We should beg the catholic schools to let us in. Sign a very simple contract that says we will never leave. No ifs, ands or buts. In another words a contract with no options to leave.

    Football should go independent or drop down to FCS. Its obvious that the school is not committed to football after Manuel let this mess continue under Coach P. What a mess.

  22. Leroy Jenkins

    And still more great news!

    CNNSI says the MWC is looking to raid one of the “western” Big East teams. is it Cincinati?

    How pathetic is it when the MWC raids us?

    Why isn’t Dez reporting this?

    1. mikeinmanila

      Leroy, it isn’t the end of the world.

      UConn is about to offer Kevin Ollie a long term deal which will stabilize the program and retunr it to prominence. The women’s BB team is a few months from winning its 8th national BB title. If things don’t improve in football, we will have a new coach in less than 12 months.

      UConn and Cincinnati have a decision to make…commit financially (via a strong GOR provision) to a new conference or join whatever is available right now and wait for an ACC invite. I, myself, would prefer forming a new conference from the best 9-10 teams availalble, then wait and pick off the best remaining 6 teams over the next few years (most likely from the ACC when it implodes).

      Regardless of which approach UConn takes it appears pretty clear that UConn will eventually end up in the #5 or #6 football conference (unless we hit the jackpot and get a B1G invite)…not a huge change from where we were are today in terms of playoff access, but potentially a big difference in terms of TV $$ from football.

      Our goal should be to do all we can to position ourselves for a B1G invite (e.g., get an AAU invite, build endowment to $1B, expand the Rent to 50K, schedule more OOC games at neutral sites with B1G schools). If we don’t get it, we’ll be well positioned for an invitation from of whatever is left of the ACC, or be an annual conference title contender in our new conference. So as long as we do the things that we can control, I think we will be OK

  23. Leroy Jenkins

    More good news for us!

    ESPN is reporting that Boise is talking with the MWC to stay. You can bet that if Boise doesn’t come then neither will Sand Diedo State.

    This has been a terrible week!

    1. Jack Renoud

      Watch when KO does a nose dive in the up coming Big Eats ( and I mean Eats) BB games. There will be a calling for his head. That five year plus contract was a huge mistake. Should have waited until the end of the year to see how he does. 10-2 against pretty weak competition , some of whom have given the team a run for their money. Attendance and viewing will plummet, mark my words. UCONN is in trouble.

  24. D

    Question: What is it about Paul Pasqualoni that makes him a good coach at this point in his career?
    Please do not mention the connection to Connecticut High Schools… We all know where CT football talent is on the list of 50 states.

  25. Timmy B

    So Dez because Brown was nice to your kid at football camp you refuse to rip him for leaving. Your a bugger fraud then brown.

    1. dconner Post author

      Repeat this to yourself a couple of times then ask if it really makes sense? Why would I “rip” Don Brown for leaving? When and if the day comes that you understand Im not a fan will be a great day for many who visit here. Have a good holiday and New Year.

      1. TheJerk

        Hmmm lets see, better head coach, better conference, better exposure, most likely better money…. yeah what a jerk for not staying

  26. Jesse

    This one hurts. I was hoping he would stay, maybe be our next coach if HCPP doesn’t improve next year. As much as it stinks to lose Brown, I’m sure UConn will be fine. The offense can’t be any worse than this year. All it can do is remain the same. I just don’t see that happening. With the receivers returning, the running backs, and pretty much everyone on the line coming back, I’m bet we’ll see vast improvements made. If money permits, I will definitely be getting season tickets for the 2013 season.


    @ STEVE ..WOW???.Are you for real??..nobody said anything about supporting the kids!!!..and no one doubts the kids leave it all on the field when it comes to effort!!!….However..I dont care if you donate $50 bucks or $50K you should care about “THOSE MOVING PARTS” The ball was deflated by those”THOSE MOVING PARTS”..the program floundering because of “THOSE MOVING PARTS”…I bet if you have or had kids you were hopefully concerned interested and proactive in any of “THOSE MOVING PARTS” that are or may have been associated with your kids. RIGHT? Do you sit back and watch “ho-humm” or do something about it?? No different here pal… I like your “cookies and milk, warm and fuzzies attitude” but when “THOSE MOVING PARTS” are failing the kids and the University, they need to be replaced..”Typical Entitled Fan” thats what you say..There are drivers, passengers and hitch-hikers in life…which one are you STEVE?

    1. husky66

      I actually do have doubts the kids left it all on the field. W. Mich and Syracuse games come to mind.

      I have no idea why DB left, but it sure didn’t help that the offense was pathetic most of the past year and left the D holding the bag to try and win games.

      and just for fun, dial up an Addazio interview and then listen our guy. they might be from the same town but the tone is just a bit different. but hey the CT High School coaches will still recommend their kids to PP, right? Bet that changes over night now that one of their own is in Boston. Talk about Movin’ on Up, Addazio certainly did. which program do you think is going to get whatever New England buzz there is about college FB?

    2. Steve

      I think you just need to move to another state that runs perfectly. Based on your comments to everyone on here you are frustrated with everything going on this state, if you’re that frustrated, leave. And, of course I care about those “MOVING PARTS”, but guess what?? I have no control over it, other than being optimistic, and hoping things fall in favor of UConn in the near future.

  28. Mike

    Whatever Brown will never be a head coach, he has no loyalty to anyone. BC is his 5th job in 10 years. Good coach for sure but a total fraud of a man. paul is a better defensive coach then Brown and I think Brown was envious of him from day 1.

  29. Mike.0

    And…if we were in the south, you wouldn’t see stupid comments like this equating D1 football to what great Americans have done. Sports is an investment in something meaningless. It is entertainment. It gets us through the day .Go get a real big time coaching staff….Go win some football games….Go beat some real teams and all of this will take care of itself.


    @jack54…agree with you completely …however it’s becomes very difficult when there is NO leadership..By the way who’s job is it to sell out the UCONN club seats?? You want the citizens of Connecticut to bail out the pis poor leadership over the past 15yrs that put the state in the fiscal turmoil it’s in?? Yeah just like the state income tax that was suppose to be temporary?? The extra revenue from the casinos?? The wealthiest section of this state doesn’t support UCONN ..they are really NewYorkers living the suburban life..So hmm maybe we should do what? Raise the taxes some more?? The tuition?? I got it let’s all the season ticket holders and boosters go sell tickets door to door so Ward Manuel and Sue Herbst can lather themselves up with lotion while at the carribean classic .waiting for an invite to the ACC …Connecticut was known as a state for its inginuity ..”the constitution state” it’s the “fraud waste and abuse state”…

  31. jack54

    The people of this state need to buck-up, get a backbone and support this program. Money problems( donations,poor ticket revenue) is the reason the athletic venues are sub-par. It’s a hard sell in a very competitive sports world. I believe the administration is doing the best they can with the situation they inherited . If UC was in the south, the public would close ranks and up their support. Anyone can blame + complain. You will not find books on ” Great Americans who gave up”. There is no reason UC future can not be bright. Set a goal,and go after it. Most successful people had bad + turbulent times long before the made it !!

      1. TheJerk

        And if Hartford was in Canada we would have an NHL team again too. But we’re not. This type of blind optimism is what has made Howard Baldwin look like a fool. This state is what it is and aint changing anytime soon.

  32. husky66

    great, a change in coordinator!!

    wait, you mean its the wrong one?

    have to agree w/ other posts that DB sure did want out of here.

    1. sl

      So now the good football coaches are leaving due to the Big East debacle. Can he take PP with him to be BC’s tight end coach??

  33. Scott

    Don Brown wanted the HC job at UConn but AD Wade and Coach P want another 5-7 season.Should have fired Coach P made Don Brown the HC.Sell your house in South Windsor Coach P and get lost!!

  34. Loose Cannon 39

    Is anyone else getting the feeling that the Mayan doomsday prophecy was actually referring to UConn athletics? This is terrible news .

  35. Tired

    Sure, this is another “blow” to the program, but coordinators leave all the time. We are at best a stepping stone program, and those that stay are those that are hard to get rid of. If they are a good coordinator, then they left behind players that got better.

    On a side note, and I don’t want this to be perceived as a ding to the journalistic side of things, because I appreciate the coverage of our football and basketball teams, but it would be nice to hear about some interviews with ACC AD’s or ACC coaches and get their perception as to why UCONN is getting snubbed. It would be nice to hear that Coach Calhoun has been calling his ACC and Big 10 hoops contacts asking what’s the deal. It would be nice to hear from Coach Edsall and get a quote about the positives UCONN brings, after all, his best years were here. I am upset with the administrators at UCONN for seemingly letting it get to this, but the only voice the fans have is through the media asking the tough questions. Over the years, the media has ruined careers of coaches and players, how about the media take this opportunity to help put UCONN where we all want it to be. Keep in mind everyone, if UCONN athletics is a sinking ship, there will be less people necessary to cover it.

    At my company there is a saying, don’t report the news, make the news. Yahoo made the news when it ruined our basketball program. It did the same when it ruined Jim Tressel and many others. Every story I see about realignment is from another news publication. I’ve read on this blog several times about how ESPN is this mastermind keeping UCONN down. Would love to actually read an article that breaks it down for me and has some tough questions answered by ESPN execs as to why this theory is correct or not. How about an interview with the Boston College AD, that is supposedly so powerful.

    Just saying, we as fans can complain all we want, but in the end, all we are able to do is read the articles that are printed.

      1. Tired

        Love what you and Dom do in terms of reporting and the coverage you provide. Glad you didn’t take my post as an insult. But, if I wasn’t a UCONN alum and fan, I wouldn’t even put UCONN in the conversation for a bcs conference upgrade. So many schools offer other things. Look who else is out there…BYU, South Florida, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Boise St, San Diego State, Memphis, Utah State, Colorado State. UCONN is alone out there in the ocean and land is getting further away. Would just like to hear someone else’s voice besides Herbst and Manuel.

        On a side note, watching Cincinnati steal Tuberville away from Texas Tech and seeing how they are doing seemingly everything to put themselves ahead of UCONN, while we sit on our hands and watch the clouds makes it even more difficult. How the heck is Paul Pasqualoni still our coach? Put aside the lack of results on the field, but no one will take this football program serious with that guy running the show. You want to be in a bcs conference, then get a bcs name, make some big news. Ask the question from the ACC perspective, “why should we take UCONN football into our conference?” Having trouble coming up with answer. Now ask the same question, “why should we take Cinci football into our conference?” Well, we have won 9 games in each season 4 out of the last 5 years, we score a lot, we’re in football happy Ohio, we just hired Tommy Tubberville away from Texas Tech, we are improving our stadium to have more luxury boxes and better press seating, and oh yah, we are 46-16 over the last 5 years.

        Reality is, just saying you want to be in a bcs conference isn’t good enough. This is like a job interview, what kind of employee were you at your last job. Well, we just were content with being at best average. Make a statement UCONN, and not some stupid letter from the President saying we’re ok.

        1. roberttherugguyraleigh

          Read the first one, really did. What makes you think anyone would answer any of our media’s questions it’s not up to us if and when they give interviews. Got tired on the second one. For tonight root for San Diego State!

  36. freddy

    jack your wrong in your timeline of Coach Brown. He went to maryland from Umass and when Friedgen was fired from mayland he came to Uconn. He applied for the Yale job last year and then withdrew. So clearly he was not happy at Uconn because he tried to leave both years. He was the head coach at umass for 5 years and was forced from a job at maryland when Friedgen was let go.

  37. The BEast

    So BC owns us again!

    Is BC actively trying to destroy our sports programs in every way possible?

    If so, they are doing a great job!

  38. mike

    I think you people don’t understand this problem. If and when FSU goes to the SEC the ACC will replace them with a florida school. As crazy as it sounds it’s going to be UCF. They have the largest market in florida and the biggest room for growth. If UFC or Cincy isn’t gone by then, they will be added as well. Uconn is in a world of hurt and I think you people don’t realize that. In the eyes of football, we have nothing to offer. In potential we have little to offer. I history we have a lot to offer. That doesn’t make pay checks. In today’s NCAA Football does.

    1. ray

      I hope your right Larry….but Warde Manuel shouldn’t need Don Brown to tell him how awful the situation is.

  39. ray

    so now we can’t score or stop anyone… Don Brown was probably the only reason Manuel gave Coach P another year……yes…Rock Bottom.

    What a shame.

  40. mikeinmanila

    The good news here…we may have finally hit rock bottom (not counting what appears to be a very painful upcoming football season)…

    However it’s always darkest before the dawn. Here’s my crystal ball on how things start to turn around for the better:

    * Jan 2013: Ollie gets signed to a long term contract stabalizing that program

    * April 2013: UConn women win their 8th national title

    * Dec 2013: Pasqualoni fired after a 5-7, 5-7 and 4-8 seasons and new coach re-energizies program; season ticket sales increase to 30K

    * February 2014: Ollie lands 2-3, 4 to 5 star recruits

    * April 2014: UConn men return to the NCAA tournament and UConn women play for their 9th national title

    * Sept 2014: UCONN gets AAU invite

    * Oct 2014: UConn opens new on campus Basketball Development Center. Both men’s and women’s BB teams start the season nationally ranked. Upgrades to all on campus athletic facilities are completed. UConn begins competition in Hockey East.

    * November 2014: UConn football is enjoying its best football season in 4 years and is in contention for the league title; much is written about UConn’s “amazing” turnaround.

    * December 2014: UConn football appears in it’s first bowl game in 4 years; season ticket sales jump to 35K and fundraising begins to expand the Rent to 55K

    * Jan 2015: UConn is invited to join the B1G

    UConn has shown it can build very strong programs – and despite the current 3 year setback in football (not as bad as Steve Kragthorpe in Louisville or Greg Robinson at Syracuse, but still pretty bad) – UConn will get things back on track in a BIG way…

    Hang in their UConn fans..there are brighter days ahead.

    1. mikeinmanila

      Note that the groundwork is literally being laid to have a much more postive “buzz” about UConn by 2014

    2. Adam

      Everything you said! While it’s ridiculous to see UConn being passed over for inferior schools and athletic programs (Louisville, Syracuse, Rutgers, Pitt, Maryland, etc.), we fans can only control one thing: our support for the team. Go Dahgs!

  41. jack54

    Brown was the head coach at Umass. He left. He interviewed for the Yale job, was 1st choice, then withdrew his name. He ended up at Maryland. Only lasted 1 year , and left. Short stay at Uconn , and left. There’s something wrong with this guy, not sure what. He can coach, but can’t say put. There must be a common thread behind all of these job changes !

    1. rich

      Good point, Jack. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t stayed anywhere more than four or five years and less than that recently. Shouldn’t be surprised he left UConn so soon.

  42. bobby

    This all goes back to why the heck did we hire coach P for the job in the first place? How many recruits will we lose because of this. Brown was an excellent judge of talent.

  43. Uconn fan

    If you field a great defense and your efforts keep getting stymied by inept offenses, wouldn’t you leave? He knows things aren’t going to get better next year. Watching MNF this week was like watching Uconn play this year. Maybe after Sparano gets fired by the Jets he can come call plays for Uconn. Get another CT guy on the staff.

  44. rich

    This stinks and it hurts my feelings. In my opinion, he was the only fella that can’t be replaced. Maybe UConn will step up and make a counter offer? (yeah, haha)


    Just read ..Brown to BC pretty much a done deal…Cincinnati announced it will expand Nippert Stadium add premium seating,new press box,suites and loge seating They got a great coach…Ya think they know something and are positioning themselves ???

  46. RST

    Ticket renewals come out next month? Wow, talk about bad timing. Hey, let’s get the UMass, Buffalo, or WMU DC!! :):)

  47. TheJerk

    dez I am still holding hope you screwed up the article and you meant to say the DeLeone is leaving the program for BC

  48. Shaggydog84

    Guys, I wouldn’t hold your breath on a new play caller on O. An “unnamed source” is the one who was quoted as saying that’s what Manuel said during the mtg but yet he has continually stated he will not try and “coach” the coaches. So, who is this unnamed source? were they eaves dropping on the mtg? were they in the mtg? I believe it was stated that only PP and Manuel were in the mtg and I find it difficult to believe either would state this info. Only my opinion but I’m not convinced that actually happened. If it is true, they should be searching for a new OC right now, which would be great! With that said I could be way off here…let’s hope i am!

    1. Al Bryne

      PP would be smart to give HH back the title of DC. HH is an outstanding coach with a proven track record.

    2. Waquoit

      The good news is that there may just be a new playcaller. The bad news is that if there is a change, it will be P saying that he is taking over the duties. The guy is killing the program and taking down the entire Athletic Department with it.


    Saw that comming..pretty revealing isnt it?? If he saw forward motion in UCONN’s program he would have stayed…Hey kinda getting used to all these disappointments…Numbeness has set in..The group of 11 season ticket holders(of 10 years)dont plan on renewing season tickets (7of which are heavy hitter donors to the university)..we plan on cherry picking the games..Michigan and Maryland are the only two games at this point..Both losses.. but it will be refreshing to watch A “Big time” goliath program in action and one that is moving in the right direction with Edsall’s squad. The leadership with UCONN is failing miserably. Our AD Warde Manuel is not a visionary nor a leader. so now we stand an the sidelines and watch just like him…When there is true commitment of resources and Leadership with subtance to move the program toward relevance instead decisions that are clearly made out of desperation..then we may reconsider..untill then Warde needs to prove his worth..or we will be making some $$ noise with several donors….

    1. Steve

      “heavy hitter donors” should support the kids no matter what, not take their ball and go home. Typical entitled UConn fans. I don’t care if they dont win one game next year, I will be there because the kids are giving it their all regardless of the calls being made at the top. Shame on you all.

        1. Scott

          Kids are you joking you really think it is about kids.It’s all about money look at confrence realignment and ask your self why schools are going to other confreneces.

          1. Steve

            As a fan of UConn, yes it’s about the kids. In the world of college athletics, yes it has become about the money. My point is, as fans we can’t control the realignment world, other than supporting the programs and showing up to their games regardless of what’s going on at the top. How do you ever expect to move on into a more stable situation when conferences can clearly see our fan base quickly turns their backs when things don’t go their way. People complain that the Rent needs to be expanded and in the same breath say they’re giving up their season tickets. Support the programs, show recruits that they’re coming to play in front of a passionate fan base and leave all the moving parts to the people that are there to deal with it.

  50. Lost in Transition

    This was not unexpected… he is closer to where he almost went last year… Harvard… Coach P must pull a rabbit out of his hat or this is going to be a really long winter. Dez has Coach P told us how he is going to change the Offense yet? With Manual suggesting a change in the play callers I was wondering if Coach P has given insight into what that entails. I can’t imagine him ignoring the request for the sake of his friend.

  51. freddy

    thats terrible news. why the need to keep Paul around I dont get it. they will be horrible next year. so the staff change was Brown and not deleone. i want to puke!!!!

  52. mikeinmanila

    Actually, it’s exactly (unfortunately) what I DID expect. We need to just get through the next 11 months. DB might be a top HC candidate for UConn by then.

    Any word on who will be our new OC? Top canidates for DC?

      1. mg

        it’s the holidays and hopefully we all learned something this week about the real priorities in life, but ….

        this is the kind of response folks here are used to getting – how about asking a tough question or 2, we have an athletic program that apperars to be moving backward, a HC that appears lost on the sidelines, an OC who is offensive but can’t coordinate, a really good DC who has spent the last 2 years looking for a new gig, press reports saying we are not even the next best option for realignment, a Prez and AD who thought it would be better to va-k in the USVI then roll up their sleeves and assure we got in to the ACC, etc. But it’s all good.

  53. roberttherugguyraleigh

    Clayton did not coach the O-line but Lyle still has over two-thousand yards combined in just two seasons. Special teams with three punt returns for TD’s. Then again maybe I am biased having watched Clayton as a player down here.

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