ESPN, Current Big East Agree To Multuyear Rights Agreement

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ESPN and Current Big East Conference Agree to Multiyear Rights Agreement


ESPN and the current Big East Conference, soon to be renamed, will continue their relationship of more than three decades with a multiyear, multimedia rights agreement. The agreement grants ESPN exclusive worldwide distribution rights across all media and will continue ESPN’s coverage of the conference’s football, basketball and more through 2019-20. In addition, video subscribers of ESPN will have access to the games via digital and mobile devices.


ESPN’s existing football agreement with the conference runs through 2013 while the 2013-14 season will act as a bridge year for the conference’s basketball rights. Commencing in 2014-15, football, basketball and other sports will be under one agreement through 2019-20 granting ESPN rights to all conference contests (not included in CBS’s basketball rights package) including at least 66 football games and 170 men’s basketball games which will be made available annually across ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, ESPNU, ESPNEWS and ESPN3, and via limited regional and national sublicense. In addition, select women’s basketball regular-season and postseason contests as well as other conference-sponsored sports will be presented throughout the year.

“This agreement signifies our commitment to ensuring superior content across any device for many more years,” said John Skipper, ESPN President. “Sports fans everywhere, including the schools’ most passionate followers, will enjoy our extensive multi-sport offerings.”


Commissioner Mike Aresco said, “I am delighted that the current Big East Conference, which will be renamed and rebranded, will be partnering with ESPN well into the future,” said Aresco.  “The extraordinary exposure provided by the ESPN networks will give viewers the opportunity to see the exciting competition and intense rivalries that will characterize our Conference.”

Included in the new agreement:



Complete coverage: Every conference-controlled football game will be available via a television or digital platform.



Complete Coverage: Every conference-controlled men’s basketball game will be available via a television or digital platform.


Conference Championship: The conference championship will be televised on ABC or ESPN.


Women’s Basketball: Conference-controlled women’s basketball regular-season games will appear on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and/or ESPN3.  The championship of the conference tournament will be televised on ESPN or ESPN2, with the semifinals on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU.



ESPN will have the rights to action from other conference-sponsored men’s and women’s sports such as baseball and softball.


ESPN OUTLETS: Rights include conference content featured across ESPN entities including exclusive live games on ESPN3. In addition, fans will be able to find select action on ESPN Deportes, ESPN International and more. All conference programming on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Goal Line and ESPN Buzzer Beater will be available online via and on mobile devices via the Watch ESPN app to fans who receive their video subscription through an affiliated provider.



ESPN can sublicense conference games across all sports for regional and national distribution.


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15 thoughts on “ESPN, Current Big East Agree To Multuyear Rights Agreement

  1. Jay

    just a question. How many events were scheduled with the original three pirates(Miami, VT, BC) have been scheduled with the original BE teams since 2005? Dont plan on any cross scheduling and ND’s silence speaks volumes!!!



  3. joesimsbury

    I wish Aresco and the UConn administration would stop sugar coating ugly facts or trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The TV contract is a joke. Hey “Artie A” your intuition re: the dollar amount was spot on. The dollar amount is pathetic! UConn is to get about $1.8mm/year for all sports. The “Catholic 7 plus 3″ without football will each get about twice as much per year under their new deal as UConn will get. Is Providence College, without football and baseball, worth twice as much as UConn each year? I know “frustrated smart fan” is trying to remain positive. I respect that and wish I could – but really? Providence is worth twice as much per year as UConn?

    Another unfortunate fact – UConn’s total take per year will probably be less than a tenth of what each ACC team gets and even less than that compared to Rutgers and B1G teams. Geno says this new conference arrangement won’t hurt his program. Initially, that might be true. But football and men’s BB drive the bus and those sports are going to be deeply affected. Eventually this differential in payouts is going to hurt all UConn sports.

    Aresco must feel that he has no alternative but to maintain the party line. (In fairness to him, becoming BE commissioner when he did was like relieving Captain Smith on the bridge of the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.) However, we don’t need more Pollyanna like statements from UConn re: this mess. The UConn administration should keep quiet about the “Whatever 12 Conference” and just keep working like hell to get us out of it.

  4. Artie A...

    This is so sad…A so called big time rights announcement with out a single mention of dollar amounts speaks for itself.
    Have to agree with Scott above “intense rivalries???? hello????????
    Skipper and Aresco must have been at the bar for one too many on this announcement. I saw less womans Bball this year because I get CPTV NYS ESPN one and two not ESPNU.
    We have a big time announcement for our new mid major unnamed conference and people calling us fans all stupid like we have not lost a thing.

    1. Ryan

      If we could not get a better dollar amount why sign a deal for so many years? We are at our weakest point if we sign a crap deal (which this is) why not sign it for 2-3-4 years and hope for the best not like when we go back to the table in 2-4 years we could possibly get any less money. With market size of sme of the schools in the new conference lets say hypethetically raings shoot thru the roof and periance success….now we are stuck in this crap deal for a long long time.

      1. Ryan

        Artie – do you have a computer with internet? If so I am fairly certain you can access all games thru ESPN on ESPN 3 (internet based). I live out of state and watch a lot of UConn that way including all football games. That is one good thing about the espn deal. Just have to hook your computer up to your tv or watch from the computer.

        1. Artie A...

          Ben there and have done it but have you not seen locals are blacked out?
          Not many of our “new” conference games will be availble I am sure…

  5. Scott

    “Intense rivalries?” All of our rivals are gone. Is there even another school close to us? OK, the Temple redux. Anyone else within two stone throws? The new conference is a joke. I’ll support the student athletes but as a fan and former UConn student, there is nothing, NOTHING, within the conference to be excited about, and the pretending that there is needs to stop: it’s insulting.

  6. fustrated smart fan

    Check out every one of the new league team’s football schedule and you will find out that there are a lot of tough, very interesting match ups with plenty of diversity and something for everybody and be pleasantly surprised. (change is good). Also, look at the BIG TIME football stadiums which are also available in these BIG CITIES.( pro).I am going on record and ordering the AD’s to fill the stadiums up by offering hi-school or youth tickets for $ 5.00 and getting pure profit by the increase in food and soda sales from having more fans eating than thinking that you are losing ticket money. A non sold ticket makes nobody any money and does not generate side income.( quick nickels vs. slow (no) dollars, always. We will see.And do not forget to plan mini vacations in Dallas, Houston, Disneyworld, Memphis, Philly, etc. etc. by arriving early and tasting some regional attractions ,and pub crawling. Does Uconn have a travel agent set-up ready to go? Is there a road crew organizer type guy taking reservations now while reservations are cheap and we have time to start saving and planning now? The football factory schools do! ESPN hangs around such programs and do recognize a good thing for cheap, no matter what the naysayers say.They are smart.

  7. TB

    This “new conference” needs to merge with the Mountain West ASAP. I like the idea of a coast to coast conference and the number of “good” programs would be exciting.


    …… And what are the right being sold for ?? Will that allow teams good revenue to expand improve their facilities, coaches salaries??

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