ESPN (Not Surprisingly) Report: ACC Officially Adds Louisville Over UConn

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From the World Wide Leader in conference realignment negotiations Louisville headed to the ACC

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64 thoughts on “ESPN (Not Surprisingly) Report: ACC Officially Adds Louisville Over UConn

  1. XLC/Rent SUCK!

    I won’t lie I was pretty optimistic before the news broke, but looking back at it Louisville has us, plain and simple. Top 2 things holding UConn back:

    1. Outside perception of football program.

    2. Underwhelming sports facilities in the Rent and XL.

    Tell me this how can Louisville build a brand new state of the art 23K seat KFC Yum Center for $250M, but we can’t do the same (Hartford would need around 17k, less $)? Face it if I’m the ACC the XL Center is a huge concern for me, with our track record the XL Center will fall even further into disrepair and Womens and Mens basketball will be reduced to playing all their games at Gampel. Couple that with a barebones Rentschler Field and we don’t have much to offer. Outsiders can sense we’re not serious/rabid about our sports. IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THAT AND BUILD A NEW DOWNTOWN ARENA AND IN TIME FANCY UP THE RENT.


    @ GO BC…”go eagles”???? it’s more like “go Seaguls”!!! your team is and always will be flying rodents of whatever conference your in. BC has been sniffing the wind of the UCONN HUSKIES anal sphicter for some time!! And by the way there is ONLY one team that has GOD on their side Notre Dame..and his SON “Touch Down Jesus”

  3. Rich

    Most of you guys just don’t get it. UCONN is never going to the Big Ten. It is a football powerhouse league. Bottom line UCONN has a mediocre football team with no idea or plan to get any better. THis is all UCONN’s fault. This arrogance that comes from Calhoun and Geno that UCONN deserves better is ridiculous. The point is that BC, Pitt, Syracuse, West Virginia, Louisville and Rutgers are all more desirable schools than UCONN.

    1. Matt

      The Big 10. Real Powerhouse. An 8-5 team in the Rose Bowl. Just added Maryland. I know they are a true football powerhouse. The reality is that its about getting the BTN on the most television sets which could benefit UCONN because you can then add CT, Boston(UCONN is the second most popular college team in Boston), and add leverage in NYC.

      The better argument would have been that it is not a continuous state and is not an AAU school. I think all schools in the Big 10 are AAU or were AAU at some point.

  4. FrankyB

    The ACC will lose more teams in the relatively near future and UConn will be considered again. If I had to bet on it, I would bet that UConn will be chosen by the ACC within the next 2 years, maybe even within the next few weeks.

    1. John

      Keep your eyes on the lawsuit the ACC has against Maryland. Depending on how much of the $50+ million Maryland pays, that will determine how soon the likes of Florida State and Clemson bolt. Just my opinion.

  5. SillyBoy

    Newsflash….just announced…”In an effort to fortify and secure the lucrative Connecticut media market, the Big East has extended invitations for all sports to Southern, Central, Western, and Eastern Connecticut State Universities…”—-oohh the pain….

  6. Go BC

    How’d suing BC and then electing a BC / BC Law grad as Governor work out for you, Connecticut?

    God’s on our side!

    Good luck in the Big East.

    Go Eagles!

    1. ray

      BC is worse in football and Basketball than ever before….does not seem to be working out for you……

      We have won 3 national championships in hoops and went to a major bowl 2 years ago…..have the eagles won anything?

    2. ray

      BC is worse in football and Basketball than ever before….does not seem to be working out for you……

      We have won 3 national championships in hoops and went to a major bowl 2 years ago…..have the eagles won anything?

    3. Jay

      Let’s see BC. Sitting on a friday with the rest of the BE giving the three musketeers all for one, one for all the joining the ACC one day later. I doubt God would have lied to peter. No ethics in De flipper from BC.

    4. Tom

      Do your new evangelical friends ever let you out of the basement? BC football is an embarrassment. The good ‘ol boys running the ACC don’t love (or even like) you – they love the number of TV sets in the greater Beantown area.


    UCONN Should become an Independent and Play everyone in all the other conferences…But Win….as opposed to playing in a JV league where one would have to go undefeated and then maybe….maybe..get to a major bowl. As for competing EVER for a National Title….NEVER

  8. SillyBoy

    Dez—I cannot help but sense there is still some bad blood back from when UConn and the Big East were sueing the ACC and the early defectors? (eg…Oh, the hypocracy of UConn…from leading the charge of sueing the ACC to begging to join…)—do you think there can be any bit of truth to it?

      1. mikeinmanila

        I don’t get your comment Dez…weren’t others like Pitt also part of the suit?? Why would UConn be singled out?? In and of itself makes no sense.

        BTW, once Syracuse, Pitt, ND and Louisville get to vote (my understanding is that didn’t vote because they are not formally in the ACC yet), is there any feeling who their first choice would be as an additional member?

        Things should get very interesting for a whole lot of schools, not just UConn, if the ACC starts getting picked apart. It might actually work out for us that we didn’t get picked this time….we’ll find out soon enough.

  9. fustrated smart fan

    If money mattered, the Louisvlle coach would not have gambled and used his quarterback who was hurt, to finish the meaningless uconn game that they lost anyway. There was a $ 15,000,000 dollar BCS bowl game payout at stake if they win the big east conf. by beating rutgers with a healthy quarterback. ALSO, if the Pitt coach had his quarterback sneak toward the left hashmark in OT before the FG attempt in the Notre Dame game for kick placement as the announcers announced, the kick would have been good and ND would be out millions of dollars in bowl money that they do not have to share. So in all of these conference deals, ask yourself- where does the money go and how is it spent to the penny? If Rutgers has the NY market, why do they need anybody? I would demand tribute if i ( rutgers ) controlled a market that guys wanted a cut of, ya know! And all of those defecting teams are going to knock themselves out because there are FREE internet sites to watch games with NO commercials and therefore NO money for ESPN and their advertisers. And try not to forget that the big east teams want to grow and are nimble at making seasonal changes as the markets develop around the country. How can i invest in the BIG EAST potential? For example, the BIG EAST can have a formula to pay the players once they use up their eligibility if they want to. They can also guarantee scholarships for four years. This matters because most players will not go pro and school is expensive. The big east should hire entreperneurs and go for it and dominate. They own the markets which the other bums wish that they had. Investigate why the Uconn officials want to run to the Acc? What do they get personally? They seem to be just middlemen (and middle women).

  10. Bill

    Really? You’re blaming ESPN and hatching a conspiracy theory? Really? Warde Manuel and Susan Herbst are asleep at the wheel and UCONN should have made this move a year ago. Now, the ACC knows they’re desperate and they’re willing to put the sure thing on hold and grab Louisville and their updated facilities and good football program (sorry, Desmond – UCONN football is abysmal) now before they get wooed by the Big 12. UCONN themselves are at fault here, not the big bad network in Bristol. Job envy much?

    1. dconner Post author

      You made a funny? You’re reaching Bill. Dont put words in my mouth. And I’m not envious of anything or anybody. That’s not how I roll fella

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        @ Bill…”UCONN should have made the move a year ago.”

        You have to be invited to the ACC to join the ACC. Connecticut has not gotten the invite.

        1. Bill

          @Navin – understood on the invite process, but they should have been pragmatic and lobbied for inclusion rather than suing over the early defectors and causing bad blood. Now they’re becoming the big fish in the Mountain USA Conference.

          1. Navin R. Johnson

            They (Connecticut) have lobbied hard over the 12-14 months for an ACC invite.

            The lawsuite was back in 2004 by our AG Dick Blumenthal. Dick…where are you Dick…oh yea…He’s Senator Dick now so he could care less.

      2. Bill

        Ok, I’m understanding the rules more now; it’s ok for you to infer collusion from the fact that ESPN actually reported the news before our hometown paper, but I’m not supposed to infer envy from your snarky, baseless little one-liner. Got it. I still no defense of your conspiracy theory, though…

        1. John


          This was the Boston Globe interviewing BC AD Gene DeFillippo, October 9, 2011.

          “We always keep our television partners close to us,’’ he said. “You don’t get extra money for basketball. It’s 85 percent football money. TV – ESPN – is the one who told us what to do. This was football; it had nothing to do with basketball.’’

          Of course they reported the story first, because they told the ACC what to do again.

          Meanwhile Gov. Mally is giving ESPN millions in state money.

    2. roberttherugguyraleigh

      abysmal? Connecticut with a real shot at getting to 6-6 and a bowl game, 4 straight wins to end the season within sight, that is not abysmal.

  11. Jay

    When will Uconn football fans face reality. Outside the 5500 sq miles called Connecticut no one really cares about our football and that is the deal maker. Not big ten bot ACC not sec are looking at Uconn for their next addition. Wake up. The whole move to D1 was a waste of $$$

  12. Bob Williams

    Well I believe that now it’s official. With the exception of
    Uconn Women’s BB, we have seen the apex of Ct. athletics with the 2011 National Championship and the BCS bowl game.
    They find themselves now in the midst of mediocrity. Football will be nothing more than a glorified FCS program. JC left the BB in shambles. The AD has done nothing positive.
    The BIG East is a Big Joke.
    Think about recruiting! You got to be kidding me!
    Probably the best move for Uconn is the MAC. At least they would save on travel expenses.
    Does the Rent have a downsize option? At last give the illusion of a full house.

  13. Eric

    Next Step… Baskeball League leaves with Uconn, Memphis, Temple, and Cincy in tow. Bring in Dayton, St. Louis and a few others. Make a new league for hoops. Uconn, Memphis, Temple, Cincy stay football with new league. It has to happen. Our basketball will be made fun of next.

  14. Eric

    Done with college sports… not looking to not support the team but I can’t invest any more energy into expansion. We are now not only going to the ACC any time soon, we are going to be behind Cincy for the next spot. Not sure what the admin was doing during this time. I am sure that they were doing something, but we were doomed from the beginning begging to get in the last time there was expansion. Little to much then, not enough now. The fact they were optimistic on the move showed they had no clue what was going to happen. I called it early this week but no one else at Storrs saw the writing on the wall? You better work your tail at keeping us in a good basketball league.

  15. Artie A...

    Obviously reagional TV did not enter the equation with The L being the replacement for The Turtles…….


    The only time I turn to ESPN… was to Watch UCONN…..The network’s “holy grail” is college sports..They are “minor League” when it comes to professional sports. Just a bunch or sports reporters ….I say take away the tax incentives given to them (Maloys First Five) and let them FIND another STATE…

    1. Ray

      Ray says:

      November 28, 2012 at 12:04 pm

      Dez, Here is more on Tad’s marketing comments.
      Here are some selling points that should of crossed the ACC table before they decided.

      1, Checking recent history, I went back 5 years….
      2012 Uconn 23 Louisville 20
      2011 Louisville 34 Uconn 20
      2010 Louisville 26 Uconn 0
      2009 Uconn 26 Louisville 21
      2008 Uconn 21 Louisville 17

      2. Correct me if I am wrong, but in 2009 University of Souther Cal had 5 players drafted in the first two rounds. Who was next.
      Was it Louisville…..NO…..The University of Connectiuct placed 4 players in the first two rounds…….Not a Big 10 team, Not an SEC team, but Uconn.

      This Louisville tradition and superiority is a bunch of malarky.

  17. Kenny

    Like everyone else I’m very disappointed. Unlike others, I feel that the powers that be WERE working tirelessly behind the scene to put UConn in the best position possible. We are losing at the half. The game is not over. The true test of Manuel, Herbst, and Molloy is what they do going forward. Nothing will help UConn’s future more than consistantly putting a better product on the field (athletically & acaemically) and winning league championships. Remember, the cream rises to the top. Let’s see if our brain trust can still make that happen.

  18. Adam

    At this point, I don’t even want to go to the ACC anymore. I think with UConn ranking VERY favorably in comparison with other AAU institutions and our excellence in both academics and athletics (not to mention, footholds in the NY, Boston and CT TV markets), we will definitely end up on our feet somewhere. I hope that somewhere is the B1G.


    Boise and SDSU and Navy will exit…watch…their commitment will evaporate….Whats are AD and President doing ??? sunning themselves in the carribean….”we have to be invited”…Plz at the speed which Eastern Carolina and Tulane were brought in ??? I’m sure they just picked up the phone and said “hey want to join the Big East” three weeks after Rutgers left. Yeah you have to be invited… Susan Herbst doesnt know anything about major college sports. Hell, she just hired a marketing communication type at over 200K per year to market UCONN…isnt that telling??? It’s called desperation and a ploy to divert the attention off her and blame someone else down the road. The AD??? well he is just a mouth piece pulling a check… Please!!! who the hell do you think believes that BS….You really think the majority of us believe that crap !!!

  20. TAD

    Lets boycott ESPN!!! Actually Uconn school should have been marketing itself to the Big 12 and the Big 10 a long time ago. Uconn is always a day late and a dollar short. They still don’t understand that rivalries, distances and academics mean nothing in this new era of college football. Its irrevelent which conference is the best fit for us. Its about money and positioning the school were it can best survive in the future. Promise the Big 10 that we will be adding to our stadium to meet their standards. Talk to Texas about the New York/Boston T.V. markets. To lose out to Louisville for the ACC and watch Maryland and Rutgers land great deals in the Big Ten tells me that we are not doing a good enough sales job. Our desperate attempt to land in the ACC which down the road will become the Big East of college football after most of its football schools ( FS, Clemson, Virgina Tech, Miami) bolt for bigger revenue streams, isn’t working.

    1. Ray

      Dez, Here is more on Tad’s marketing comments.
      Here are some selling points that should of crossed the ACC table before they decided.

      1, Checking recent history, I went back 5 years….
      2012 Uconn 23 Louisville 20
      2011 Louisville 34 Uconn 20
      2010 Louisville 26 Uconn 0
      2009 Uconn 26 Louisville 21
      2008 Uconn 21 Louisville 17

      2. Correct me if I am wrong, but in 2009 University of Souther Cal had 5 players drafted in the first two rounds. Who was next.
      Was it Louisville…..NO…..The University of Connectiuct placed 4 players in the first two rounds…….Not a Big 10 team, Not an SEC team, but Uconn.

      This Louisville tradition and superiority is a bunch of malarky.

    2. Anonymous

      Totally agree. The ACC doesn’t take UConn because it knows we’ll be available later?! How pathetic is that? The ACC is the new Big East. Time to set our sights higher.

  21. Ray

    For some reason my earlier post did not go in. I think it was a Basketball decision. My guess is coach k and coach Williams did want to have to deal with the only team to win 3 , yes 3 championships in the last 14 years. Can you hear me ACC. Oh, by the way, we beat Louisville again in football last weekend.

  22. Jackl

    I think it boils down to we are too far north of the Mason Dixon Line to be included in the new discussion of further additions to this conference.

  23. JS

    Depending on how you view this move, UConn could be in a position of strength. The BE is far weaker today than yesterday and if UConn could win a Conference Championship and secure another BCS Bowl Game, the school would have more options.

    For now, it’s all about Football. It trumps everything–regional considerations, Academics, Hoops, natural rivalries, etc. Since UConn doesn’t have much in the way of tradition in Football, the objective is to build up the fan base and win big games against high-profile opponents.

    You guys can’t seem to fill up the Rent. The results on the field have been very shaky.

    So improve on these things and UConn will surely attract a major conference down the road.

  24. Livin

    I’m clearly disappointed like everyone else, but here is the reality.

    1. Louisville to the ACC at this juncture is a no-brainer. Their athletic department is clearly superior to ours at this point. Calhoun was a great coach, but got to the top with questionable academic and moral standards. With the current leadership in place, our football team has settled into mediocrity (or worse) until changes are made. The ACC needs stability at this point and Louisville was a better pick to appease FSU, Clemson and others.

    2. The thought that the ACC would pick UConn over Louisville at this point because of academics and TV market is a joke. The only conference that cares about academics is the Big Ten. Any conference with NC State and FSU cannot pretend to hold a high standard for academic prowess. Our TV market may be a bit larger than Louisville, but their fanbase is more rabid. Either way, we are both in marginal TV markets.

    3. Our leadership at the university and state levels were a complete disaster when publicly lobbying for an invite to the ACC. We looked desperate and pathetic. All successful negotiations are done behind the scenes, not in the press. It’s no surprise that the ACC doesn’t feel an immediate need to add us. If the leadership has learned anything, they should be lobbying behind the scenes for entrance to the Big Ten. Better academics and higher economics through the Big Ten Network.

    4. The good news is that the addition of Louisville will only be a temporary fix for FSU and Clemson. Once it is understood that Maryland is paying $20-30 million as an exit fee rather than $50 million, more teams will leave the ACC for greener pastures. And despite some of its current shortcomings, UConn will be an attractive long-term partner for another conference.

    1. SillyBoy

      It is reported that the ACC is in no hurry to add Cincinnati and UConn because “we have no place to go” and we’ll always be available….geez…kind of gives you that warm and wanted feeling, doesn’t it?

  25. Dave

    Louisville Football…..up & coming program……38-33 over past 6 years. Riiiiight. Take away this year, and they’re 29-31 over the previous five. Niiiice.

  26. David Brogan

    You can lay this all on the doorstep of Richard Blumenthal and his lame brain idea to sue the ACC back in 2004. What a tool! If we want to play with the big boys, the State of CT (for once)needs to start thinking big. Gampel was built too small from the start, the XL Center is abysmal and needs replacement, UConn shouldn’t have had to raise money on it’s own to build the BB practice facility and finally, the footings are in place to add another 15,000 seats at the RENT. Meanwhile, Louisville has the 55,000 seat Papa John’s stadium and the sparkling new YUM Center for BB. This is a sad day for UConn sports and the State, but we can turn this around if we have the desire and the will to ante up!

  27. SillyBoy

    For some reason at the dance we were not as pretty as we thought…beginning to think we are viewed more as the ugly girl?

  28. mikeinmanila

    Nothing really changes…

    UConn still needs to:

    * Go for AAU status and continue to upgrade its academics
    * Fire OC DeLeone at the end of the season (and Pasqualoni next season if we don’t get to at least 7 wins next year)
    * Focus on winning championships, particularly in MBB and football, since the league is clearly not as strong as it used to be

    If we do those 3 things, UConn is going to be fine. In the meantime we can all enjoy watching the ACC get picked apart. Chances are good that in just a few years, the “new ACC” may not be as good as the “new Big East”.

    Remember, it’s always the darkest before the dawn!

  29. Chris

    Malloy should pull the plug on the corporate welfare being funneled into Bristol.

    This may put me over the edge. Sad to say….I think I might be done. Getting hard to justify investing myself (both financially and emotionally) into college sports. Might bring my kids to a game or 2 but a shame this all is. A damn shame.

  30. ray

    To me this was not a football decision. Why would North Carolina and Duke want to play second fiddle to the one basketball team that has won three championships in the last 14 years……
    We will survive and I hope we treat every game against an ACC teams seriously.

    By the way, did we not show the ACC that Louisville was not better than us on saturday in football.

  31. husky66

    so much for common widsom about the bigger TV market and academic ranking. apparently winning football games (or losing them to W Mich and Temple) does matter. win 7 or 8 games the past two years and the FSU, Clemson problem goes away for acc. anyone still feeling good about that third year of no second half points?

    Have to wonder what Presidents at BC, Wake, Duke and UVa are thinking about by adding a school not much better than a community college.

    1. Steve-CT

      Husky66 – I believe that they need a 75% vote to pass, so by my math at least 1 of those schools voted on Louisville… I am the first to admit I am horrible at math, so…maybe I am wrong.

    1. chris ryan

      You shouldn’t talk about a nam vet that way. He tried to give his life to his country – on the east coast of the atlantic anyway. Let us not forget Herbst and Manuel in the Caribbean during the most crucial time for Uconn athletics! What were they thinking?

  32. Steve-CT

    Well if ESPN is in fact calling the shots (or nudging), maybe they know something about TV eyeballs in CT and the northeast that we don’t all know. Why else would they allegedly be pushing everyone away from UConn?

    Doesn’t really matter though b/c the end of the world is just a few weeks away anyway…

  33. John

    Here is what I said the other day…obviously too late. I am not a fan of ESPN.

    How about Gov. Malloy call up ESPN and say “since I just gave you millions (like they really need it) as part of the First Five, and you control who the ACC invites for their conference, let’s make sure that UCONN is the next one in.” We can call it “Next One In.”

    I guess the next thing UCONN needs to do is somehow become a member of AAU and get into the Big 10 or hope that the $50 million exit fee lawsuit that the ACC has against Maryland doesn’t hold in court. If it doesn’t, schools like FSU and Clemson would look to bolt and open up slots for UCONN and Cincy.

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