Florida Transfer, UConn LB Graham Stewart On The Process Of Building

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What’s good?

Florida transfer linebacker Graham Stewart, who tore his pectoral muscle in July and had surgery four days later, is ready.

“I feel as good as I’ve ever felt,” Stewart told me by phone.

And that means the redshirt sophomore is getting ready to play in 2013.

I heard he likely would have received the NCAA waiver to play immediately after he transferred in and Stewart said things were looking good, heading in that direction he believed but when the injury occurred it didn’t matter.

I’m doing a story on Graham for the weekend. He had a lot to say and is an incredibly bright kid which you’ll get a taste of now because I want to leave this piece of the interview here for you to read today.

In his own words, his opinion – and as a person who has experienced both – Stewart talks about what he thinks it will take for the UConn football program to reach the level of a Florida and the like.

It involves you….

“It’s something that I believe is a long process,” Stewart said. “Tradition is something that takes time, like anything. And, maybe right now, can’t be a part of hype and a major thing, I don’t know, but UConn has come so far in a short period of time that the building blocks are in place and all that needs to be done now is the foundation…it needs to keep spreading. I also think football, as a whole, needs to just become more of a culture, more of a religion where people are more excited, more enthused. You know, when the team loses, man I mean the fans they really feel it. They feel the heartbreak and the sorrow. It’s not anger. And in victory, they’re gracious, they’re happy, they’re excited and it creates an environment that’s so fun to be around it’s like intoxicating and the people just have to be a part of it. It has to be a part of their life because otherwise they don’t feel whole. Places like Florida, places like Texas, USC, the big programs, the fans and the community that surround the team are fully enveloped know what I mean? They’re like all about it and what happens is, belief is such a strong thing because you get one person to believe then another person to believe and it just snowballs. Once something like that gets rolling it’s hard to stop it so I think that’s all it takes. If a few things change here and there, it’s off, it’s rolling here, hanging with the big boys. Personally, I know Coach [Paul] Pasqualoni is a great coach and I believe in the direction he’s headed and  I think that’s where we’re heading – and it’s exciting, so…”

More from Graham Stewart coming in Sunday’s Courant which I can link here as well…




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8 thoughts on “Florida Transfer, UConn LB Graham Stewart On The Process Of Building

  1. husky66

    old school thinking here, but isn’t it more common to interview and seek opinions of those who have proven themselves on the field? he may be right, but let’s hope he can play.

      1. husky66

        no need to hate. Unless I’m mistaken, he’s not played a down for UConn. sure he’s been a great HS player and was on an SEC team. good for him.

        Old school. play, prove it, then talk.

  2. The Dude

    Grow up Leeny. Are you really hating on a kid who couldn’t decide where he wanted to go to school when he was 18? And transferring to be closer to home is a lot different than decommiting.

  3. Leeny

    Isn’t this the guy who back out of commitments to two other schools already? Seems like he doesn’t have a lot of honor or commitment.

  4. Jake

    Dez, thanks for a great read. Graham sounds like the kind of student/athlete that will make “most” UConn fans proud. I say most, because we have those who want coach P fired even though the vast number of his players, both former and current are excited and proud to play for him.
    Keep up the good work Dez and I look forward to Graham and all the student/athletes leading UConn to success on and off the athletic field.

  5. Lost in Transition

    Well said Mr. Stewart… no more fair weathered Uconn fans… passion brings respect. Just look at what East Carolina brings in regards to their football passion. Doesn’t matter where you, are or who you play, you support your team because it is your team. Through good and bad!

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