For The Diehards Attending Spring Game Today

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Hey folks, most especially the diehards – look to see who has progressed from last year to now in your opinion and let me know here – thanks

Enjoy the game


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34 thoughts on “For The Diehards Attending Spring Game Today

  1. Paul

    Whitmer locks on to a reciver. He does not look for others open. TE’s were wide open several times and no one else was tagarted….

    1. RST

      Yeah, and this will be very difficult for one of the freshmen coming in to do as well. Thus I think Whitmer has the best chance for developing this skill due to his advantage in confidence and poise. It is wide open in the competition to be his backup, however.

  2. BW

    Tough to tell if our D-Line specifically Willman looked really good or if the O-Line needs to continue to improve. He was in the backfield multiple times and stayed home to make a nice place on the reverse. Unless one of the incoming freshman really stands out there is no competition for Whitmer at the starting QB position. Really liked the speed of Brainard but his size showed when the defense did get to him. Wide Recievers looked good during the game but saw a lot of dropped passes during warmup, still not a smooth flowing passing game. Really tough to judge the secondary with how poor the QB play was but overall for the level of inexperience there I thought they played alright. A LOT of opportunities for these incoming freshman if they are phisically ready to play.


    I agree with a lot of the observations here .i have a question. When a team replaces an OC does that mean the offense changes as well … Or is it same play book just a different conductor?? I thought offense was designed around the strengths of the players… Not sure what I saw there.

  4. UC Blue

    still looked very sloppy. not a crisp team yet. seeing some improvement overall at the WR position. Foxx loks like he will be a huge addition to the offense. line still looks weak. i know the majority of them didnt play due to injuries but if an injury occurs during the regular season then thats what we have to look forward too. mccummings looks bigger than last season cant throw. whitmer looks to be more in sync with the WR’s. running game looks bad still every running play 1 or 2 yards not good. talked to HCPP after the “game” definitely looked more like a practice but he said they are expecting to run some trick plays with Weist calling the shots this year. said we saw 2 of them saturday i saw the direct snap to the RB and then a reverse off it which went for negative yardage and didnt catch the second one. probably happened on the redzone stuff lost interest by that point. very boring ruining the spring game very weak crowd. i think it was the smallest showing i have seen. pujol looked better than he did in the last week of the season but i guess it doesnt matter considering they already said hes redshirting this year. talked to yawin said they didnt want to clear him to play saturday but hes good to go getting clearance sunday or today. christensen said he will be ready to go for the opener everything is progressing well. have to wait until august 29th to see what happens but right now its not looking much better. heard someone tell HCPP its year 3 and the honeymoon is over time to win and he said back i agree with you.

      1. Pete - Manchester

        Dez my man, feel better dude…I won’t get into the “feel” and “atmosphere” of the game which was about as bad as it gets, but strictly on the players…I’m interested to see what Foxx can do out there. He certainly is fast and made some plays out there, but he did drop a few balls (easy grabs in my opinion). Also the QB play I thought was pretty bad (clearly Whitmer is above Cochran at this point). What they really need to do is when pressured, find the short/middle ground in the middle of the field and complete the pass. In the spring game they were either incredible inaccurate on that or the pass was dropped (outside of a couple). I really was impressed with our D-Line actually…Myers, Campenni, and especially Knappe. He’s a presence out there and appears to have a nice motor to him. Would love to see what he could do once he “figures it out”.

        Once thing I will say about the offense…it was bad, yes, but keep in mind it seems that in spring games, the defense always out plays them. They scrimmage and practice against them all year. So I expected a good performance out of the defense, regardless.

        1. dconner Post author

          @Pete – thanks man. Great stuff here especially on the DLine. If they can get Knappe going he could be a real problem with Jesse and Norris and Campenni and Myers and Stephen and Willman, possibly Frank if he’s coming along like some think…D line could be a strength ultimately – ultimately it needs to be… Thanks P

        2. Steve-CT

          One thing I can say about Knappe is that he is an absolute monster. I was in a restaurant near campus with my family and he was in front of us in line. Tall, wide, humungous is the right word. The cheerleaders, who were also there, seemed to dig him too.

  5. Kenny

    To be fair – I think the comments regarding McCummings are inaccurate and based on perceptions from the last two years – If you look at the film from Saturday closely, he actually made very good throws – good velocity and very accurate – but the balls he threw were dropped – his mechanics and footwork were improved although he needs to release the ball a fraction of a second sooner

  6. John

    They still have issues with run blocking pass protection was ok wonder who is coaching the line. This was not game so hard to tell where we are at. Cochrane is not cut out for football at this Level hope some of the new comers will make better back ups. Nothing was shown at all to excited about. A 8 for 14 is not a good performance at QB not even for a spring game. Still seen a lot of the same on the field going to sit this season out not getting season tickets not impressed by either offense or defense. To have 15 players injuries during spring practice show a lack of conditioning My feel-ins is will be an injury plagued long season with no positive outcome.

  7. Tom Ryan

    Whitmer demonstrated significant improvement. From the “pocket” he attacked the coverage defense (2high/4man rush) down the field (16-26 yards). Last year such passes were thrown only in restricted situations.
    Pass protection was solid / zone blocking maintained the line of scrimmage
    Receivers were aggressive to the ball (even)in traffic.
    Most important, the medical staff never had to come onto the field!

  8. AceHigh

    Upsetting that they were not more transparent about how this was going to be run. A few player focused comments, will try to keep it positive:

    Foxx: He will be an X-factor for the team in that he can be used all across the field. However, this was the spring game, need to see this throughout the season too.

    Graham Stewart: Hard to get a read when he will play. It seemed they were using him to get max reps in and he played will every “string” of defense.

    The D-Ends are strong and active.

    In general, defense is not a huge worry as long as the corners hold up their end (take good angles, etc.)

    Whitmer: Solid game. I feel confident with him at QB. Glad to see we are letting him out of the pocket a bit more on roll outs, etc. If the line hasn’t stepped up protection (which it appears it has) he needs to be able to create and protect himself on the sideline.

    Cochrane: Don’t count him out, but there appears to be physical intangibles lacking. Boyle and Lagow should not be hardpressed to pass him on the depth chart. Not a knock on Cochrane, a great kid, but there is just a big difference between Whitmer and him.

    McCummings: Love him, but unless they have a whole set of special packages for him they have under wraps, he will probably not see much of the field.

    WRs: Davis and Phillips. But beyond Foxx, who can do it.

    TE: This has to be an area of concern just in the fact that fellas out there just don’t have the level of experience. That was a huge position for us the past two years, so…

    RB: Ummmm….yeah. Be worried here.

    O-Line: Pass protection seemed better, with McCombs at 172lbs or whatever, they need to open some HOOOLES, with three OOO’s

    Puyol: Way to make the chances you are given count.

    So basically, there was some promise, but man, we could be in trouble this season. You have to hope that the bright spots get brighter and those dark ones get lighter. I feel good about Weist, but man Coach PP…he needs to get this team going. Yesterday did nothing to imbue a great sense of confidence in him.

    1. dconner Post author

      @AceHigh as well as others some really good stuff. The detailed player progress, what you saw is very helpful to me right now. I really appreciate it as you know I was unable to get out there. The setup and complaining about last year and the coaches isn’t important as the progress of the players. I get it, atmosphere, no real game, it stunk, nothing we can do about that now. It’s done. For those who were at the game and commented or for those who weren’t and have yet to – please bring it. I trust what you saw yesterday, its kind of lining up with what’s been reported this spring so – bring it folks, if you forgot something and want to add it, bring it – thanks a ton…

      1. RST

        Dez, they ran like a dozen rushing plays from their own 1 yard line, both first and second teams. Total yards gained rushing a dozen plays from their own 1? Maybe two. It was gawd awful. No holes punched in the D whatsoever. The passing game looked a bit better than last year, but hard to tell since the D had so many graduate.

  9. donct

    Looked like smallest crowd for Blue White I have seen. Uconn does nothing to make this an event no excitment I couldn’t even find where to get roster sheet.
    Whitmer looked better than last spring. So did Phillips, Fox showed something. There was no energy. This was a big disappointment. We must pray Whitmer does not get hurt.

  10. Teresa

    Wow…i am glad I didn’t put my back in jeapordy by attending such a lackluster, boring “game”.. if the posts be true. Still, my big disappointment,I wanted to get a picture with Dez and chat with him on the field…maybe next time. Still gonna renew my tickets…its a do or die year for Coach p and his sidekick George D.. wonder if they realize that or are laughing all the way to the bank

  11. Chuck

    Disappointing. Not at all encouraged. Only a few bright spots….Fox, Phillips, Stewart, Knappe, & possibly Whitmer. Felt no motivation to purchase season tix again. Defense looked good as expected. Offense looked inneffective when Whitmer wasn’t in. Davis seemed ignored. A long way to go before fan enthusiasm can begin to take hold. Last years spring B&W looked more promising to me.

  12. RST

    If they stay with a run-first philosophy, this will be a loooooong season. The O-line is no better opening holes for the run than last year. They MAY have made some progress in pass protection, hard to tell.

  13. Andre

    I agree with these posts. Was not impressed with what I saw except for Shakim and Foxx…they looked good on offense. Davis seemed open but didn’t get the ball. The QBs did not impress. Defense looked okay but nothing outstanding. I kept remembering a few years ago when Marcus Easley broke out at the Blue-White Game. Didn’t see anything close to that. Very boring actually…I hope they don’t do this format again.

  14. im blue

    mccummings and cochrane need to be left out of loop.theyre average maybe a little less at their position.cochrane is a nice kid,but he played in a weak high school league and it shows.mccummings just is not a d-1 college qb.instead of recruiting 20 dbs and a ton load of linebackers,address the issues—big time qb and ots—neither of which i think pp is capable of selling.


    I’m trying to stay optimistic but the QB play I saw was not good. The O-Line did not look good either. I think we have solid receivers. The Defense looked good. Tough to walk away with conclusions as it was a glorified practice.

  16. Danoooo

    Format was odd, couldn’t believe it was over after 87 minutes…anyhow, liked the speed of Foxx, think he can be a play maker if he gets the ball. G Davis looked ‘open’ a lot, saw confidence in Whitmer, not a lot of change from Casey, regression from McCummings. D looked to have a little spark, but didn’t take it out on their own…but you could see it there.

  17. SillyBoy

    Nice day, nice time…but I’m not really sure what I saw on the field…whatever it was, it wasn’t good…here’s to hope for the fall!

  18. RST

    Wow!!!!! What a difference a few months makes!! The offensive line was AWESOME!!!

    :( :( Actually no.

    What the heck was that???? An hour and twenty minutes of practice? A waste of a good crowd that was just waiting to get pumped up.

  19. uconn86hgiv

    The format made it tough to really get a feel for the “who”. Clearly Whitmer is ahead of where he was last year in terms of experience and confidence but frankly he didn’t look much different than at last years spring game. In fact I didn’t see anybody really look like a star. I was hoping to see a RB light it up.
    One thing I did notice. Last year’s defense was nasty and had swagger from day one. I didn’t get that feel from this group. Having Smallwood play would help that.

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