George DeLeone Says He’s Not Going To Giants

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Just spoke with offensive coordinator George DeLeone.

He said he is NOT going to the Giants.


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84 thoughts on “George DeLeone Says He’s Not Going To Giants


    Have to admit I definitely go caught up in some of that negativity.. I know its just football and there are certainly more pressing issues about us all that should apply..I like MLK’s quote “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” Maybe some application of it here ?? There is merrit to the disappointment and the negativity that is being expressed to UCONN Nation…the blogg allows them to vent good bad or otherwise …TO VENT is a good thing.. the part thats really disappointing is that it seems to be becomming viral.. This is where I would look to the leadership. Where is the AD in all this to harness the negativity and WRAP it in some VISION and ENCOURGEMENT ?? Enthusiasm can be contagious and he should be spreading it !!.Anyway, to keep things in perspective…Keep it simple. Despite the coaching changes, conference re-shuffling, at the end of the day, hopefully one realizes that it was the passion for the TEAM and the SPORT that we admire so much that we become a bit defensive and negative..remember its an institution of higher education and these are young men being molded and trying to strive for the very same goals we have for them building character win or loose.. that YOUR TEAM the UCONN HUSKIES…support the University and “OUR TEAM”..leadership good bad or otherwise will come and go but yoour University and TEAM will always be there..


    With all the uncertainty and the passion of the fan base turning to negativity..Where is the visibility of our AD??? He should be actively addressing the Fan base with VISION and ENCOURAGEMENT shouldnt he ?? I dont want to hear from Susan Herbst…He is the AD and therefore lead by example….geeze..

  3. paul

    I’ve been negative on a couple occasions (can’t help it), but mostly I try to strike a positive tone even when critiquing. Other times it is a fine line that can be taken either way. To be sure, our offensive strategy and play calling is open to sincere and legitimate criticism. Reports are that WArde Manuel has at least implied as much. ON the topic of “pro-style” offense it should be noted that Charlie Weis had horrible results at ND despite top recruiting classes and two NFL QBs and several NFL WRs and TEs (and highly ranked recruiting classes). The difference in preparation time is astounding.
    In all events, the wildcat was not a change of pace, but a predictable formation and play, that has nothing in common with the pistol spread option that is being celebrated at every level of football (except in Rentschler).
    On a positive note, the defense was even better than the credit they’ve been given. Imagine the defensive shutouts and shutdowns if our offense could put together back-to-back first downs and sustained drives (with points is a nice bonus). The defense was top 5 in the country when you consider how bad the offense was. I think our young QB processed during the year and during games. Better QB play than the year before. I hope we get a new coordinator and GD can focus on the O’line.
    To not make a change in OC, is an insult to the fans, a possible insult to the AD, and worst of all a disservice to the players. Is that negative or a fair assessment?

    1. TAD

      I agree with everything that you have said Paul. Ultimately its up to Pasqualoni to make the right adjustments to his staff and the type offensive that Uconn runs. I don’t have much confidence in him making the right decision. After Addazio was hired at BC he was asked what kind of offense he was going to run. His answer was that he would decide after he evaluated the talent that he had on the team. What a unique idea, adusting your offense to your talent. No, I think we will continue to see the same thing next year which will be a slightly improved offence running the same very predictible pro-style plays. For those who argue its a talent issue, remember Kent State drop close to 30 points ( if memory serves me correct) on Rutgers this year and our powerful offense managed 3 points. As a dieheart season ticket holder I will continue go to every game, attend the blue/white scrimmage, go to signing day, and check this web site everyday. Maybe things will change but my guess it will not happen until there is a change at the top.

      1. rich

        Well said, Tad. Paul, too. I don’t see anything wrong with coach criticism. It’s not unreasonable to expect that a coach at this level can adapt to the talent available. I’m not sure UConn has those types of players, ie. McCombs is not a pro style RB. He needs misdirection, quick hitters, etc. Clearly the o-line was not ready for that offense. Heck, I’m not sure a pro-style offense is even popular in the pros. Spread/pistol, etc. And if UConn doesn’t have the talent for that, it would at the very least be confusing for defenses because they’d have to read and react while being spread out.

      2. dan w

        Georgia tech fired their Denfense Q mid season did much better; it is a shame that the this team, coaching, and league have fallen so much.

  4. Lost in Transition

    I think my only real issue with Deleone is that they are trying to run a pro offense with a group of great young men who do not have the talent or possibly the reps to pull it off. The first two recruiting classes haven’t had much of a pay off on the offensive side. Even with a top 60 recruiting class… these new kids are not going to get the playing time to save his job unless he relents his offensive play calling to meet the current group of kids ability. I don’t agree that being negative about coaching is a bad thing. Or unlike what we see across the country at all levels in college sports. We are not attacking the kids, just the play calling. We worry that being so rigid leads to predictability and not being able to match talent with the approach to the game. Successful businesses listen to their customers. They adapt to meet the changes in the marketplace. This is the year to see if Coach DeLeone can adapt and if Coach P can inspire him to do more. Good friend or not he needs to expect nothing but the best.

    1. RST

      Agreed, they do not have the personnel to run the sophisticated pro style they are trying to run. But one must conclude that after two years of this, that they are incapable of adapting. Or perhaps, they are incapable of coaching any other system because it has been too long since they have had to. In any event, it does not look like a good fit. My conclusion is that the major donor was right.

  5. Ryan D

    All of you negative babies need to stop! You realize this negativity will hurt UConn. If people don’t show up to games regardless of the situation, then things could get worse. Then you may really not have a shot at a major conference. The situation is what it is. All we can do as fans is get behind the atheltic program. If things do not work out this year, then there will be a change.
    You all are the same fans that show up late and leave early, making recruits not want to come. You also are boring and love to sit on your a**es during the game. You are the same fans that wear redsox stuff to UConn games. Then when adversity hits you complain. You all are also the people that don’t buy tickets to bowl games, hurting the UConn reputation.
    Look, obviously the sitation sucks, but UConn isn’t done. NOt even close. UConn Nation needs to stop feeling sorry for itself and get the fan base to reach the next level. That is all you can do. The rest will take care of itself.

    1. dconner Post author

      I keep trying to let people know this negativity, out here in the open is not good but that’s all I can do. Have to live with what follows…

        1. dconner Post author

          Probably wont much longer but let’s watch and read the venom spewed at the very program people claim to support and the people who cover the program as well. I cant help but believe that one of the reasons Herbst put out a statement and keeps putting out statements – to squash the madness. So much for that. It’s a free country though Ryan – but some of this stuff has to be obvious to folks, right? It is to some. I miss a few of the diehards who provided thought-provoking comments and asked good questions. I miss those guys. Could have good, constructive conversation without trying to one-up or make the host the subject. Over all else, that’s probably what bothers me the most out of everything here Ryan. Those people know who they are. They wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time on this talent stuff I know that. They’d be talking about next season. They’d realize the past is in the past. They would.

          1. Ryan

            Just want to chime in on the subject of negativity and UConn support– if we are talking about negativity related to people scrutinizing staff, the team, ect I’m not sure some negativity/scrutiny is a bad thing that just means people are paying attention you go to any legitimate fan base that has good support and there is plenty of security to go around even on winning programs that are having successful seasons. Look at Michigan for example toward the end of Loyd Carr’s years and the mini coaching carousal and so on out there that was a tough time that a good program struggled thru I would not call people who second guessed Michigan at that time bad fans. Now if we want to have a argument about how people go about the negativity then I say we can but I’ll say again if there is scrutiny, negative analysis, ect it is not always a bad thing for a program just means people are interested. Maybe I am missing something because I have not lived in CT for about 3 years but I still watch all the games online and still try and get back to a game at least once a year.

            One thing I disagree with Ryan is support for UConn football right now – we have been averaging what around 30,000 per home game I’d say for a growing program that is not all that bad. As I said above I try and get back to a game once a year and the atmosphere at games is not bad and I’d say is improving this is a state that doesn’t exactly have much training in this area…..yea we had the Whalers a long time ago (which I use to go to about 10-20 games a year) and don’t get me wrong they had some good players but those teams always sucked because we had crap for owners because they did not invest in the team locally or put a solid product that could make the playoffs (ok that is another rant). As for UConn traveling to bowl games I thought UConn had a good travel party last few years you CAN NOT look at how many tickets UConn sold out of their allotment because the bowl ticket system is a joke in itself rarely does a team sell all their allotted tickets big time program or not because you can go on stub hub and get a $75 ticket UConn is forced to sell for $5 on stub hub and get a better ticket.

            I do think UConn does a poor job in marketing their program when it relates to ticket sales. Doubt it is still like this but when I was a kid growing up (not that long ago) to get a chance to go to a UConn basketball game you needed to donate a certain among of money just to be able to purchase a ticket for the game. Not exactly ticket friendly policy to get a wide range of fans to a game.

            Bottom line is it is a rough time right now for UConn so any supporter has a right to scrutinize UConn as we have been passed over and probably have been caught sitting on our hands a little bit but I am confident UConn will rebound and continue to be successful across the board – but this is not a time for them to continue to sit on their hands they need to be more aggressive and proactive in trying to make UConn’s situation better because the way things stand right now we could end up in a conference like a MAC or Conference USA (just different teams aka current big east lineup/geography) and get left behind. I hope behind the scenes they are being more proactive because a lot of quotes I see make it sound like they are not which makes me a little nervous. There are good signs though think the SUNY deal was a good step in right direction they need to continue to expand on that with more teams, they need to play a more high progfile schedule in football (like upcoming one), and they need to continue to try and grow the fan base and be a little more fan friendly.

      1. Paul

        Dez, I appreciate all you do, but how can you ask that anyone take what has happened with UCONN football to less than disappointed… negative…. pist.. what ever? The play calling has been deplorable at best. It is frustrating to be in the stands and listen to everyone call the play before it happens. We all know the deal and it is not fooling any legitimate defensive coordinator.

        It is time for Deleone to go. If he is not gone soon, I believe ticket sales will show just how frustrated the fans are.

        After a few games this year, I could not believe the number of people who are at wits end with the offensive play calling. I think the numbers will show just how much Deleone is costing this team.

        1. dconner Post author

          Hey Paul – how’s it going? If I were a UConn fan I’d be a little more than disappointed or p’d. I don’t think I’ve ever said no one should be disappointed. I think the fans should be supportive of 2013. And I think they should be respectful of me and what I try to do here. We’ve hit a level of nastiness here that’s not good and I’d really like it stop. We can be civil toward one another and disagree. I’m actually calling for that now going forward, too. It’s gotten a little out of hand over here and I’ll do something about it if it continues. Some good people are gone because of it. They’ve told me that which stinks for them. Commenters have to respect the host and the host has to respect the commenters. That’s the deal. No ifs ands or butts. However if you want to personally attack me or my positions I believe there’s a place for that now. If you want us to have meaningful, respectful discussion here I’m down for it.

          Take it easy Paul – all others.

          1. Paul


            I have never been disrespectful or attacked you in any way. and I appreciate the job you do. I agree that all discussion should be civil and the golden rule should apply.

            That said, I do hope Deleone is not back next year. If he is, I believe it will be very costly, both on and off the field.

          2. dconner Post author

            Agree – I don’t think you ever have. Disagreeing going back and forth with respect is ok fine with me. Do it all day.

            Anyway, I wouldn’t underestimate what I heard came out of the meeting between the head coach and AD about the offensive play-calling and I wouldn’t underestimate what he said about changes. I don’t think he meant changes in the coaching staff by the way – for those who may have been confused…or shucks maybe he did mean it. What I got was that he meant the product on the field.

            I don’t think Pasqualoni is going into any changes before signing day. He doesn’t have to and won’t but I’d expect to know something soon after because we’ll be getting into spring practice.

            Right now though they need to get more players into this class.

    2. Dwayne

      People spend their money on tickets,they have a right to go to the game anytime they want and express their opinions if they choose (as long as they are not hurting anyone). I love all these self righteous people that come on here and blame fans for the duds the football team lays for 2 consecutive seasons. Its a bunch of nonsense to blame fans for the negativity of the program when the people in charge are making questionable decisions and doing horrible job running the program. Its like you have this big fire burning and you get mad because people are screaming that the see smoke. Stop the fire and the smoke will disappear. You want less negativity, how about you win some games, how about you provide a offense product that is not so horrible that fans would rather take a nap than watch the constant 3 and outs. Turnovers, penalties, missed assignments, finding new ways to lose and disappoint. But mind you this is definately not the coaching staffs point. Fans are not mindless slaves who are gonna spend their hard earned money in a bad economy for a crappy product, from an institution who doesn’t give a **** what they think nor say. Forget the results, nor the direction of the program, Just keep buying tickets, coming to games and watching the team get its teeth kicked in while they try to implement a bruising power running game with a 160 pound back. PP needs to start focusing on doing his job better and stop trying to protect the jobs of his friends. That’s where the problem lies.

      1. Jonathan

        Unfortunately, ticket sales will not be a good indicator of the happiness of the fanbase for this upcoming season. Michigan guaranteed sell out. Maryland, Louisville, Rutgers, Cincinnati should all be sellouts. 5 out of the 7 home games are worth going to and should be great games and meaningful cause Rutgers and Louisville will never play at the Rent again.

        It is so frustrating to watch all these bowl games and see every team from the Sun Belt to the SEC be able to throw the ball consistently. I don’t think there is any team worse than UConn at throwing the ball. And for criticism of the program, fans are not saying anything that hasn’t been said before so I don’t think conferences are looking at a UConn Football blog saying “these fans are soo negative, this is a reason not to invite them” It ain’t being negative when it is

        The only person at the courant that has been on target about this program is Jeff Jacobs. Read every article about the football program from the past 3 months written by him and he is spot on in everyone of them.

        1. dconner Post author

          Jonathan Ok I just thought I heard football perception come into play on the last round and football perception includes the inside and out.

          Are you calling me a liar Jonathan? List the truths that he’s told about UConn football vs. the lies I’ve told. Opinion does not matter here. Remember too Jeff Jacobs is a columnist. Columnists are opinion writers for the most part. I am not an opinion writer but I can’t help think this all goes back to me being your voice which I’m not.

          Thanks Jonathan.

        2. dconner Post author

          Jonathan – I didnt think you could come up with anything. Going forward just keep in mind that a columnist is paid to voice his opinion. I’m not a columnist. I’m also not a liar and I don’t lie in my reporting, either.

          Thanks Jonathan…

          1. Jonathan

            You are giving your opinion when you are commenting on peoples post. Additionally, can you or someone find where you or another writer quoted a source that said if UConn fans were more positive about their team, they would have been invited. I am not calling you a liar. I am just saying your source is wrong just like whatever source you had about GDL going to the Giants was wrong.

          2. dconner Post author

            Jonathan you’re not insulting me by telling my source was wrong on Deleone. Lets get that out of the way right now. I am reporter in the news business. Sometimes I get stuff wrong sometimes my sources get stuff wrong, sometimes things break down just in the normal course of things. I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m not so prideful that I can’t admit that. My source was wrong and it happened to be about a coach that people want gone but I think my sources are right most of the time or let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be visiting here as much as you do.

            What I find most interesting is the ultimate compliment you pay me by trying to hurt me/dis my work yet, here we are right,

            It’s a good thing you’re not calling me a liar, too, by the way. I certainly gave you the opening to prove it and you couldn’t nor would you be able to.

    3. RST

      Baloney. The idea that criticism is bad is baloney. Be positive, be positive, be positive. That is all we ever hear. In my opinion someone needs accept the criticism, face up to the problems and deal with them. That is not happening.

        1. RST

          Not at all. It sends a message we won’t put up with 5-7 seasons. Do you think the folks in Louisville would? Nope. They would be worse than we are. Btw, venom is calling people names using insulting ad hominem descriptive language. Most of us critics have not been doing that, although I admit some few have.

  6. Teresa

    It all ringed so true… even Kevin Nathan, Sportscaster on Channel 30, spoke of DeLeone leaving and how it was a late Xmas gift for UCONN fans. Misinformation, yes, but not fatal or the biggest tragedy ever in Ct…gotta put it in perspective

  7. jack54

    Coach PP is no fool. I believe he will do what is right + best for UC in the long run. He is not a flashy person, most of what he does is on the quiet side. Fans need to take a step back and see what his final staff looks like. Selling UC to an outside person will be difficult because of the BE mess. I know a few years back, UC had the lowest paid assistant staff in the BE. There may not be a lot of interest to join this situation.

  8. RST

    I would not worry. If GDL stays he will not be the OC. That is basically what the AD meant when he said someone else should call the O signals.

  9. Kici It

    Had my hopes up for a moment then it all came crashing down…just like with the ACC invitation.

  10. Ryan D

    I’m not saying that I am happy with GDL, but it is his third year in the system, Whitmer has a year of experience under his belt. O-Line will be stronger and more experienced. Best receiving crew in years coming back. Offense will be better and the Defense will take a little hit. This team will still have potential to have a successful season. Fans need to show up and be fans. Get the negativity out of these blogs. If they replaced GDL this year, then we would have two new coordinators to replace and that could hinder any growth. UConn will be fine if the fans show the support.
    As frustrating as the past two years have been, UConn will have its BEST RECRUITING CLASS on paper(rivals) ever! So be positive UConn Nation!

    1. buddy

      A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. What you saw is what you are going to get. Prepare for another losing season and for UConn to be left standing without a seat when realignment ends because of this football program.

      1. Ryan D

        That is not true at all. Pitt Sucks and they have a spot. Syracuse sucked when they got an invite too. Don’t overreact to the past two seasons. They were a handful of plays away from winning seasons. The offensive style will stay the same, but they should be more effective and score more.

        1. Ryan D

          And Buddy, be a baby and stop being a UConn fan then. One less A**hole to be negatigve. Go complain about the Giants or JEts. Boo hoo!

  11. joesimsbury

    I certainly appreciate you trying to get us the most current and relevant information, even if you jumped the gun on this one. You gave us hope, albeit fleeting hope! If we must live with PP and GDL again for this year (A decision that is “on” Manuel, BTW!), then GDL can’t have anything to do with the offense. What is happening on that front? Is PP lining up a OC replacement or is he stubbornly going to hang on to his bud? If that is the case, Manuel should jetison both mid-season if we start out with the same boring, ineffective offense that has become the hallmark of the PP era.

  12. Mike.0

    My source tells me that Chip Kelly is coming to UCONN as head coach and Brian Kelly will be the OC. Oops…wait… my wife just changed her mind. Sorry everyone!

    1. Mike B

      THIS JUST IN…..Chip Kelly to the Eagles…Coach P to Oregon…Deleone to pair with DJ Joey in the booth

          1. TheJerk

            He could be in the booth with DJ Joey only if he does that that flapping arms thing that the old sidekick used to do

  13. husky66

    guessing that Coughlin got to see a couple of UConn offensive game tapes from this past season and said no.

    the fact that GDL is still here means he’s here to stay. sure hope at least one or two of the OL recruits can step in and actually maintain and finish a run block.

    1. roberttherugguyraleigh

      husky66 Now we were used to awesome OL’s in the past, and the recruiting work that this staff has done out does the last by half. We all could be eating crow from the first snap next season. Favorite past OL men: the continuity at center from Keith Gray to Moe Petrus.

      1. husky66

        I hope to be eating crow. to the tune of 9 or 10 wins.

        i just know what I saw and while ability & talent on the OL may have been an issue, there were technique problems that were easy to see. And GDL said technique wasn’t the issue.

        He’s the professional, guess we’ll get to see if he can get right.

  14. UConn fan in Florida

    Louisville goes after Charlie Strong, builds a football program (and facilities) and wins a BCS game while on their way out to the ACC. UConn does not go after a high profile coach or an up and comer from a high profile program (like Strong) and here we are. The football program is dragging down our basketball program because now we have no conference. The new AD dissappears, fan support wanes, the death spiral continues. Either go all in or all out with the football. Get a high profile coach, build a stadium that seats more than 35K, and give fans a reason to show up. By the way, I hope everyone saw the Louisville fan support last night…now compare that to the Fiesta Bowl a few years ago.

    1. Ryan D

      Stadium is 40,000. Expandable to 60,000. Most likely will be 50,000 down the road. UConn was afraid of a up and comer at the time because they didn’t want the coach to leave like Randy did. As a result we are where we are and have to root for these guys to get the job done.

      1. Artie A...

        Ryan, this is a good chuckle. Stadium engineering wise, it was built to only expand to 50k.

        As for Paul being hired because they did not want the next coach to leave like Randy did. This is a gut buster!
        Randy was here from 1999 to 2010.
        Moved on for a better situation all around. AD, ching, the same for his assistants and a conference.

      2. UConn fan in Florida

        I take it that you’ve never been to a Big 10, Big 12, or SEC home game. Picture a 75-110,000 seat stadium absolutely full of screaming fans…during the regular season. I don’t expect UConn to ever get there, but that’s the gap between us and big time college football. 50,000 is a start, not a destination. 35-40000 is the bare minimum for D1.

        The idea is to get a program established and build upon it. Not stay the same or digress. RE’s vanilla offense and no risk taking special team play was boring to watch and things haven’t changed under HCPP. When’s the last time UConn blocked a punt, ran a flea flicker, or did anything creative. Watching Oregon was a breath of fresh air.

        If the high profile coach leaves, get another one(they are out there)…just keep moving forward!

          1. UConn fan in Florida

            Are we serious about football? Do we want to attract better coaching and recruits? Or, are we going to be stagnant and watch other programs succeed and move onto better conferences? We started something with promise here,but we’re losing momentum. Either we want to compete on the field with the Oklahomas or the URIs of the college FB world. If the later, keep only the FB program with what remains of the Big East and say some Holy Mary’s to get with the Catholic schools for all other sports. Kevin Ollie is not going to convince a 5 star recruit to come to UConn for the chance to play against Tulane or USF.

            It’s time to realize how bad this conference realignment is for UConn and do something. Monitoring the situation isn’t cutting it…I hope something is going on behind the scenes that isn’t being publicized.

            Everybdy worries about money…PSU just committed to pay the NCAA $60 million plus lost revenue from bowl games for 4 years and didn’t blink an eye. That’s big time college football.

          2. Ryan

            UConn Fan in Florida – 75k-1100k football stadiums that fill up are real in those big conferences but not the case across the board in those conferences not even close. UConn average attendance is right around half of what the Big 10 is and same for the rest of the conferences. You have the top heavy but those middle pack and down in the big conferences do not have those huge stadiums and average between 30k-55k fans per game we are not that far off. That being said I’d like to see a stadium eventually of 60k (is the stadium built to expand to 50 or 60k I’ve heard both?) but think our stadium is fine for now as you can almost always get a ticket still. Just think if we get in a big conference we will be getting much more football money and that should help allocate some of that money to expanding when the time is right.

            To back up my facts just go to espn college football blogs you have to scroll down a lot but on all the blogs they posted attendance numbers for all major conferences about a month ago.

          3. UConn fan in Florida


            I’m sure you’re right. My point is: being content with a 35K seat stadium with aspirations to maybe get up to 50K someday isn’t really what big conferences are looking for. To your point each conference has a weak sister(s), but it doesn’t mean they’re looking for another to share their money. We should be at 50K and aspiring to get bigger. “Build it and they will come” (stadium and program). Think BIG. Keep growing. Grab some TV interest.

            There is a low probability for the football program challenging for a national championship (in my lifetime), but I am hoping for another NC (or more) in BB. Being in a highly competitive conference is crucial.

            On another note, and to be fair, I am pleasently surprised at the quality of football players we do have and have had…especially based on the rankings coming out of HS. We are well represented, and I’m proud of all these kids who worked extremely hard. This also speaks well of the coaches, although I still think we need improvement in this area to get to another level.

    2. Anonymous

      I agree with everything you’ve said but if the fiesta bowl was 11 hrs away (like Louisville was) we would have had a lot more fans, myself included.

      1. JD

        I would have also been there.

        The Fiesta Bowl was a bunch of BS.

        The University was selling tickets double the price of Stub Hub or Ticket Master. They offered only a few direct flights out of Bradley which were crazy expensive. The Hotel situation in Arizona was awful. Oh and the Game was played during the middle of the week. Arizona is NOT A HOTBED Destination. Why there is a BCS game there who knows.

        All in all, Most of us dont have that kind of Money right now for a Football game.

        Oh and BTW the other Program which Stuggled big time Selling tix that year was Stanford, and they too had the extreme Travel for their Fans. Difference was their Conference picked up the Tab.

        Just look at any Program that Travels across the Country(Coast to Coast), Not many Travel well if any(See USC vs Syracuse game).

        1. UConn fan in Florida


          I appreciate your feedback.

          My point through all of this is that our AD and President should be looking at ways to bring the FB program to the next level so we are attractive to recruits, coaches, and the major conferences. We have a lot to offer, for sure, but here we are. The best way, in my opinion, is to open up our offense and special teams play. Make the game more exciting to Boise State or Oregon for instance. Fake a punt on 4th and 2 for cripe sakes…just once! Maybe run a few gadget plays. If this requires a coaching change, so be it. A high profile coach (like Charlie Strong with deep ties in FL) who can recruit well will expedite the process. Football is king and we need to grow. Make the game more fun to watch, increase fan support, be more competitive, and see what happens…and expand the stadium now. I don’t see a down side to this plan, especially when you see how much money is involved.

          You’d think that an AD with Michigan roots would be jumping all over this…hopefully he is.

  15. buddy

    Why does the Hartford Courant always publish these false reports before checking to see if they are true. First you say UConn is likely choice for ACC, then it is not true. Now you say we are being relieved of this horrible coach, and then your retract your story and say it is not true. Can’t you get your act together or you just a supermarket tabloid?

    1. Steve

      It was reported by “sources”. It was never stated as a done deal. If they had it and didn’t report it you’d be calling them out on that too.

        1. Navin R. Johnson

          In all the years that I have been reading this blog…this is the FIRST time something like this has happened. Sometimes DC is late on reporting the facts as he checks his sources one last time before publishing.

          1. mikeinmanila

            +1… was surprised this happened…maybe there is more to this than first meets the eye (e.g., discussions were/are underway). HCPP could have helped by saying that “there is nothing to announce” and have Dez verify this with DeLeone before going to press. Makes it seem like there was smoke, but don’t know if there’s still a fire.

            Stating the obvious, it’s clear that the vast majority of UConn fans don’t want DeLeone back. That said, I hope he finds a better fit somewhere else if he still wants to coach.

        2. Ryan

          Buddy – how often do you go on any sports website (espn, cbssports, ect and see a rumor section or stories reported by sources as potentially happening – every day the story Dez posted was not official and based on sources but not confirmed I’d rather hear rumors or something potentially happening than nothing there is a reason why all these websites have rumor pages adds to the excitment for fans and conversation and debate. Right now your just being a troll

  16. Chris

    Even the smallest bit of good news turns into kick in the boys. Such is life for the UConn football fan the last couple of years.

  17. Jesse

    As stagnant as the offense was last year, I have faith that the group of kids in place (receivers, Whitmer, TE, RB’s) are good enough to be able to execute the plays GDL calls. Honeslty, last really game down to one thing thing, and that’s the O-line. If GDL is taken off of coaching the O-line and that’s given back to Foley or someone capable of doing, I see great things coming from our offense in 2013. PP just needs to let GDL focus on calling plays and that’s it. Have faith everyone.

  18. Rob

    What? GDL is not leaving? Entire UCONN FB fanbase was just celebrating that he is leaving. Why do you guys do this? Please GDL go coach somewhere else and please don’t touch UCONN offense anymore. If GDL is still here, expect UCONN fanbase to tank. I hope Warde is paying attention cause UCONN can’t take another year of GDL offense. It is simply offensive.

  19. Adam

    Oh c’mon man. I guess I was wrong: 2013’s offense is going to suck every bit as much as the 2012 version. It’s almost as if the college football gods are taking great pleasure in kicking UConn fans square in the you-know-wheres. I was having such a good day too. Back down to Earth…waaaaaaaaay down to Earth.

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