Replay: Monday’s UConn Football Chat

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Click the play button and replay our weekly UConn football chat with The Courant’s Desmond Conner. Des was joined today by the voice of UConn sports, Joe D’Ambrosio. Click here to access the replay on a mobile device

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15 thoughts on “Replay: Monday’s UConn Football Chat

  1. Artie A...

    Sticker to Kelly….Bingo! Wonder if Paul regrets demoting Foley? He only coached the lines that open the holes for Brown, Dixon, and Todman.

    Not to slander coach White but his life long back ground is on defense. This and trying to replace a nationally recognized assistant in coach Richardson now in Miami. Could this also be a minor problem?

  2. RST

    Must win game coming up against Temple. One of two the Huskies will have a chance in for the rest of the season. 2-5 the rest of the way will get the coaches one more year (although perhaps not ALL the coaches). If they lose them all and end up at 3-9 on the season, there will be a wholesale change. JMHO.

  3. Artie A...

    Dez, once again I will ask if we could ever have one of these in the evening? This to give the daytime working stiff a chance to play the game.

    Not trying to extend your shift but you have night games on occasion.

    Have to really wonder about the one questioning on when Nebrich will be used????????

    My question today for you or Joe to answer is how long should a D-1 head coach keep using the same excuse for a lack of results and not change the game plan?

    Yes the players are not executing. Yes they are not his recruits. At what point does a quality head coach figure out another way around the wall he keeps running into?

    I saw the article about the dink passes etc and agree. When will Paul wake up and do the same?

    Pauls either got to pick it up or face a very big problem. Why should anyone look to the future with what he is doing?

    Yes we have players here and in the wings but what can they be thinking?

    At this level give a reason and not the continual excuse.

    Thank you for the opportunity here…….

  4. Kelly

    I missed today’s live chat (darn that job!) and the mailbag function isn’t working so here’s my observation/question. We sit behind the UCONN bench at the Rent and I’ve wondered this all season: who coaches the O-line during games? Coach DeLeone is “busy” calling the offense in the booth. Coach Foley is on the sidelines but is working with the TEs. We often see the O-line sitting together on the bench but without any coaching support–no one with a white board to review plays, make adjustments, etc. How does this group get real time game coaching, or are they on their own to figure it out?

  5. roberttherugguyraleigh

    I can’t say fire the Coach, but Coach Paul has to keep this team this year over .500, not at, but over .500.

  6. Ray

    I personally think we have the players, athough not as deep at every position like a top tier SEC team.

    The facts remain…we could be 6-0 right now. We were in every game. There is a pattern here. Make the change before recruiting becomes a problem. Nobody is going to desire coming to Uconn.

    This is very sad.

  7. Mike

    I like your article , The Five Things We Learned. You are spot on with this offense not 1A standard. I will take it a step beyond. You could follow the 15 top 1AA teams and not see any resemblance in system,play calling or clock management.Dez, are you old enough to remember the Bill Walsh 49ers 1980-1988. Same offense.

  8. vince m

    2 teams need to replace coaches-uconn and boston college.will 1 of these schools spend the money and hire mark whipple-he interviewed for both jobs and the a.d.s hire jackoffs.whipple won everywhere he was head coach and had control of the program,but gets snubbed after umass head coaching job and a couple of national champion appearences-utter b.s.the a.ds at these schools better act or instead of the head coaches getting canned it could be there ass on the line.highlight-i have only seen worse coaching in one football game besides the army boston college game on saturday and that was at a freshman high school game 2 weeks ago-both schools better wake up before there programs have to take years to fix-hire whipple -he deserves the job at either place-that program will change overnite-recruiting wise and winning wise.

  9. linda Glick

    What is up with UConn’s Offense?? Every game it is the same pattern!! The Defense is busting everything to hold the other team back, or turn over the ball, and the Offense loses the opportunity to get points!! It is either Defense or Special Teams theat gets the points on the scoreboard!!

  10. John C.

    I think it`s time to think about replacing coach Paz with someone younger that these kids can relate to.He`s a nice guy but the product is not good enough.Someone like a ODU`s Bobby Wilder who took a program from nothing and made into a winner in less than 4 years.AD Manuel needs to think about the direction of football program.If he has qusetions about our basketball coach he also needs to look at his football coach

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