Join The Discussion: Live UConn Football Chat Is Rolling Now!

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Click the play button and join our weekly UConn football chat with The Courant’s Desmond Conner. Today he’s joined by guest John Silver of the Manchester JI. Be a part of it! Click here to access the session on a mobile device

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12 thoughts on “Join The Discussion: Live UConn Football Chat Is Rolling Now!

  1. Frank M

    I watched this one from home on TV. Must be the camera angles but the Rent looked pretty empty. I was happy to read in the Courant that the crowd was actually 33,000+.

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        DC…that’s not a knock on you. That’s what was reported by the university. Tickets sold

  2. Mike B

    Good win Friday night…however, the reality STILL is we have become the doormat in second rate conference, HCPP is still out of touch, and DeLeone couldn’t earn a winning record at the Pop Warner level. 4 and 8 …here we come.

  3. Artie A...

    Just a quick touch on the coach being out of touch with the clock. I happened last year and he said after getting pounded it would not happen again. He must have forgot.

    Should we look forward to our feather back running with the ball taking chances when not needed?

    I agree a win is win but mistakes are for players to repeat and sit down. Coaches get one mulligan only.

      1. Perry Mason

        Artie, apparently you didn’t take the hint from Dez and John…. The team WON, and that’s all that matters. We should all be grateful and just shut up about glaring mental lapses that have plagued this coaching staff for going on two years.

        All sarcasm aside, it’s only by the grace of God that we didn’t fumble on one of those running plays in the final seconds. The failure to take a knee is made no less stupid simply because there was a favorable result.

  4. rich

    Hey DC, how are you? Only slightly more cheerful chat following a victory? I am happy about the victory. Also, I am not suggesting that HCPP should be fired. I do have to disagree on some points that you and John Silver made, though. Why do you think the fan base should not be critical of the coaching staff even after a victory? Hey, I’ll take a win any time, but there is still room for improvement. Clock management needs help, period. I don’t care who’s in charge, someone needs to figure that out. It’s been an issue, a lot. Things are not only issues when the team loses…3 second half points in two months is not acceptable. Look, at this point it’s not really about just winning…it’s about improving. 4-8 or 5-7 or 6-6…there’s very little difference (unless there’s a bowl invite which I have to guess is doubtful). To me, wins are great, but improving and growing/maturing and learning are almost as important at this point in a disappointing season. Like I said, I’m not looking for anyone to be fired, but I don’t think a victory puts anyone in a comfortable position…even for a week.
    That’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

    1. roberttherugguyraleigh

      6-6 would be huge! That means we would have rattled off three wins to end the season and beat a top 25 team to boot!

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