Replay: Monday’s Season-Wrap UConn Football Chat

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Click the play button and replay our weekly UConn football chat with The Courant’s Desmond Conner. Click here to access the replay a mobile device:

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24 thoughts on “Replay: Monday’s Season-Wrap UConn Football Chat


    @jake ..clearly u are not a analyst..math or logic escapes you as well… The three teams you mention compete at the highest level and the fan base expect nothing less then winning championships!!..The owners and leadership eat, drink, and sleep WIN ..its “the vision” ..”the mission” and “the goal”. REAL LEADERSHIP WILL GET THEM THERE!! UCONN, on that note, HAS NONE!! THe fat dumb and happy AD is absolutely incapable. When looking at UCONN’s Journey or should i say growth continuum in current and future years..with the peaks as the success and the dips as failures, one will see that WITH WARD AT THE BELM with all measureable tangibles, THERE WILL BE A HUGE DIP. And Jake a side bar note …without the YANKEES AND REDSOX there is no other sage for baseball…As for NOTRE DAME..10 coaches in 25 years ..that’s a new coach every 2.5 years…hmmm so does that mean we are getting rid of UCONN’s mid season??? What exactly now were you trying to say???

    1. Jake

      Giants win the series Giants win the series Low Payroll P is doing a good job with recruiting. Coaching merry-go-round now happening. And the winner is??? What I’m trying to say is First football game played in late 1890ies. It takes time to build a winning program. UConn will get there, but it will take longer with Monday Morning QB’s who think it is easy and will never be happy with who is coaching or the plays called. If kicker hits 2 field goals vs Temple Uconn goes to a bowl. If receivers catch passes they should have UConn goes 7-5. Coaches can’t make the plays, players make the plays or not. Why don’t you try coaching on the youth level and see “how easy it is”? DEZ, Happy Holidays and thanks for your incredible efforts to keep fans informed. It is appreciated

  2. paul

    I was hoping for a change based upon what i saw; however, Warde is giving HCPP another shot. I must admit that i see wisdom in this course of action.
    THere are also positives from this season. The DEFENSE was among the top 5 in the country. Just think of how many 3 and outs the offense consistently posted. That just emphasizes how spectacular the defensive effort was. Plus, the special teams were pretty good. Most importantly, despite several low points in the season, the team didn’t resort to sniping and bickering. Indeed they turned in their best performance (UL) when the season was really lost. Our usually stout o’line was the biggest disappointment. I’ll cut Whitmer some slack as he was a rookie starter in D-1 and didn’t have many threats at WR and the line underperformed.
    It is well established that we must free up GDL to focus on the line (that is positive way to say it).
    Let’s keep being physical on D and get our o’line to return to their once proud tradition of controlling the line of scrimmage.

  3. Jonathan

    I look at this team and believe coaching is the major issue not personnel. It is so funny when PP and GDL put McCummings in cause it is always a run up the middle. There is no imagination when McCummings was out there. It was predictable and gave him no chance to succeed. The defense would put 10 men in the box cause there was no way he was throwing the ball. Personnel does not have to be changed. The coaching staff didn’t use it correctly. There is no reason that Nick Williams should not have had 8 receptions per game being a slot receiver. I thought we had former NFL coaches on our coaching staff. Don’t they know how to use a slot receiver. Lyle McCombs goes from average over 4.5 yards per carry to like 3 yards. That is because how many times can you run the same play up the middle and be predictable in game situations. PP can stay but GDL has got to go.

    Another topic is out of conference scheduling. I do believe the out of conference schedule needs to be improved. Also I am willing to do 2 away games to 1 home game to get a national or well known opponent into the Rent to ensure National TV games. With the big east losing quality opponents, the OOC games need to be better so that we can tell recruits we have games with so and so which will be on national tv.


  4. Paul

    We need to support our team the way teams in the conferences we pine to be courted by do. Until we support our team regardless of coach or record we can’t make the jump. ENJOY THE GAME !

  5. Mike B

    Lame comparison between Caulley and McCombs. Caulley played at 190lbs not 160, could run between the tackles, hit the hole with force and had breakaway speed. He was never arrested for beating up his girlfriend and probably didn’t smoke weed.

    1. dconner

      Yeah everything is lame, I know. How tall was Caulley by the way? Respect me, though OK? Not planning on saying that too many more times here. I shouldn’t have to.

  6. Mike B

    The highlight of this dismal season was my 13 year old (die hard UConn football fan) son, telling me he had to head to the bathroom to warm up and take a ‘coach pee’

  7. RST

    Gonna poke at Whitmer getting cleared to play one more time. That was outrageous and a clear contravention of the National protocol in such situation. TWO WEEKS of enforced absence from athletics after the last symptoms are observed. Whitmer himself called it a concussion and said the Louisville hit was MUCH WORSE than the Cincinnati hit. Ask them about THAT, Des, if you think you are so assiduously digging your stories! You are simply too friendly with this coaching regime based on your past history.

  8. jack54

    Coach PP will be given another year. If things do not improve, he will be let go before the season ends. Uconn #1 problem = getting better talent. How do you sell a program that is left behind in a dying league and offers a small pathetic fan base ? All the upside to the 1st ten years has all been washed away. At this point it might take 5-10 years ( if ever ) to rebuild. There will not be a quick or easy solution. Other programs have done it , so it’s not impossible. Let’s all stand behind our Huskies, they need us now more than ever.

  9. old hoss

    I think its time we stio hiring coaches out of Cuse, they are bad luck!!!

    Fire them all, start over, it can’t get any worse then we are at now. HCPP is not the answer as we all knew 2 years ago. I’m sure Dez will come to his rescue though, yes he is nice, yes our terrible high school programs like him, lot of good that is doing us

  10. Jake

    UConn should have no trouble finding a new HC. There are several hundred on this blog and website. Amazing how much they know about coaching a team when then have never been on the sideline, delt with young men who have various levels of potential on and off the field, and who have no idea of the effort HCPP is giving to produce a winning team. Yankees, $188mill payroll Lost Red sox $170mill payroll Lost Notre Dame 10 HC’s and 25 years to get back to Championship game. If it was easy everybody would win. It’s NOT. Get a life!

    1. husky66

      I have done all of that; a long time ago to be sure, but what I see on the sideline is not a winning attitude or team. what I see on the field is inconsistent play, in particular the line play. and that was evident early on. and it wasn’t a talent deficit, it was coaching. experience deficit, yes for the first 1/2 of season, but how do you explain the second half?

      Let PP have the third year, but the OC/OL coach must be reassigned back to the TE’s. the new guys there are going to need a lot of attention and guess what< the succesful OL coach is still here! If that doesn't happen, then its all you need to know about where FB and athletics are headed at UConn.

  11. Adam

    I’m on the fence about Pasqualoni for a third season. But the first thing that needs to be done (before finding a new conference!) is to remove George DeLeone from play calling and offensive line duties. The two areas that have steadily gotten worse over the past two seasons and climaxed this past Saturday with offensive confusion in the second half that forced UConn to burn, what could have been, two very valuable timeouts. Not to mention, UConn’s bread and butter used to be its running game. Now, we run the ball on majority of first downs for no gain and getting way off schedule. I don’t doubt that DeLeone has worked hard but this is a results oriented profession. A change needs to be made. If Pasqualoni is unwilling or unable to do so, then I think firing him should be considered also.

  12. Artie A...

    CC will be the starting QB next year baring injury…
    For those that keep asking how BC and others have faired in moving to the ACC think $$$$$. Win or lose the conference payout is much larger. BC has not won any hardware but at the same time taken in a lot more ching. Any schools bottom line……

    1. Norm

      Artie,I saw CC play in High School.He can really throw the ball.The problem that I see is he is a little short and has very little mobility.If he played this year he would have been killed by the pass rush.If Huskies want to play him they will need to improve their blocking immensley.

  13. Frank M

    Don’t worry, Jerk. You will never see an announced crowd of 5,000. The UConn minimum announced crowd is 33,112. Don’t forget, UConn attendance is based on the number of tickets printed. (By the way, did you notice the fistfuls of tickets the scalpers were waving around on Saturday?)

    1. TheJerk

      all kinding aside, is that true? its based off from printed? Thats about as misleading as announcing attendence based on what you were hoping would show up

  14. Waquoit

    I don’t understand why the CT media has turned into a bunch of watercarriers for P? How can anyone ignore the way he choking the life out of the program.

  15. Paul

    Nothing against HCPP, but could there be anything more boring heading into next season in Conf-USA to have the same cast of characters?
    We are in BIG trouble and the program needs a shake-up.
    Warde can play it safe, but I don’t think he’d be criticized for making a move now (PP was not his hire). If he sticks with PP and we are 2-4 next year, you better believe that PP AND WARDE MANUEL are going to feel the heat.

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