Replay: Tuesday’s UConn Football Chat

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Click the play button below and replay our weekly UConn football chat with The Courant’s Desmond Conner.

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5 thoughts on “Replay: Tuesday’s UConn Football Chat

  1. Perry Mason

    For the record, I have no reason to doubt that Warde is a smart guy and does indeed have “half a brain” as I indelicately put it. In fact, that’s why I have every confidence that he’s considering ALL of his options, up to and including canning HCPP so long as the money it would cost isn’t too much of an obstacle.

    That being said, thus far fan opinion of Warde and his abilities as AD has only been informed by reputation alone… he has no track record with us. This decision will be his first real test, and fans’ first real opportunity to evaluate his decision-making. For many fans, the decision he should make is obvious.

    In sum, I’ve been TOLD Warde is a good guy and will be a smart AD. I hope that in the next few months, I’m SHOWN that is true.

  2. mikeinmanila

    I understand supporting the kids in the program regardless of their record, but how do you send a clear message to Manuel that fans are VERY turned off by Pasqualoni and DeLeone? As a fan, listening to Pasqualoni talk at his pressers is just painful! Besides building better relationship with local coaches and the press… and maybe slighty upgrading recruiting… what else has been accomplished in the last 2 years?

    Alumni and fan support for Pasqualoni and DeLeone, game day play calling, utlizing available talent and W/L record… all get an “F” grade.

    UConn is readily becoming the “Boston College” of the Big East (our decline is actually happening at a faster relative pace) and it appears that BC will fix their problems long before we fix ours.

  3. Mike

    Excuse List …Continued
    14.We are not paying attention to details.
    15.The other team is not doing what we watch on film.

  4. TAD

    We keep hearing that we are getting close to straightening out our offensive line problems. If it takes any longer we will be into next season. Its not like we have 5 Freshman in our o-line that need more time to gel. How about instead of working on that WORK IN PROCESS RUNNING GAME we actually go out and just try to win Friday night’s game. Don’t the players deserve that chance?? Operate out of the shotgun so that Whitmer as a fighting chance. You can still call a conservative game plan( if that’s the coaches pleasure) with run plays ( hopefully some with Delorenzo) out of that formation. The bonus is that Whitmer will have a better chance to read the blizes and might even get through a game with being hammered on every other pass play by the other team’s defensive line. Hey, we might even win a Big East game this year. Are you listening out there Coach P????

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