Join The Discussion: Weekly UConn Football Chat Is Live At 10:45 a.m.

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Click the play button and join our weekly UConn football chat with The Courant’s Desmond Conner. The session is live at 10:45 and Des will join from 11 a.m. to noon:

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12 thoughts on “Join The Discussion: Weekly UConn Football Chat Is Live At 10:45 a.m.

  1. RST

    Hmmm … if UConn does end up in the ACC, then the ACC would be half way to starting an ACC hockey conference like the B10 just did. Two thirds of the way in women’s hockey (with Syracuse already playing).

  2. jack54

    The ACC needs to get ahead of the curve. Invite UConn + L’ville. Pressure ND to join for football. They would be at 16. At some point the ACC will loose teams to B10 /B12 or SEC anyway. I hope the ACC is not waiting until after this week’s game to make a choice between the two. A bad Uconn defeat might seal the deal in favor of L’ville. Hope the B10 looks at also adding Uconn + Virginia. That would give them that solid east coast tv block that they seem to covet.

    1. husky66

      MD and RU are blessed w/ location and nothing more. flip side is UConn and UVa bring far fewer TV eyeballs to the Big 10 network.

      not sure I see L’ville in the ACC, majority of schools in ACC are significantly stronger academically than L’ville. and that does matter to the school Presidents who make the final call. UConn does match up well w/ ACC in that regard and in fact is much like Md. RU and MD both are members of AAU and so fit w/ all Big 10, UConn is not a member but certainly could be.

      For ACC, UConn fits bill athletically to renew rivalry w/ BC and keep Pitt and Syracuse.

      No amount of pressure will make ND change. They get their own seat at the BCS adult table now.

    2. dconner

      Pressure ND? Irish won’t be pressured by outsiders, not effectively anyway. Haven’t to this point and they have a pretty sweet deal now through their arrangement with the ACC. They keep all their football money and ESPN cuts them a check for their other sports. Pressure ND?

  3. Bill

    With both Maryland and Rutgers in “Board meetings”, as we speak, to consider joining the Big 10….If that happens, would UConn be the logical replacement for Maryland in the ACC ?…Who would be our competition for that spot ?

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