LB Jory Johnson, TE Ryan Griffin, WR Mike Smith, Join All-Star Games

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Linebacker Jory Johnson and tight end Ryan Griffin have been invited to play in the first-ever Raycom College Football All Star Classic (Mobile, Ala.), on Jan.19. Receiver Mike Smith will play in the Texas Vs. the Nation All-Star Game (Allen, Tx) Feb.2 and three more defensive players: cornerbacks Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Dwayne Gratz along with defensive end Trevardo Williams will play in the Senior Bowl (Mobile, Ala.) on Jan. 26.



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9 thoughts on “LB Jory Johnson, TE Ryan Griffin, WR Mike Smith, Join All-Star Games

  1. rhatman

    Fair call Des, will agree to disagree. Do accept that recruiting by the rankings is slightly better under PP. What really disappoints me though is to see how the program has slipped into mediocrity after what had been built up and I think the current HC needs to be accountable for that, seems to be a general apathy on the part of the AD too and with the changing conference landscape I think that it couldn’t be at a worse time. Think you underestimate your impact by the way, i think respected reporters do have some influence.

  2. Rhatman

    Thanks Des, definitely no problem here, bI always try to say what I mean.
    Would you think it was harsh though if someone replied to your comments regarding HCPP’s recruting rankings by saying that those rankings mean “diddly”?
    If you really believe that recruiting rankings mean “didly” than to me there seems to be some ambiguity with the improved recruiting rankings argument you’ve used to back HCPP.
    Have read your column/posts for years, I really enjoy them and have always felt that you’ve presented an insightful, balanced, yet positive view of things, and I definitely don’t want you to think that I’m attacking you personally, but your continued support of HCPP, which recently appears to include tactfull negative comments regarding Edsall, to me isn’t consistent with what makes you great as a reporter.

    1. dconner Post author

      Thanks for the comment….

      – With all due respect I think the support of the coach stuff is a little much. Nothing I do or say has any impact or any influence on the people who make the decisions regarding the coach/coaches and I think the sooner people realize that the better of we’ll all be.

      – Randy Edsall would not have gotten the players in here Pasqualoni has that was the point of my recruiting with PP. It’s gotten better, needs to get even better, though.

      – Edsall is presented as a good by a couple of people. He wasn’t, not by a longshot. And there’s a lot of things I could say here but he’s not here anymore and I’m not going that route. When he’s presented a certain way I just feel like I have to correct the record that’s all.

  3. Rhatman

    Geez Des, pretty harsh on Paul there considering you’ve introduced Uconn’s current recruiting rankings to support your view that HCPP is doing a good job recruiting wise.

  4. Artie A...

    Paul in case you missed it the topic is Uconn players chosen to play in all-star games. Congrats to them.

    Having said that I will comment on your comment which is vague at best. Not sure if you think Richard Lagows place on this list is good or not it comes across negative. I would have to believe the first hundred players from Texas will all be going to division 1-A schools.
    Although many came in late the list of schools recruiting him was impressive to say the least…

  5. WB in WB

    Lagow could be the guy for the next 4 years! He’s tall, athletic and moves through his progressions quickly. Smart QB, which we can use….

  6. Paul Knopick

    Dallas News printed list of top 100 seniors. QB UConn recruited was the seventh bext QB in the state and 77th best player overall, according to the newspaper.

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