Live Chat Moved To Tuesday

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Live chat pushed to Tuesday at 11 a.m. UConn head coach Paul Pasqualoni is holding his pre-Syracuse presser today at 11:10. We’ll chat here tomorrow from 11 to noon.


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11 thoughts on “Live Chat Moved To Tuesday

  1. Artie A...

    Hmmm Roadrunner a Whipple fan? That was my man all long, could you imagine him on the O and Don on the D? WOW!

    We would have to change our mascot title just a tad to the UCONN TASMAIAN HUSKIES! One description has the little devil as seething, snarling, insatiable, and lunatic! Everything I want in a football coach!

    This as opposed to Paul, simply stoic. I constantly wonder who gives the inspirational pregame or half time talk as he is as exciting as a door stop.

    Whipple may be available next time around as right now he is coaching QB’s with the Browns. Too late I am afraid…

    It comes down to the season moves are being made as the coach that just beat us and the one that made the vacancy for him would have also been very good choices.

    GO DOGS!

    1. TheJerk

      I was just carving a jack-o-latern and to get the maximum scare effect for the teeth, I pulled out HCPP’s media guide photo for reference


    That’s what it takes? So performance/retention issues are determined by how HCPP recruits will do? So he gets a pass untill then ?? That’s putting all the accountability on the players…Whipple would have moved the program forward with the players he inherited. There would be at the very least the observation as a fan that his skills as a tactician would have maxed out and matched the abilities of the players on the opposed to what we are seeing now…

  3. Freddy

    If he’s not fired it’s a clear sign that we don’t care about football. He’s been here 2 years and taken the program backwards. The only good thing he’s done is hire don brown. Let’s not forget Brown had one foot out the door last year and was leaving for Yale. He’s not coming back again. So if your manuel ask yourself what in year 3 in pasqualoni going to do different to change the direction of the program. Defensively we lose some good players, I don’t feel we have kids on the roster to replace them. We bring back deleone and PP because they are a package deal. What’s your take on next year Manuel? Why should he return.

  4. Artie A...

    Agree with The Jerk, Paul is going nowhere until 1-1-14 unless a massive up rise occurs. Delone is going nowhere unless Paul does as they are family.

    A lot will be determined by next year as he gets players he brought in and kept from a offense that was going in a opposite direction. This and how is the recruiting going for linemen?

    This is why Nebrich moved on and I feel sorry for Scott McCummings. Paul is not a wildcat coach and this kid has been fodder.

    Cochran will be in the competition next year and will demand a good line. Yes we have to give the new staff time but it is not easy to take the reverse in the momentum of the program. Hard to believe we gave Michigan all they could handle in The House and beat The Irish such a short time ago.

    Beat SC in a bowl….I would have never in my life thought Randy could have excited me more than his successor. But as boring as the offense was his staff would make changes during a game.

    We must continue to support our Huskies as they are doing their share and working hard.
    GO DOGS !!!!!!!….

    1. TheJerk

      I think the only chance that either one has of getting fired is unless they do something really really stupid (arrest, booze, drugs, taking a dump on Herbsts car, etc…)

    2. Navin R. Johnson

      Artie…with Randy you knew what you got. Win the games you are supposed to win, lose the one you are supposed to, and steal 1 each year. I miss it.

      So you are saying that we have to sit and wait for Cochran to mature as a QB? That’s 2015 or 2016 if he’s given time under Coach P.

      I agree that 2014 is when Coach P is let go or given another year.

      are you about to poke your eyes out like TheJerk? If so I will do play by play for you both at the games.

  5. mg

    Here’s betting you a nickel that you could postpone the whole thing and simply post your responses to the following questions:

    1. will PP be fired now or at end of season?
    2. Will GDL be fired now or at end of season?
    3. Will we win another game?
    4. If the UConn FB program fell in the forest would anyone hear it, notice or care?

      1. TheJerk

        there is a tentative agreement for the two schools to play a 2 game series in my backyard in 2018-2019. Of course, much like wrigley field, only one endzone will be used

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