Mailbag April 10: UConn Needs Young Coach To End Up In Major Conference…Really?

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Q:  I understand from reading your posts that players like Pasqualoni, he treats them with respect, he does better with Conn. recruiting and probably more. Okay, good. But he’ll be 63 this year. If UConn is going to end up in one of the major conferences after everything sorts out (4 or 5 conferences, 16 teams each), it will be because they have a respectable football team. It will have nothing to do with basketball. If UConn doesn’t want to become Hofstra or Florida International, better spend some real money to bring in a talented, YOUNG, coach after one more season. Paul Knopick, Laguna Hills, Calif.

A: If the team goes 8-4, 9-3 or 10-2, do you still get rid of him and bring in a  “young” coach? I’m not saying the team will finish with either one of those records but I think you have to give the man a chance to implement his system, improve on last season and follow his vision for the program. I think those clamoring about the coach being old or whatever  are wasting their time, bottom line. Paul Pasqualoni will have time to do his thing and that includes after this season if need be. This is the first time I’ve seen the age of a coach being tied to joining a major conference.

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4 thoughts on “Mailbag April 10: UConn Needs Young Coach To End Up In Major Conference…Really?

  1. RST

    I am astounded by this question and how age-ist it is. My only criticism of HCPP last year was his trying to do too much in one year without the personnel to get it done, and perhaps sticking with JMAC too long. He probably could have simplified things a bit; but who knows, that might have made UConn easier to prepare for. In any case, last season laid the foundation for this season.

  2. roberttherugguyraleigh

    Coach Paul had one losing season in five while at Western Connecticut and that was his first year ever as a head coach. Coach Paul had one losing season in fourteen years while at Syracuse. Youth for what, youth’s sake. Coach could string a few good years here 19 years as a head coach suggest that. And you know what, this is not a stepping stone job for him, Coach Paul is home!

  3. Frank

    DC my man, I had to pipe in on this one here. I have heard this argument many times, especially when the search for a new coach was happening after RE left town. I believe that the best man for the job should be in charge, not just because there is the new, young shiny coach out there. That does not always pan out. HCPP seems to be instilling his system and we should see where this is going to go instead of just running him out of town because he is “old.” Seems to be working for the ol’ ball coach down in South Carolina. Just because we have a new, YOUNG ball coach does not automatically mean success. It did not work out for many programs. What we need is consistent recruiting, a good system with competition at all positions and a coach who is not afraid take risks and will keeps us competitive in the Big East. Stop wishing for something thats not coming and start getting behind this coach and team!

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