Mailbag April 15: Will Merchandise With New Logo Be At Spring Game Saturday?

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Q: Dez, do you know or can you ask if Uconn will be selling any new merchandise with the new logo at the game. Seems like a great marketing opportunity to get some more people in the stands for the spring game, maybe even a give t-shirt give away or something. Joe – Charlestown, MA.

A: I’m told yes there will be some Joe. What exactly, how much I have no idea but there will be some there.

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29 thoughts on “Mailbag April 15: Will Merchandise With New Logo Be At Spring Game Saturday?

  1. MikeCon1

    I saw the Courant photos of the new helmets…wow…thank god for the Maryland flag debacle or these may have been the ugliest helmets that I have ever seen…

    1. MikeCon1

      Oh yeah, maybe they should have put the eyes on the back of the helmet so the QB can see what’s coming…

  2. bleedingblue

    I was such a huge fan of the blue & white uni’s. Love the Block C on the helmet! I was never a fan of the old husky logo and was happy that it was going to change. Now I’m perplexed that UConn is getting away from the Block C. Am I to understand that they’re going to feature the Husky logo on the helmet? Seems to me that any top notch tradition rich program either has no markings on the helmet or just a letter. I think they went too far on this one.

    1. Howard Lubinger

      Block C goes away (I really liked it too) to unify branding and logos. The only traditional logo that stays is the C on the baseball team’s caps.

      Hoping UConn and Nike hit this one out of the park.

  3. Howard Lubinger

    By the reaction, you get the feeling that there will a lot of people wearing UConn gear that’s thinned out and has holes all over it in 20 years.

    My guess is that ain’t gonna happen.

    Unis come out today. If you want to help the University, hit Twitter, Facebook, etc. with a vengeance. Make this as big a splash as we can all make it.

    #bleedblue folks. #bleedblue.

  4. Greg

    Here’s my issue with the new logo guys… Generally I like the aggressive, modern new look. BUT why, why, why would you take a still young program that has had success under one brand, and one look with the block C logo, and unis/helmets and all of a sudden deside to change everything? Not how you build tradition, or sutain a strong committed fan base. Its what we all talk about every season on here, in the lots, and inside The Rent- building tradition with UConn Football and sustaining fan base growth. The new logo (while looks cool- I like to call this the “minor league baseball” approach to sports branding, change your logo every few years to sell more t-shirts) does nothing more than sell more Nike apparel and licenced merchandise to retailers. So in reality, Nike only gave UConn a rebranding free of charge so they could reap the benefits long-term. Nothing in life is free. There was nothing wrong with our branding at UConn. Nothing. Listen, I love OUR State U just like everyone on here does, and I didn’t even go to UConn. But as a STH and fan, this just doesn’t sit right with me. The Block C logo and our helmets mean something to me, they say “This is Connecticut Football”… I don’t understand how President Hurbst or the Administration thought taking that away was a smart more to help build a great athletic tradition at Uconn, especially in Football? By taking away our team’s identity? I’m anxious to see what happens to our unis and helmets this season. Hoping that on Saturday they have some of that to show us fans.

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      I see uniforms like the NY football Giants which wouldn’t be too bad.

      I agree Greg.

    2. Artie A...

      Agree 110%, this was Susans first uneducated move. We have one of the most recognized logos in the country, hands down. Why give it up?

      Many agree what our football program needs is simply tradition so we throw away a decade?

      I have not found a single person who is a fan in my circle of fans that likes the new logo or thinks a change was a good idea….

      This was and is simply change for the sake of change which is not or should not be an AAU mentality. Some things need changing others are a step in reverse, that and pissing off a fan base that is already shaky at best?

      Bad move but still time to correct it, we shall see….


      Now that I think of it why in the world would Warde schedule a game with a team with such a boring mascot/logo? I also wonder now that Cuse wanders into ACC world if the should change from Oranges to Tangerines to sound more agressive….Hmmmmmm just a thought…

      1. dconner Post author

        @Artie – as a deep fan of the Orange – they could wear all white with a green S for all i care as long as they win. Just one person’s opinion and speaking as fan now I could care less about logos: I want the teams I support to win and you can do that no matter what you’re wearing. Again, thats just one man, one fan, opinion.

        1. Ryan

          Exactly, I don’t care what they wear. If the players like it or think its cool then that’s even better. People talk about building tradition with the football program and you know what builds tradition? Its not the uniforms or logos, its winning. Winning is what builds tradition.

          1. Ryan

            Ok, well I change my mind…I care. I was loving all of those uniforms, including the football. I thought they looked awesome…and then I saw those helmets.

        2. Artie A...

          This is simply a silly comment…Not regarding tradition that we need.

          Your analogy is simply silly on this one.

          If a logo is meaningless why do the teams have or need one?

          1. Ryan

            I just disagree with you. While I don’t think a logo is meaningless, I also don’t feel that it is that big of a deal. When I think about tradition at a school like Michigan I don’t think of the Big Block M. I think of Bo, the players coming out of the tunnel and jumping to touch the sign, Desmond Howard striking the Heisman Pose against Ohio State and most of all winning. When I think of tradition in regards to UConn basketball I think of standing up and clapping until the first UConn basket each half, all of the great players, Coach Calhoun and winning. Unfourtunatley when I think of UConn football I think of seeing the team come out to a stadium that’s half full, some good seasons but recently back to back losing ones. I don’t think logos are meaningless but I do feel that there are so many other and more important things that make up a programs “tradition”. I hope this better clarifies my stance on the importance of the logo.

  5. bill scollo


    Where will the headquarters for the American Athletic Conference be located? I can’t see it remaining in Providence.



  6. Edward

    The new “husky” looks like a knock-off of the Timberwolves logo, which would make it a wolf. We are not wolves. It also looks constipated – much like Warde Manuel.

    1. dconner Post author

      @Edward ok to be critical, not like the logo, team, administration, the fact that its sunny and not storming. It is not ok to be disrespectful. I thought you overstepped bounds on the last sentence. Please keep those kinds of thoughts to yourself. I don’t remember anything being said like that toward the previous AD or any coaches or administrators. Why now? How about a break? Thanks Edward have a good day…

  7. husky66

    the new logo is lame. have read elsewhere that it looks like bad clip art. I did see Cal got new logo from Nike and its clearly the same guy who did it. And its way worse than our new, now black and white, husky.

    can see that getting all the teams on the same page w/ logo is a good idea, but this junk? really Warde?

  8. Jay

    Enjoy the back and forth with you on Husky football but what is with the new sign in with some of the comments?

    1. dconner Post author

      @Jay – gotta go through and fix all this stuff lots of blogs at Courant. I don’t want people to have to do all that …:lemme try to get that at least

  9. Navin R. Johnson

    The logo is awful. Just awful. I HATE the red and the blue is not even Connecticut Blue.

    1. Artie A...

      Navin, could not agree with you more. I will expound on this until I am UConn blue in the face.

      This is Susans first major mistake. We had the most regognizable mascot in the country and they wanted something new? CT,UConn or Connecticut did not even have to be present everyone in the nation knows who the happy looking dog represented. This along with 11 national basketball championships,always in the hunt in both mens and womans soccer and also other olympic sports.

      I have talked to not a single person that thinks we need a mascot change, all say the same thing…What the heck? Where did this come from? Nike???????

      I urge all to e-mail or call Susan and Warde and let them know they are dropping the ball big time….

      Simply google UConn directory and you will get e-mail addy and phone #s …


      1. Navin R. Johnson

        Agree Artie…but the Jonathan dog head logo is just as bad. It doesn’t even look like a husky. The new one does but I hate the red in it and the blue stinks.

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