Mailbag April 23: If You Were Coach, Order Of QBs?

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Q: Dez, I know you hate hypotheticals, but if you were the coach with what you’ve seen between the practices you could attend and the spring game who would you put as your starting QB right now and what order would you put the rest in? lets take a look at only the 4 that we have since since it is unfair to judge Mcummings on his limited work before his turf toe. Also do you think we have enough talanted depth at QB to get Cochran a red shirt year? from what i saw at the spring game personally i’d go Whitmer, Neibrech, Mcentee and Cochran and the only reason i’d say Cochran last is because I think it would be valuable if we could get him a red shirt year. thanks for your opinion, now can’t wait for fall ball!!! – Jeff, East Hartford

A: I’d agree with the order you have based on what I’ve seen, Jeff. Not sure how it ends up….I think with McCummings there will be enough depth and he’s going to play. We already know that but I do like Nebrich as the No.2 now.

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8 thoughts on “Mailbag April 23: If You Were Coach, Order Of QBs?


    Whitmer distinguished himself on Saturday and deserves to start. McCummings, once he is healthy, is an effective “change of pace” guy running the wildcat (and if he could complete 3 to 4 passes a game!).
    Whoever is under center had better be able to scramble.
    This Offensive line looks like a liability.


    I cannot stomach another year of watching mcentee TRY to play qb. If There is even a chance that he plays qb this year, I may not renew my season tixs…… and the medicare coaching staff needs to be FIRED

  3. Nick G

    I really liked what I saw out of Whitmer, He should be the Starter for Obvious reasons 18-27 187… .. I Think Nebrich should be the Number 2 guy IMO.. with Mcummings and JMac last.. RedShirt Casey C for this year… But Whitmer Still has 3 years Left…

  4. Navin R. Johnson

    I like the order too. I just don’t see Nebrich having a spot on this team. It stinks but I think those are the facts with Whitmer/Cochran/McCummings. I hope I’m wrong. Was that an impressive pass on his first set of downs in the first quarter or what? Scrambling out of the pocket and flipping the ball 20 yards down field.

  5. uconn86hgiv

    I agree with the order so far. Whitmer is a transfer so Cochran will have time to grow into the job and take advantage of the redshirt. McEntee may end up #2 because of experience but if we were looking at any length of time I think Nebrich has to get a shot. All option are an upgrade.

    I know hindsight…. but we would be so much better off right now if Nebrich would have gotten the nod last year. I find it hard to believe the record would be much different and we would have a young guy who would have grown so much.

    My bet is that he will transfer. I just wish we could get a good look at his skill set before its too late. The kid has wheels and all we hear about is staying in the pocket. Clearly he was recruited with a different package in mind. I appreciate his willingness to work and compete here!!!

  6. Dan

    I think Whitmer will be #1. McCummings will come in for special packages and McEntee will be the backup. Cochran will redshirt and my gut is telling me that Nebrich will transfer.

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