Mailbag April 23: When Do Top Of The Rent Tickets Go On Sale?

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Q: Hey Des, Any idea when “top of the rent” season tickets go onsale? In past years what month did these tickets usually go on sale?  Thanks Des, Jeff Robertson, Bristol, CT

A:  Usually hear something about it in June Jeff, thanks.

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9 thoughts on “Mailbag April 23: When Do Top Of The Rent Tickets Go On Sale?

  1. Jane

    @TheJerk. So here I am minding my own business, drinking my morning coffee, and I take a shot. As you learn more about life, you will find out it is never a good idea to irritate someone who will be cooking the food you will be eating.

  2. TheJerk

    funny thing is this question is asked several times a year. sometimes even by someone we tailgate with.

    @jeff you should make it known to the school of the difficulties you are having becuase I am sure there are more people that share your disablility and have the same issues.

  3. Arte A...

    Hey Dez…I have no clue on how to contact the box office or Uconn for tickets. Could you please help me with info on bottom of the rent tickets for the Umass game?

    Not meaning to inconvenience you from your real job but could you please also check on the middle of the rent for the temple game?

    If it is not too much trouble, please get back to me on how much the price of gas will be and what the tolls are on the way to College Park to see our old friend Randy.

    I will stop for now as I do not want to burden you with anything more than your job. Ya know………

    1. Jeff

      Thanks for the sarcasam Arte A. Just to let you know, I am deaf and can’t call the Uconn ticket office and they are not on Uconn’s website. Get off your high horse!

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