Mailbag April 25: How Much Is Payout To UConn Should Michigan Back Out In 2013?

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Q: Michigan’s AD has said there are ways to make their 2013 game against UConn at home “bigger, in terms of venue.”  Sounds to me like they want out unless we play them at a larger stadium.  Do you know how much it would cost Michigan to back out of the game, and what are UConn’s options? John, Alexandria, Va

A: That’s not what I got from the report John. I got a suggestion or a nod to possibly playing the game at a bigger venue than Rentschler Field but are fine with playing the game in East Hartford. There aren’t any plans to move the game on UConn’s end and there have been no discussions about playing it in any other place than what’s prominently been  included in the school’s season-ticket football brochure – and that’s Rentschler Field.  And, the cost Michigan would have to fork over if it backed out of the game, by the way, is $2 million.


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9 thoughts on “Mailbag April 25: How Much Is Payout To UConn Should Michigan Back Out In 2013?

  1. TheJerk

    LOL 40000 people driving to Storrs for a football game. I think I would have to leave on a friday night to make the Noon start, and I only live 20 miles away

  2. mg

    I think we are asking the worng question – the real questio is what does UM make by hosting a game in AA. That number typically exceeds 5MM (depending on opponent payout). In other words, they COULD cancel the game and still make more money by staying home and scheduling a MAC team.

  3. Tris Carta

    I am an undergraduate alumni of the University of Michigan and a graduate alumni of the University of Connecticut.
    I went to a sold out game in Ann Arbor between these two great Universities which saw 110,000 in attendance. I believe the University of Connecticut football stadium should be on campus and not in East Hartford, but that is old news. Michigan is not Notre Dame, they will play in East Hartford. I just hope I can get some tickets. Go Blue

  4. buddy

    They would sell a lot of tickets if they could rent Yale Bowl. I am sure Michigan has lots of fans in the area that would love to see them play here. Unfortunately for UConn, the program seems to be regressing rather than progressing. As much as the press hated Edsall, he was making progress with this program. We have now regressed and look to be bottom feeders again.

    1. FrankyB

      Bottom feeders? Last year’s record was as good as could be expected, with a new head coach, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator and the quarterback situation that Edsall left. Edsall went to Maryland which had a top quarterback and won 2 games. I think coach P will prove to be a better coach than Edsall was. Give him a chance.

      1. Ryan

        I didnt buy season tickets to watch games at the yale bowl. They are only going to get better, the talent level is getting better with real competition at almost every position. If the game gets moved to a larger venue I would be extremely disappointed, I hope Michigan follows through with their commitment.

  5. JoeP

    The report I saw on the Big East blog (from a Michigan newspaper) was that Michigan fully intends to honor the contract whether the game is played in East Hartford or a bigger venue. My son lives in Michigan and is a Michigan football fan and he’s not hearing anything to the contrary.

    BTW Michigan is winning big time in the Big Ten recruiting circles so expect a very good Michigan team to come to East Hartford in 2013.

  6. Steve-CT

    So Dez, what’s the deal – does Michigan get a cut of the ticket sales? If not, what is the big deal about playing in a 40k seat stadium (aside from ego of course)

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