Mailbag Dec. 30: Something Positive To Look Forward To In 2013?

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Q: Dez give us some positive things to look forward to next year. Happy New Year to you Dez and all of uconn – Ray, Steubenville, OH

A: Happy New Year Ray and all UConn fans. Positive things too look forward to next year? Mmm how about spending time with family, loving more and understanding what in life is really important. I think those would all yield positive results next year any year really. I’m going to guess you’re talking about UConn football specifically, though, right? I think the defense is going to be better than people think minus key losses. I think the loss of Don Brown is big at defensive coordinator but remember he didnt play the games. The kids did. If the scheme stays the same and I think it will based on the players they have/did recruit they’ll be ok. I think UConn will be better at receiver. I like how Shak Phillips came on at the end and as I’ve said before UConn had young players it had this year it could have played and a couple were at receiver so, we’ll see. UConn will have to be better at QB obviously. It needs to run 2-3 guys if McCombs is going to be the lead guy. The offensive line is going to have to get stronger, some of the younger kids are going to have to step up. As far as conference realignment I just don’t have any news here. I’m sorry. The president put out a letter encouraging fans to keep supporting the school in these troubled times. I thought it was a good move by the president given the way the fans are acting – or reacting to realignment. Of course the consensus reaction to that around here was, well, not positive. I thought it was. Check it out. If you’re a positive person by nature Ray, if you haven’t noticed by now, you’ll experience mostly positive results. If you’re negative thinking or looking for the negative – you’ll likely get just that – Happy New Year!

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30 thoughts on “Mailbag Dec. 30: Something Positive To Look Forward To In 2013?

  1. John

    Nothing good to look forward too PP is still head coach GDL is still OC another losing season and empty seats these guys killed UConn football if we are lucking maybe we can play football in the MAC LOL if that happens just give up the football program and play BBall the ACC is never going to take us on anyway they will take Cincy first.

  2. UConn fan in Florida

    It all starts with Fan support, Booster support, and Alumni support. UConn has a loooong way to go to be considered a credible football school. A 35,000 seat stadium that can’t be sold out is not a good sign. UConn will never get into BCS conference until the football program support makes this quantum leap. If you want to see what it takes, go to a SEC or Big 10 home football game. UConn supporters are great, there’s just not enough of them. Sorry for the somber dose of reality.


    Just read 15 min ago Boise will remain in their conference and pay $10 mil exit fee!!! Seriously ..if no invite to play football in a conference with teeth …the. UCONN should be independent in FOOTBALL only for now.

    1. Artie A...

      Seeing we are on a thread for a good new year I am glad this happened today. This may be our final crappy slap for 2012….

  4. weyuo

    Things I’m looking forward to for the 2013 season:

    -Seeing a 6’6″ kid from Texas sling the bean in the spring game and open practices. I would expect that he’ll most likely red-shirt in 2013 to put on some weight & get acclimated to D-1 speed. Whitmer was a plug-in for a team that was QB-less. Cochrane may be the next coming but he also is on the smallish side.

    -Seeing who Coach P taps for the next D-Coordinator. Watching Pruitt, Stewart, Ashiru, Knappe, Norris, Myers and co wreak havoc.

    – Seeing if George D does stay as O-Coordinator and if so how he fixes the offense. Want to see Joe Williams tatooing linebackers helmets with his cleats.

    – Seeing Puyol kick a 55 yarder

    – watching the dog fight for starting center.

    – Seeing the reaction when ESPN has to announce that Michigan gets upset by UConn. Randy getting boo-ed off the field. The tug of war at the end of the season between the B1G and the ACC to acquire UConn who once again show high APR scores and 0 police reports.

  5. Publicus


    Good comments on your part. I hope the whining and cheap shots stop in the new year. A real fan supports his university and does not turn on it if something goes wrong.

    Happy New Year to all.

    1. dconner Post author

      I’m praying at 11:59 tonight that the nastiness stops here and around the world going into 2013. I won’t get my wish. I know but I want to believe it – thanks a ton Publicus

  6. Raymond Martineau/Ohio

    Great job to one and all. My post had to deal with all the negativity I had been reading. Living here in Ohio is tuff for a UConn fan. What Dez and many of you stated there are many positive things to look forward to. I for one am not worried about the “D”. I believe we will get another good if not great defensive coordinator. Remember this will be coach P third year. The team is well versed in his system. There will be many experienced players on both sides of the ball. The only part I am concerned about is the offensive line. They were not very good at keeping the opponent out. Our QB had to play on the run to much. The other thing is our play calling. It was very conservative. So all and all I do see a better year ahead and oh yes a bowl. If they can improve on the offensive line we might be able to compete for the Big East title. So lets see. Go Dogs.
    Peace out to one and all.

  7. Tony Terzi

    Paul Pasqualoni got ridden out of central NY after a rough finish to an otherwise excellent tenure at the helm of the ‘cuse. He’s SUCH a quality guy, I am rooting as hard as I can for one of our native sons to bring football back to the quality level Randy Edsall had built it to.

    1. Rich

      Homer! PP rode the prior HC recruits and then things went bad. GDL didn’t help also at the cuse. We’ll see how things work out this year.

  8. Leroy Jenkins

    Love how Dez is minimizing the loss of Don Brown. He still believes PP is a good coach…LOL!

    Brown took a bunch of subpar players and made them a top defense. They’ll be as pathetic as the offense was this year without him.

    And we still have PP. Even with a talented team, PP could lose 7 games.

    And worse of all, we’re still stuck in the Big East.

    1. TheJerk

      Don Brown did not have “sub-par” players this year on D. There are more than a few kids going to get a look at the next level

      1. dconner Post author

        I didnt bother getting into that one. Unfortunately the whole comment just represents someone swooping in hoping for a reaction, particularly from me hence the tweak of the Pasqualoni comment, which is really childish stuff “well you like Paul Pasqualoni” geeesh!

    2. dconner Post author

      No interest in actually reading what I actually wrote – as usual. Did I really downplay the loss of Don Brown here? Or are you hoping for a response to you on something? Im going with the latter since what you present is a well, fallacy. Did you see what I wrote when he left? I said it was a blow. I got popped here for saying that! Are you serious? I always talks about the importance of facts here. At this point Ill settle for simply reading whats been written. Congrats Leroy! You did it! Happy New Year.

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        I guess Leroy didn’t read what was written. Who you want to bring in for the 2014 season Leroy as head coach?

        1. dconner Post author

          Didnt matter what was written. He was just determined to chime in – just wish those who wanted to do that with zingers would make sure all their marks are covered first.

  9. Artie A...

    Hey Ray! I’ll play. This and leave any caveat to what I say to others for now. Nothing but positivity here.

    1) Paul names CC as starting QB early, he made his closing statement on turnovers this year already.

    2) Paul realizes (finally) the best running back in the house is a QB he thinks can’t throw and lets him take the hand offs and toss a flea flicker now and then.

    3) Paul gets calls from old NFL friends like Rex Ryan explaining to him the pussycat does not work in his O.

    4) Our new DC will have a lot of the same attributes as Don Brown with high energy aggressiveness but also discipline the corners. They will not wag their fingers in an opponents face on one play and get toasted for six on the next.

    5) Speaking of D, Graham Stewart will be hurting opponents at home in CT rather than FLA.

    6) Incoming coaches bring a player or two to make up for what the outgoing may poach.

    7) The schedule has improved! The M the Turtles etc.

    8) Complaints about Randy will fade further into the sunset.

    9) Uconn marketing wakes up! They realize getting tickets in the hands of youth football teams or other such groups is important to the future of UCONN Football. Games like Towson can look like a sell out. Youth gravitate to the teams they get to see early in life.

    10) Last but not least for now Ray, The Jerk will stop being so humble and realize he is not just enlightening and provocative but also indoctrinate and enchanting.

    GO DOGS…..

  10. TheJerk

    Dez you really think the “D” is going to be OK? I would doubt they would be as good as they were this year, but surprised to hear that you think they can hang on as a decent unit. I see the unit being decent talent wise but a little green out there. Any word on Joseph getting his medical redshirt?

    1. dconner Post author

      They’ll be young in spots, certainly. So expect some growing pains but I think the talent will be there. The expectation is the Joseph will be returning which is a big reason why I feel the way I do. Joseph is a run-stuffer on defense as you know. They missed him this year. His return helps big there as does EJ Norris’ as a pass rusher…

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        Would having CC as the stating QB be a step backwards in 2913? Once CW controlled the turnovers he was effective…thoughts…

        1. RST

          CW next year unless someone CLEARLY beats him out. Changing QB’s all the time is crazy unless it is a clear upgrade situation. CW would have been awesome last year with a good OL although someone pointed out near to us in the stands that the timing between JMac and McCombs was much better than CW and McCombs. Not sure about that, would have to watch some film. I am skeptical that hand-off timing was the root cause or even a contributory cause of the problems on the ground.

  11. jake

    Dez, Right on. Thanks for your uplifting report. I know it will not satisfy the negative fans who follow UConn football, but with the horrible things that have happened in Ct. this year, your report is a bright star for all who care to read it.
    A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family.

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