Mailbag Feb.1: Any News About Defensive Coordinator?

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Q: Dez, what’s good? Hearing anything on hiring a new DC? Thanks! Andrew, NYC

A: ‘Sup Drew…I still think it’s going to be Hank Hughes. Really haven’t heard anything to the contrary but have no confirmation on HH yet, either…that’s what I think though especially if there aren’t any more defections from the staff.

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13 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb.1: Any News About Defensive Coordinator?

  1. Leeny

    The question I have is if HH is so great then why did he get passed over for DC before? It seems the people who knew him best didn’t think he could do the job.

    Also, since he got passed over, why wasn’t he able to get a DC job at another school? It seems other schools do not have confidence in his ability.

    Hopefully HH won’t get the job just as a token thing to appease the fans who are calling for PP to be fired.

  2. husky66

    HH would be good.

    hasn’t made any sense why no announcement, so here’s a wild guess. any chance PP is waiting on a current pro defensive position coach in the super bowl and can’t move until Monday?

        1. dconner Post author

          no but i wouldnt read too much into announcements or non announcements. Weist and Buggs were outside additions to the program so they were going to be announced with the press release and all

  3. Andrew

    Thanks for your input DC. I agree with the masses that HH will be fine at DC, even if he returns to a conservative D style. The thing I always remember from his tenure was the bend but don’t break kind of game. If you can hold them to a field goal and minimize scoring in the red zone they’ll be fine. I think the aggressive philosophy Brown brought in was great though and if used properly by HH I have no problem with it returning either.

  4. JoeP

    If it’s HH I hope he will continue the aggressive defensive style that Don Brown put into place rather then the conservative defense we had under Edsall

    1. RST

      Under Brown they lived by the blitz and died by the blitz. Some teams figured them out and some did not. On balance, it was almost all positive. But there were some negatives sprinkled in there in places. I am thinking a basically aggressive style D tempered with a bit more nuance would be good. I think HH could provide that with his experience.

      1. Artie A...

        Well stated here RST, folks including myself loved the rah rah style but at times it got us toasted for six. We all want an agressive D it is simply the joy on that side of the ball.
        We can’t knock Don though as his D is not what produced the records of the past two years. Hank will be fine…
        @ JoeP do remember just how risky you can be is determined by the talent at hand. Just say’n….

  5. Adam

    I like Hughes. I’ll never forget how he held the team together after Edsall abandoned them. Plus, I think that our guys like him so I consider that a plus.

    1. Artie A...

      I agree,he did a great job under Randy…

      Hank has been with us since 01 and done a fine job. Some folks also do not understand the limited $$$$ may limit just who may or may not be interested in coming here. We got Brown as a place for him to land quickly because he could not operate the way he wanted to under conserevative Randy.The minute a north east job opened that paid more he was gone…

    1. RST

      Based on anything more than that? Personally I think HH would be good unless someone shows me data why not.

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