Mailbag Feb.1: See Tough Competition At QB, Who Wins Job?

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Q: Do you see a tough QB competition between Chandler Whitmer, Richard Lagow, and Casey Cochran next year? And, if so, who do you see winning the starting job? Paul, Tolland, Ct

A: I’d add Scott McCummings, too. The competition has to be tough. UConn needs a boss at quarterback to help the program play at the level it’s supposed to be playing. I haven’t seen the guys since last season. I haven’t seen Lagow other than on video. Liked what I saw though. In other words its too early to even guess but of the guys UConn has? All have to get much better. Thanks Paul

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5 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb.1: See Tough Competition At QB, Who Wins Job?

  1. Ryan

    Thik why Scott McCummings gets left out in many peoples list is we only see him in the wildcat which is basically all run and maybe 1 throw every few games.

    I’d be interested to hear how McCummings played in the spring game/practices if he gets more of a chance to throw and run the normal offense? Dez – did McCummings run normal offense last spring game and if so how did he look?

    It is tough (but not unheard of) for a true freshman to come in and start Lagow has a little head start by being around for spring game before first full season (that is correct right?) but I tend to think it will come down to weather or not Cochran is ready and if Whitmer can improve on his reads and progressions because he can throw it down the field its the speed of the game and going thru reads/progressions he needs to get better at and if he doesnt it will be much of the same and we need to move on to the next option.

    Bottom line is QB even at college level is a hard if not the hardest position to excel at which means more competition the better chance we have at landing a above average QB who can break out.

  2. Adam

    I’m very excited about our QB depth chart. If Boyle switches to his home school, there is some serious talent under center here. It would be an opportunity for UConn to have a D-1 level QB for the first time since Orlovsky!

  3. Al

    Jess, I think you are confused about what the spread offense is. It’s a THROWING offense. McCummings has yet to show he can throw the ball with any sort of accuracy. What would make you think he can be effective in an offense that relies heavily on passing?

  4. Jesse

    I believe it’s going to be close to an all out war at QB this spring. You have Whitmer with the experience and Cochran and Lagow with a lot of potential and hype. McCummings is definitely the wild card here. If Weist does implement some form of a spread/option, I think McCummings wins the job, even with Whitmer being able to run spread.The spread is a perfect for McCummings and he could put up huge numbers if it’s done right. Either way, the outlook looks really good come spring ball. Can’t wait to see this team in the fall.

  5. Ed

    If we have to rely on McCummings again at QB, no offense Scott, it’s not a good thing. Wildcat worked 10% of the time and failed miserably much of the rest. We need an accurate passer at QB, not an option/wildcat/whatever guy.

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