Mailbag Feb. 12: Any Word On The Kid From Texas?

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Q: Hi DC, Any word on the kid from Texas? Has he decided to attend UCONN or go elsewhere – Rich, Southington

A: No, nothing lately but I think when there is something we’ll know. I’m not going to pressure the young man. He has a tough decision to make about his future.

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15 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb. 12: Any Word On The Kid From Texas?

  1. husky66

    not sure how any of us would handle being told we were the one and then at the last minute it became evident that we weren’t. esp at age 18. thing is, the kid let his twitter mouth go off too much; confident is one thing, cocky is another.

    PP’s really had to go for Boyle as that allowed him to sign the best CT HS QB two yrs in a row. But I think its safe to say he won’t be welcomed by the TX high school coaches anytime soon.

  2. Chris

    Not sure it’s that tough of a decision. We’re talking football here. The young man has the opportunity to get a free education at a top public university and play major college football. Did his ability change overnight now that UConn has signed other QBs? Life is full of competition.

    1. dconner Post author

      It may not be a tough decision for a fan or someone not in his shoes or who is no longer a teenager facing the biggest decision of their life.

      1. Steve-CT

        For the sake of argument here, in your opinion Dez, what makes this a tough decision for him now? What has changed in the grand scheme of things? If it really is the additional of Boyle, in my opinion that is just sad. What, did he figure he would just walk in here and be the unquestioned starter?

      2. Chris

        Sorry, just can’t agree with you. I think the importance of football is being overblown. The bigger decision for the young man is what’s best for his education and what prepares him for life beyond football.

        1. dconner Post author

          It’s ok – if you don’t agree with me and absolutely no need to be sorry. All I’m saying is his decision, the process he’s going through is not yours or mine and it shouldn’t be based on what’s going to make fans happy. I don’t doubt the young man is going to college. I don’t think whether he goes for free or not is all that big a deal. And while I cover sports and football in particular I’m probably the last person to try to hit over the head with the education line. I gotta record there…

          1. Chris

            Not saying it’s my decision or your at all. I think you’re making assumptions. We’re simply discussing the situation of a potential player and like you we’re all entitled to our opinion. That’s what I’ve seen you do over and over in this blog. No harm in it, right? I’m disappointed that you see my comment about a UConn education as a “line”. But it’s the truth.

        2. RST

          Disagree. In his mind it is about where to go to get the best chance to get to the NFL. Without even knowing him I will guarantee that is his top level criterion. Whethere or not that is realistic or the proper criterion is a completely different question.

          1. Chris

            There’s really no right/wrong answer here. I think we all agree that UConn’s system is right for the young man to flourish IF HE HAS THE TALENT. It’s obvious that he’s not happy about the added competition with all the QBs in the fold.

  3. Steve-CT

    Sounds like he did make his decision a long time ago and then started to lack confidence in himself once Boyle committed, or maybe his parents wanted him to stay local and would not sign his NLI.

    On 1/24/13 he Tweeted, “haha I love competition. I seek it out in everything I do honestly.” and then a few minutes later followed it up with, “even if uconn brought in another qb, I’m confident I’m better than whoever it is and would beat him out…”

    It’s too bad, really is, seemed like he would have been a great fit here.

    1. Chris

      Desmond, contrary to your thinking I did not circle back to what’s important to me – that I’m only interested in this young’s man football career. I still stand by my position that the importance of football is being overblown. Was it really necessary to make that final comment? Com’on you have no idea what I stand for.

      1. dconner Post author

        Ok – I’m just making my comments based on your posts. Thats all I did. That said, I really don’t want to keep doing this though. I’m not battling with fans. It was plain dumb of me to try in the first place. You win. You’re right. Im wrong and if you want have the last word, too, you can. Thanks

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