Mailbag Feb.12: Have You Heard Any Rumors About Athletic Department Re-branding, Logos, Football Uniforms, ETC.?

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Q: Hey Des, Don’t know if you’ve already talked about this, but I’ve heard rumors that the Huskies are going to do an athletic dept. rebranding this year, including a single logo, and new Football Unis, possibly a 3rd Alternate jersey combo. Have you heard anything about this? Thanks Des, keep up the good work! -Greg, from North Branford

A: I sure did touch on it buddy maybe a couple of weeks ago? I don’t know any particulars but I did mention awhile back I heard Nike was doing a re-branding for the entire athletic department and that that was all I knew. That’s still the case with me at least – thanks Greg


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22 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb.12: Have You Heard Any Rumors About Athletic Department Re-branding, Logos, Football Uniforms, ETC.?

  1. Artie A...

    A touch of red is simply a highlight. Let’s think marketing people! If all we have is one version of everything it limits sales. The debate here speaks for itself. Does anyone want to wear the same shirt every day? I for one do not. Thus a couple of drawers of different UConn apparel. This includes hats, gloves, scarf, sweats, and numorus shirts. As this is what I get for Christmas mostly these days I want the variety.

    Not everyone wants the same thing nor do we all have the same taste. The Husky head having a red tounge simply makes it jump out, love it! That and maybe just a little color will prevent us from being in clown suits like a lot of schools are going with. May the BLOCK C live forever, along with our husky and his red tongue.

    @Navin who I have a ton of respect for on this site I have to agree to disagree. Agree the red is not a state color but has only been used as accent. No where can you find red as the promenent color on a UConn uniform. It is used as shadow or ribbon to bring out the white and blue. I realize it is not a state color but this gives us the colors of our state and at the same time our nation. Just say’n…
    GO DOGS!!!!

  2. Joe

    what ever they decide to do, they should make it so all sports share the same logo! I think it is ridiculous that the womens basketball team, mens basketball team, football and baseball teams all have different logos!

  3. Shaun-Mass

    KEEP the Block “C”!!! It’s what the football team was branded on. It definitely separates football from the traditions of basketball. I love the unis. I wish they would do a paw print helmet stickers (via Fla St). Flat colors won’t be bad.

  4. Steve from 205

    Love the Block C….Jonathan is a tired logo. And, shame on the “elegant” comment on a previous post….nothing in football should be elegant! An upgrade for an alternate uniform would be something along the lines of a metallic blue helemt, similar to what Cincy did with their red helmets in this year’s bowl game. Using gray for the uni’s would be a good alternative as well. Something like the “blackout” uni’s that Boise State introduced this past Fall but subbing charcoal gray for the black shirts, with a flag blue contrast and maybe a possessed looking husky (read: looking more like a wolf) on the side of the helmet. Go Huskies!

  5. Greg

    Doug, Scott, RST, and Navin: Agreed. Gotta keep the block “C” its what the program (as many of us fans know it) was built on, and to create any form of tradition at UConn, something we’ve all been trying to do every season with Football, they gotta keep it consistent. The football logo/colors aren’t broke, so don’t fit it! To me, the interlocking UC is going backwards (for Football anyway) in my mind. I associate that with the basketball program.

    I would however like to see a new 3rd Alt. Jersey for our ‘Sons of Nutmeg”… Maybe w/ a white helmet? Just nothing ridiculous a la Randy’s new fashion statements down in College Park…

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      I would even go as far as using the old uniforms for a game…the old Yankee Conference uniforms.

      1. RST

        Navin, I love that idea. They should acknowledge history. UConn DOES have a history in football. Something from the sixties when they beat Yale for the very first time. That was a big deal back in the day. The first real step.

  6. Doug

    Keep the Block C and blue/white colors. I’d love to see an alternative uniform with the dog paw or some other graphics etc. If it looks good, it would increase merchandising

  7. UConnBoy

    Yes I have inside info and we are basically getting NIKE pro combat uniforms and matte blue helmets with white ones. We along with Houston, UCF and SMU are all getting new equipment. It will help with recruiting and our pending B1G invite along with UVA.

  8. Eric P.

    I also like the block “C” on the helmets… Connecticut’s colors are White and Blue keep those colors Maybe in special games we could have a touch of red on the uni’s

  9. Doug

    I’m with Navin. Not a fan of the dog head. I would rather see a dog paw integrated into the uniform. As far as the helmet, LOVE the block C!

  10. Tom

    UConn uniforms have always had red trim, especially in basketball. I hate the block C; it looks clunky and is an imitation of so many other schools. I think the interlocked UC would be better on the helmets and would bring more cosistency among sports programs at UConn; its elegant.

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      I agree with the consitancy of logos but the red is awful. It’s not a state color. I don’t care for the interlocking UC or the women’s C either.

  11. Dave

    Hope so, the Block C is boring! Basketball does it right with their uniforms and logos with a touch of red!

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