Mailbag Feb. 12: Is There Any Update On 2014 Schedule?

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Q: Now that we have signing day behind us, is there an update on the out of conference schedule for 2014? – Navin R. Johnson, Enfield, Ct

A: Not sure why signing day behind us would have anything to do with the schedule. I think life, business as usual, has to go on regardless up there. You mean the fans I’m assuming? I mentioned previously, maybe last week, that they are working on the 2014 schedule. We need to show some patience here. I’ll tell ya if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Warde Manuel it’s that he’s not going to say anything if things aren’t done and he most certainly will not leak, hint or anything else about who he’s attempting to schedule. Stinks for fans, maybe, good business practice otherwise. He’s been consistent there – but this I know. The 2014 schedule can’t be played before 2013. There are some exciting games on it with storylines all over it. All over it and they might be worth exploring until there is more on the 2014 schedule. Thanks Navin

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24 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb. 12: Is There Any Update On 2014 Schedule?

  1. TheJerk

    its easy to not leak, hint, or something else about what your doing when you havent done anything in the first place

      1. buddy

        When he took the trip to the VI while the Louisville AD was burning up the phone lines with the ACC, he lost all credibility with UConn fans and alumni. That is why people make comments like you see above.

        1. TheJerk

          @ desmond, that statement is not directly tied to Warde Mauel. Just in business or life in general, its very easy not to speak of something, when there is nothing to speak of. Very fortune cookie of me, I must say

          1. TheJerk

            let me use this statement:

            I would never hint or leak information about my torrid love affair with kate upton

        2. dconner Post author

          @buddy…I see. Well can I ask you this? Do you think that was the difference in why the ACC selected Louisville? Or could it have simply been the ACC was going to take Louisville no matter what – particularly since the football powers I the league wanted Louisville? I also wouldn’t assume he wasnt or hasn’t been burning down phone lines and contacts. I’ve said the from the very beginning and for some it’s not going to get through I get that. Ill say it again for good measure and that’s it: Conferences ate taking who they want want to take not who the fans want them to take. Just doesnt work like that…

          1. Anonymous

            I really appreciate your response. Just wanted to let you know what people talk about. We would not even reply if we were not concerned.

        3. RST

          Last I heard they still have cell coverage and land lines in the VI. Those kinds of trips are necessary to stroke the contributors. I don’t begrudge the UConn brass the trip to the VI. They had to be there. The calls needed can be made from anywhere. We do not know that they weren’t made.

    1. Artie A...

      @TheJerk…As you know I most always agree with your sentiments here. One of the few that have even had belief in your magic pumpkin. But I must ask you,do you think removing GDL from the OC position was Paul’s call or a product of the post season meeting with Warde. My money is on Warde. Do not take that lightly with the juice Paul has with the board.
      Warde has just come into his first year here and deserves some sort of acclamation period. For those thinking like buddy, I won’t tell people how to think but again I would put my money on The ACC had their ducks in line long before Warde got here. His trip with the basketball team had nothing to do with us missing the bus.
      Where is the venom for Hathaway who was in power as we were getting left behind. How about a little of the same for Pitino openly campaigning while still a BE member. Not going to bad mouth Calhoun who brought us 3 championships but for those that have been around for awhile, how many friends do you think he made in the ACC?
      Just say’n we are not where we are because of our present AD. He got handed the wheel with the bus heading down hill and very weak brakes. Let’s hope he can get it to stop, fix the brakes and turn it around.
      We have to dominate the conference we are now in and become the Boise of the east. This and hope it takes us to the next level.
      We are the victim of many circumstances but at this point Warde is not one of them.
      Rant over…Love ya guys…..and…
      GO DOGS!!!!!!!!

      1. husky66

        it is just that the trip out of town was bad timing. He may not be responsible but he had to be able to see how being away didn’t look good w/ everything going on at that time.

        good thought about JC & ACC, never thought about that, but as everyone knows, he can rub people the wrong way. Nothing new there, people from New England have been ticking off southerners for a very long time. Of course so does Boeheim and he even had a long time assistant get accused for doing things far worse than JC and a few kids w/ academic issues.

        just curious, but how does PP have juice w/ UC? If he doesn’t win the Louisville game, I think there was a chance he’d have been asked to leave.

        1. Artie A...

          husky66…Do some research on Larry McCugh, he is a big time PP supporter and one of the main reasons he is here. I’ll get you started.

          He is better known and respected through out the state than any governor we have had in the decades he has been around.

          His monthly breakfast draws hundreds and he always has an A list guest speaker. Actualy Geno did one recently as did Paul…

          1. husky66

            thx. good to know. I have heard of those chamber of Com breakfasts and do recall hearing of his position w/ the university, just didn’t make the connection. being out of state I don’t read up on CT news much, just Dez and UC fb.

            Here’s hoping PP gets it done this year. 8 wins? 9?

            at this point, couldn’t care less about future schedules. I want to see if the O line & GDL can block consistently? could McCummings be a great H back? think Keith Byars. Will Cochran get on the field? will we see the offesnse do things like we’ve seen at Cincy? will the D still bring it as often w/ HH running the D? how are the injured DL’s doing?

  2. Navin R. Johnson

    I guess my point is that most teams have their OOC schedule buttoned up two years down the road and Connecticut has no games scheduled for 2014 out of conference.

    I do have to say that 2013 might be the best home schedule they have ever had. Very interesting.

      1. Navin R. Johnson

        I looked up many 1-A teams and all of their schedules are buttoned up. A few are looking for a single game…not 4. I’ve said it and will say it again I think there will be two 1-AA teams in 2014.

        More snow please…

  3. Frank M

    What about the 2013 schedule? I already received my ticket renewal notice and they have not yet released the schedule!!

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