Mailbag Feb.15: Silence On Cochran Defeaning?

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Q: The silence about C. Cochran’s progress is deafening. Methinks we will be hearing about a transfer as soon as he finds a place to land. Steve Brown, Branford

A: The silence about all of the players progress will be defeaning at least until spring practice….Me doesnt think we’ll be hearing what you think we’ll be hearing about Cochran.

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17 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb.15: Silence On Cochran Defeaning?

  1. Artie A...

    @Paul…Mom says this is the last time I can reply to this post as my homework is more important. That and school in the morning. Dad says to stop picking on UConn fans as we have too few as it is and I agree.

    I thank you for extending the olive branch of I have a point. That and thinking we are in a class with the schools you researched to enhance your knowledge of the game, I commend you. You are missing the point though, I brought out Maryland as one example of being short at the position. Lets use your list for how many QB’s should be on the roster and what they had last season.

    Ohio St…5
    Notre Dame…5
    Texas A&M…6

    Yes some may be preferred walkers. We are one over what is the norm for the position. That and two of them are very capable of playing other positions. We already have rumors flying about one possibly prepping.

    As for your kicker suggestion and dictating my philsophy, you should spend less time in the beer line and more watching the game. This would make the line shorter for me (dad let’s me drink beer) and let you realize kickers do not get hammered time and again throughout a game….

    For now I love every QB we have and worship the fact we are this deep for the first time as a D-1 school. I do not see a single wasted scholarship, on that note let us agree to disagree…

    GO DOGS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chuck

    Finally UConn has a stable of QB’s to generate some real competition. This competition not only results in someone standing out and winning the starters role, but gives those not so chosen to pick up their games as well so all profit from the level of competition. A legit FSB team needs at least three good QB’s for the primary roster (injuries can and usually do happen). Two or three should be under development and run the scout team. So there is plenty of room for all, and that needs to be sold that way by the staff.

    We should be less concerned about one or a couple of them leaving right away. If that happens it usually is the result that he probably doesn’t fit into the system being taught or is drastically surpassed by the competition and there is little chance for an opportunity to play. They all want to be a star (we hope)but at each new level, from pee-wee to pro, in a player’s life there is an upgrade in talent. Whether the OB achieves first team or scout team, each provides an opportunity to contribute to make the team better and successful. The “Rudys” of this world are real star players at each level. Their contribution makes themselves and their fellow players better. The academics is so important in a college player’s life, because not that many actually make it in the pros.

  3. Paul

    It is fantastic to see the influx of QB’s and the competition that should result. I am not sure I understand why there is so much angst about someone leaving, in fact, it is probably good if one or two do. Those who leave are most likely the ones who will not contribute and their leaving just opens up scholarships for others who can potentially help the team.

    Why is everyone so (seemingly) concerned?

    1. Artie A...

      @Paul, first you love the influx then you hope a couple will leave…Confused?
      Why do you use the word everyone?
      You state, I am not sure I understand why there is so much angst about someone leaving, in fact, it is probably good if one or two do.

      Obviously you are new to UConn football and do not realize we have never had this type of depth or competition at the QB position.

      1. Paul

        Artie, I hope you are better with football than you are with your interpretation. There is no confusion here. I’ve been a UCONN season ticket holder for 8 years and well know the past QB situation. I do love seeing so many potential QBs entering the program, but some will most likely leave as playing time will be an issue for them. This is my point. Having 5 QBs on the sidelines, is a waste of scholarships. The top prospects now are well above the the talent level of any I can QB I can recall (I got here after Orlovsky’s stint) I don’t know who will succeed, but I do look forward to this season.
        I’d suggest that in the future, you digest the material you read before making asinine assumptions.

        1. Artie A...

          Paul I simply went on what YOU stated. As for your slander bring it on, as it speaks volumes of the source.
          As for 5 scholarships on QB’s being a waste, well I guess your 8 years watching UConn has you more knowldgeable than the staff. I wonder if Randy @ Maryland wished he had a fifth last year when all four of their QB’s went out with season ending injuries forcing him to start a freshman linbacker under center.

          1. Paul


            You have a point. Edsal would have loved to have another QB. Just to help me learn the game better, I looked at the stats for the top ranked teams to see just how deep they went during the entire season in the QB position. Here is what I found.

            Alabama used 3
            Oregon 2
            Ohio St 2
            Notre Dame 3
            Georgia 3
            Texas A&M 3

            In the cases above where 3 QBs were used, they typically played in blow-out games, apparently to give them some experience.

            You are correct… we might need to use 5 or 6, but the odds would seem to be against it.

            You have, however, brought up a good point. Perhaps we should recruit 3 or 4 more kickers and punters, because they are also a critical part of the game and we appear to be grossly short, given your philosophy. I’ll check with Randy and see what he thinks.

  4. Ryan

    If Cochran wins the job and does well not like incoming freshman have to leave right away when Cochran graduates the incoming freshman would still have 2 years to start if they step up next if they redshirt – that is not uncommon at all in college football look how many studs only play 1-2 years of college football at QB because there behind others. Depth and competition is good. If Boyle/Lagrow win job over Cochran then we’ll see if he decides to move on and find a place to play.

  5. Eric

    I hope Cochran stays aboard! I see talent abound at our QB position and that is exciting enough to get me through the next few months.

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