Mailbag Feb. 18: Thoughts On Manuel Comments Post Syracuse?

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Q: What is your take on Manuel’s comments after the Syracuse game on the state of Uconn Athletics? Though we might not like hearing that we may be in this league for the foreseeable future, I think it is time we just suck it up and get on with the business of supporting our teams. Eric, Ohio

A: I didn’t see the comments but based on what you have here sounds like they were consistent with what he’s been saying. I would also agree with the “suck it up and get on with the business of supporting our teams” part, especially since you have many teams performing well and, realistically and much to their chagrin Im sure, there’s nothing the fans can do about it but support their teams – or not.

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25 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb. 18: Thoughts On Manuel Comments Post Syracuse?

  1. Raymond Martineau/Ohio

    Roadrunner I agree. No use crying over things we cant change. UCONN has to move on with what they have. Change the things we can change and accept what we cant. No matter where we end up the only thing UCONN can do is be the best they can be. Lets face it I am excited with bball’s future. We have the coach we need to play with anyone. Football has to look at Boise St. They have become a nationally known team without being in a big name conference. The only people that can write UCONN’s future is UCONN.

  2. Bob Ralph

    DC. Although they are fanatics and their sources are not always correct, you should read the boneyard. You would know exactly what was said after the Syracuse game


    Absolutely!! Bulls Eye!! And Again,Speaking for myself..the smoke has cleared Dez..Thanks for ALL THAT YOU DO…

    1. dconner Post author

      @ROADRUNNER you and many others and anyone who can’t understand how the fans here feel/are feeling needs to have their head examined. It just took the smoke a long time to clear on this for many and for many they will always believe football is/was the reason you are where you are but that wouldn’t explain why Cincinnati which has torn up the Big East pretty much since it joined, is still in the league, for example. Cuz if it was just about winning or perception of the program, I mean, wouldn’t the Bearcats be gone by now? In all but Louisville it hasn’t been about that…they will believe its the head coach or the play-calling…yes! The play-calling! Some believe the AD and President aren’t working because they aren’t getting a daily, blow by blow of everything they’re doing. It’s sad. I never in a million years thought I’d see some of the reactions I’ve seen to this stuff and every time there’s a move or talk of a move that doesn’t include UConn it gets worse. On another note, if people think this realignment stuff is done they really haven’t been paying attention. Anyway, I welcome your comments. You’re bringing some good stuff today, CJ, too…


    This is the bottom line…eat and drink at the tailgaits have fun with the fam and friends…creat traditions, and the rest will take care of itself…The Basketball team used the same belief system…I know.. “different circumstances” 64 Teams get to play for the National Championship..The reality of it is, UCONN may not ever be able to play for a National Championship in football but ..We could steady the ship by winning and dominating whatever conference we are in and whatever Bowl we play in…Support your team …these are the things we CAN control…I’ll admit…I lost my way with the whole conference realignment BS..Hard to blame anyone actually..The Big East was the ONLY conference with Schools that didnt compete in the foresight of the conference leaders then would have been what ?? Abandon the Catholic schools?? Yeah with the success we were having in Basketball…wasnt going to happen..would you balme them?? the media markets and TV ripped apart the majority of the conferences fueled by $$$ and greed. Its NEVER been about the student athletes or the fans.. The AD’s and conference commisioners have just been manipulated and used ultimately as pawns.. Check Mate… TV wins… So Tailgait and support your team..and when Michigan and Maryland show up in particular..lets make it memorable to all involved…

    1. dconner Post author

      Outstanding …ROADRUNNER…outstanding..: the whining, finger-pointing, blame game…for what at this point? The bottom line is just what you say it is – support the school and teams no matter where they are or pout, storm around and be mean like a kid who just had his bike stolen.


    When the rules are changed we HAVE to comply with them..dont we??…Yes football drives the bus..even if we were a hot commodity and were the Boise of the east…we would still be in the position we are in…why?? we are wedged between two larger media markets…why do you think Boise (with a track record of winning) is in the same conference they are in? Once they realized their fate would be the same in the Big East…it made no sense to move….ITS ALL ABOUT TV MARKETS AND $$$ folks PERIOD !!!!!

    1. dconner Post author

      If one gets it that’s all you can ask for – you got it ROADRUNNER…You got it my man! This isn’t rocket science, right? Thank You!!!

  6. RST

    Nothing new here. If football drives the bus (and it does), then the football team has to win before UConn get’s an invite to a good conference. Win, baby, win. This upcoming season is huge, both for the programs and for this coaching staff. 7-5 minimum, McHugh support or not.

  7. jack54

    National media began to disparage AD Manuel + Prez Herbst during the last realignment flap. They were accused of “groveling” and “desperate begging” This perception was turning people off , and giving Husky fans high blood pressure. I believe they have since decided to keep a low profile, work behind the scene,and keep their comments politically correct. I still believe + trust in these two.

    1. Chris

      I find it quite ridiculous that people are critical of Ward Manuel due to UConn’s status with conference realignment. He simply has no control over it and whether or not UConn gets an invite to another conference. What UConn needs now is total fan support, regardless of who they play or what conference UConn’s in. I will say this: Manuel needs to work on developing additional revenue streams for UConn athletics in light of what UConn will receive in the future from the new big east media rights contract. Because money is needed to compete at the highest level, including sustaining success.

        1. Chris

          Thanks Desmond… I try to be a rational fan. I read the recent reports about the Big East’s possible deal with NBC and I really like what Aresco is focusing on – maximum TV exposure in prime-time. Honestly, I think that’s more important for the new Big East right now. It would be great to have the big dollars but TV exposure should be paramount. Do you have any idea how much UConn receives from its deals with Nike and SNY? I’m hopeful that Manuel will find a few more large donors that will support UConn athletics. I know it’s tough to do but it can be done.

  8. Jesse

    This last season definitely tested my support of the football team, but once again Coach P has got me excited about this coming season. So much so that I will be getting season tickets again (would have last year if I had a job). I look forward to an exciting and successful season!

  9. Steve

    The conference as a whole is not going to change their rules to let UConn into the tournament. If they did it for UConn, any other team in the same predicament would expect the same treatment, at which point, why have the penalty? I know some people will say they should have helped them out as they’re the only high profile team sticking around in the conference, but its not like that’s by their choice. The second another conference calls, UConn is out the door, and I quite frankly hope that’s sooner than later. But in the meantime, we need to support these teams and hope they continue to elevate their success to help us achieve a better, more stable future.

  10. UConnJack

    Funny thing is Steve, they allowed Syracuse to play in the BE tournament several years ago even though they had been banned from the NCAA tourney. So, in effect, what they did this past year was to do precisely what you said they shouldn’t — change the rules! Like it or not, there is a bias and/or disrespect for UConn from the remaining BE schools. Perhaps it’s jealousy over UConn’s recent successes, animosity over it’s desire to jump conferences, etc. The bottom line is that for whatever reason(s), the remaining schools decided to draw a line in the sand to send a message.

  11. Steve

    Syracuse was banned from the post season and still allowed to play in tournament in 1993. In March of 2012 presidents of the Big East voted that any team to be sanctioned by NCAA is to receive same penalties in conference, so it’s not really an even comparison.

  12. Chris

    Buddy, I’m not attacking you personally but I find your post completely irrational. There’s simply no logic to it. Players given up? Look at the body of work for this past football season and at the current basketball season. Your impressions are simply not true. It’s so easy for fans to say players give up when things don’t go the way they like. And you feel “betrayed by the AD and Pres.” I’m not even sure how to react to this statement. Other than they have NO CONTROL over what’s going on with conference realignment. Why can’t people understand this? I’ll answer my own question: because people don’t understand the dynamics of it. Listen to President Herbst and I think you’ll feel differently. And observe what Manuel has done – how he handled the Kevin Ollie situation and how he’s dealing with the football program and I think you’ll have a different perspective. Give Ward time to be a great AD. He’s been on the job for about a year!

  13. Chris

    Also, if you observed Ward Manuel this past football season you’d see how involved he is. He was on the side line right by the team observing. He wasn’t standing there because he liked the view. He was there to assess things – players, coaching, etc. The guy knows what he’s doing. Remember, he played for Bo S. at Michigan and he know’s what it takes to win.

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