Mailbag Feb.21: Just For Fun Which Conference Would You Prefer?

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Q: Living in Ohio I would love to see UConn come to the big ten rather the ACC. The big ten offer more money making opportunity’s and maybe develope an rivalry with Penn. St. The Acc offers a great bball conference and many familiar faces to continue play. Just for fun Dez Which conference appeals to you the most and why? Raymond Martineau, Steubenville, OH

A: Obviously I have no skin in the game but I’ll hit this for fun: If I were a UConn fan – which I’m not – but if I were I’d be a little leery about the ACC. I’m thinking teams want to leave and are going to leave. Will it truly be what the ACC was? Ideally, yes, if I were a UConn fan, which I’m not but if I were I’d want – want – to be in the Big Ten for academic, athletic and of course financial reasons. If I were a UConn fan, which I’m not and I’m just saying, if I were, I really would put my faith in the President and athletic director and all the players involved at UConn to put UConn in the best possible position . If its right where it is, in the Big East, so be it. Make the best of it. As a fan, truthfully, I just want my team to win and I’m going to support my team no matter where it is – but that’s just me Ray…You know all of this could have been great for both the Big East and ACC if they would have taken my advice and merged the conferences before all this stuff started happening, lol. I’m kidding but only a little. I just didnt see many negatives in it.

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20 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb.21: Just For Fun Which Conference Would You Prefer?

  1. Eric

    I think it would be best to get into the B1G but you have to ask though whether Delaney (if inclined) could convince the Michigans, OSU’s and NEbraska’s to accept this move. We couldn’t convince the ACC even though we are a better fit then a BC or Louisville. We are light in history in football but we ooze potential and promise. Delaney has said that he does not want to be remembered as the one who destroyed a conference… that might be to our advantage since we don’t really have a conference right now that hasn’t already been damaged.

  2. im blue

    B.C.supporters and fans must be ecstatic over acc move.nothing could be better for DEFELICE.UCONN might never get BIG10 invite,but i dont understand why not.

  3. Kevin

    I would prefer the Big 10. Its more stable than the ACC. Its much better for football and depending on who leaves next from the ACC, could be better for hoops too.

    And Pat, there is a chance, so don’t say never.

      1. TheJerk

        If we left the big east and joined the Arena Football League we could most likely get a better TV contract and cut about half of our scholarships

  4. Adam

    This is the easiest of hypothetical questions to answer: the B1G is the conference that fans should prefer. I think it’s a good match for both: the B1G would get more exposure in the densely populated northeast (including NYC and Boston), two elite basketball programs, and a football program that is young and can grow to achieve success like the basketball programs over time. UConn would obviously benefit academically, athletically and financially. B1G or bust!

  5. Artie A...

    Don’t always agree with Road but on this yes academics!
    I look forward to Susan and Warde getting us to the AAU level soon.
    Those not fans of UConn football have no clue how far behind the 8 ball we are now. We have to progress in the class room and on the field.
    We have top shelf progams that out shine those of the ones taken in the ACC. We simply are not in the good ole boy network. That and pissed some people off. This by beating them over the years in other sports.
    Would love to see us there and have the back yard brawl with the R….

    1. Anonymous

      Not the classrooms, the admissions office and the research labs. Gotta bring in more research $$ and become more competitive in the admissions process, although I think we may be in decent shape with the application pool (have not seen the data).

  6. Thedrifter75

    I like what the Big East was as far as football. Take VTech, Miami, BC, Pitt, Cuse, that’s the original Beast in football minus WV, RU, Temple. If you had added UConn, UC, the Ville, and USF to all that and held it together it would have been a pretty good conference. Now let’s say the ACC gets raided of some teams but none of the above mentioned that are already there. They could still come out with the above teams, minus WV and RU, plus obviously the remaining ACC teams no matter what that make up may be and still have a pretty good conference. I would like that from a competition stand point and recruiting territory. I know it’s not the money the B1G gets but I like it and am happy with it. It’s a very solid foundation to build with, the realignment has got to end at some point. Whether it’s 16 18 or 20.


    No brainer for me..the BiG !!! 1)Academics…2)Academics and oh yeah 3)Academics then 4)competitive sports and 5)more TV $$$…just saying ..

  8. TAD

    If we got into the Big Ten ( more money) then we could laugh at Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Lousiville for jumping ship too soon. Of course right now they are the ones doing all the laughing.

    1. dconner Post author

      @Tad, et al. Just want to be clear that I was asked a question for fun on this one, which would I thought would be best. UConn is not a member of the AAU and as far as the B10 is concerned that’s very important to the league for inclusion. No, Nebraska’s not AAU anymore but it was when it got in and it is right in the B10 footprint….I don’t, by the way, think Pitt, SU or U of L are laughing at all. Some of their fans might but I know Jim Boeheim isn’t laughing and I know Tom Jurich the AD Louisville isn’t either.

      1. Adam

        Agreed on the importance of being a member of the AAU. President Herbst has done an excellent job of promoting research as the backbone of UConn’s future. Also, I think it’s important that Malloy’s proposal for additional funding UConn is passed. UConn and UConn athletics are the only major game in town. To ensure New England’s flagship university is positioned (read: in a top conference) is important for the growth of Connecticut’s economy and education for future decades.

        1. Kevin

          I’d say UConn is in their footprint now that the conference has expanded into the New York/New Jersey market.

  9. Shane B.

    If it was just about money then Big 10 but if I want the team to be competitive then ACC. As far as football we would be a Big 10 doormat. At least in the ACC we could possibly be a mid-level team and maybe a little better depending on if the upper crust teams like FSU and Clemson were struggling. End of the day though I’m guessing some ACC teams are going to move on, we’ll finally get into the ACC and it will basically be the Big East all over again.

  10. CT Pete

    Yup Big 10. Football is better than ACC and basketball is pretty darn good with Indiana, Mich St, Mich etc. UConn would be a great BBall addition for them. Truth be told the whole reallignment stinks but it’s too late to whine. Dez is right, just back UConn no matter what!!!

  11. Jesse

    Dez, you hit the nail on the head. Yes the money is going to be terrible with the new deal, but that shouldn’t stop the fans from going to games. Honestly, I’m pretty excited about some of the teams coming in. UCF has been a decent team every other year it seems and Houston usually puts a competitive team on the field every year. I don’t know much about Tulane, but who doesn’t want to take a trip down to New Orleans to see a football game. I do! I know it’s not the conference we’re all used to, but there is some teams that can really help build a solid conference if everything works out. I look forward to this season and can’t wait for opening day!

  12. Tony

    Geographically, the ACC makes more sense at the moment. But overall, the Big 10 is better in both basketball and football. Look at all the schools that have joined the ACC in years past: BC, Miami, VT… none have really benefited from the conference, and BC has actually gone backwards. The Big 10 offers more stability, academics that are just as good if not better, and a better product. In spite of geography, to me it’s a no-brainer.

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