Mailbag Feb.26: Thoughts On Mariucci Comments On Players?

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Q: Dez, Any comment on steve Mariucci’s comment on the NFL channel? He said PP had all this talent how come he couldn’t win. Palatine, DC

A: Yeah sure. I wonder if Steve Mariucci has seen a UConn football game the past two years – or at all? Now I expect that little point to get past some but I’m going to guess as a former head coach he knows that it takes more than four players to win football games but nevermind him. You know that right, Palatine?I know you also know those guys played on the same side of the ball, too…right Palatine?

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26 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb.26: Thoughts On Mariucci Comments On Players?

  1. JD

    The defense was phenominal. Anyone who watched the games knew they were even better than the stats showed. The problem was the Offense was literally one of the worst in the Country(from Coaches, to QB, to OLine to RB’s/WR’s). Everyone on that side of the ball was pathetic at one time or another. In my opinion the OLine, play calling, and QB were the biggest problems.
    But we are moving on and looking forward to improvement.
    Let’s Go Huskies!

  2. Howard Lubinger

    I’m sure it’s one of many dumb comments that came out of his mouth and others trying to fill in dead air while watching people sprint and lift weights.

    Also, I wouldn’t take it too seriously because it is not true but it was also said by someone who has considerably less of a resume than the person he was insulting.


    Great comment DC…That’s the statement to reflect on “if you can’t block then you may never know or realize the talent you have on that side of the ball”…our QB was running for his life most of the time…and our the RB barely had any daylight to be elusive and shifty…the o-line is crucial

  4. Blades

    Despite Mariucci’s off the cuff comment, I think when we look at the season it’s clear as day that Uconn had enough talent to win more games. Anyone who thinks otherwise is lying to themselves. I along with most
    thought an 8 win year wasn’t a tough reach in the pre-season and shouldn’t have been with that schedule.

    But we saw an OC without a pulse who wanted to sit back all year and put everything on the D, while killing the
    offense anytime they got any rhythm going. He got demoted by his best friend in coaching, no matter what they want to call it. If that doesn’t say more about the coaching and less about the talent..enough said.

    1. dconner Post author

      @Blades … Just got a couple for ya. In the preseason did you have UConn beating Syracuse? I did until I saw the teams on the field together. Did you think UConn should have beaten Temple? I did. I didn’t expect the defense to break down on key plays that led to scores. It was uncharacteristic – but it happened. Did you have them beating Western Michigan? Me too. I didnt expect the offensive line to perform like it did during crunch time and I also thought, like most, with his top receivers gone and a defense more in tune to Alex Carder it would have performed better against him. One of the players at the Combine put that loss squarely on his shoulders because the defense did not play well. That’s how Sio Moore is. He and others had a tough game. I wrote a whole story right after that with the offensive linemen talking about how poorly they played, which they did. That’s three games I had counted as wins that turned out to be losses in an unfortunate way. I know it’s a slow time and we’ll soon be talking about whether Pasqualoni’s contract can be bought out before the season in favor of, oh, I dont know, maybe Steve Mariucci. You guys can go over the 2012 season all over again obviously and I respect that. I can’t do it because I’ve already done it 2,012 times

      1. Blades

        Dez I hear ya, I know all that. Why bring up Marriucci again? Weren’t you one of the guys who predicted 8 or so wins?

        I’m not going over the season, but you just did a good job of it. The OC got fired( re-assigned) because he was underwhelming just like at Cuse, Ol’ Miss and Temple. That’s on him/coaching and no one else. And I still love the job you do
        bringing us the 411 on Uconn football, peace out.

        1. dconner Post author

          @Blades… Yes I did predict 8 wins, absolutely and I just broke down three losses that could have been wins but had nothing to do with coaching. That was my point. Each one of those games had key plays on the field, plays , not calls, that led directly to the final results of those games. The players, the guys actually on the field, spoke to it in each one of those games, each one. I’m just saying we should be accepting of all the facts not just what we want/choose to believe. No one and I mean no one is beyond making mistakes, bad calls, etc. it’s just that when you’re telling a story and you want people to believe it you have to present everything honestly. Opinion is fair but it shouldn’t be passed off as fact. Too much of that going on in the world today..Thanks I know you appreciate me Blades. No worries

          1. Blades

            Dez, I didn’t think I was stating opinion, PP, Warde or both has spoken loud enough for me with the new hire.

            I love the fact that moving forward the new OC has a slightly different resume than George, especially what he did at WKU. As a lowly season ticket holder since Memorial, I’ll take a wide open loss over the a “freeze option”( LOL) heart breaker from GDL any day. Only time will tell what we get. Also 2,012 times, it’s sound like I walked into a hornets nest on the talent thing, I haven’t been by in awhile….. peace

      2. RST

        Western Michigan game turned on a missed blocking assignment when WMU overloaded the UConn right side and no one picked it up. Six the other way when the Huskies were driving. It is still out on YouTube I believe. You can step through the play at 0.1 sec intervals and it becomes plain as day. What is not clear is who precisely messed up because we do not know what the blocking assignments were in that situation.

  5. TAD

    Nick is right. We didn’t have the best talent on offense last season but we had more than the offense showed. I think we were somethng like 114th in offensive scoring last year. That was pathetic. Lets hope that our coaches learn from their mistakes of last year (as any good coach will do) and we have a more productive offense this year. With a new offensive coordinator and another coach P’s recruiting class coming in we are all guardedly optimistic. Of course it goes without saying that avid Uconn fans are going to know a lot more about their team than an ESPN talking head who may have never even watch Uconn play last year.

  6. JoeP

    Mariucci is typical of one of those sportcasters who doesn’t do his homework and then makes a ridiculous comment. ESPN also has a few of those.

  7. NickRockyHill

    Dez, I guess I don’t totally agree with either side in this debate. I do feel that we had our best players on defense and most complete “squad”. The evidence is what our defense did during the season in stopping just about all the teams we played from scoring in high numbers. The offense wasn’t a complete squad and had obvious deficiencies and I believe poor coaching. I believe they could have been more effective even if they didn’t have as many stars on that side of the ball. So I don’t agree they were without talent, but they certainly didn’t perform well and the coaching staff certainly did not do all it could to help them to be successful. I’m expecting a lot more from this group this year and also I’m expecting the coaching staff to learn from this year’s debacle on offense.

    1. Anonymous

      Nick is right. We didn’t have the best talent in the world on offensive but the coaches didn’t get the most out of the talent that we did have. ( We were something like 114th in the country in offensive scoring) Like most fans I’m hoping that the coaches learn from their mistakes ( as all good coaches do) and we have a more effective offense this year.

    2. dconner Post author

      @Nick no issues. There really is no debate to which side of the ball had the most talent. You can hit the coaching on the offensive side all you want. All I know is if you can’t block you can’t do anything with the ball. If you can’t block you may not know how much talent you have on that side of the ball.

    1. dconner Post author

      @FrankyB….someone is trying to make a point about talent on the team; cemented his belief with the Mariucci comment. I say this all the time. Repeat stuff back to yourself to see if it really makes sense before commenting or trying to make a point. “But Steve Mariucci said it” Give me a break. I don’t know any team in the country that can win games with four football players. The four players who went to the Combine were exceptional players. We know that but in the grand scheme of things related to UConn football Steve Mariucci probably doesn’t. I doubt he spent his Wed, Th, Fr, Sats, watching UConn football games.

  8. RST

    Think we all know the answer to that one, don’t we? Failure to effectively utilize the talent level available on O. Trying to execute a pro style offense with mid-major talent. UConn is looking great in the combine, but all the UConn players there came from the D.

    1. dconner Post author

      @RST Thought most saw it the way you did but maybe not. Scary though because it seemed really obvious….and I mean really obvious….What are you gonna do? Thanks RST…

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