Mailbag Feb. 27: Would UConn Offer Hoops To Solid Football School To Come To CT?

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Q: Would UConn ever offer a home basketball game or two to a more football oriented school in order to get that school to come play a football game at Rentschler? For example would we ever offer a program like Nebraska two home basketball games against UConn in Lincoln to have one home football game at Rentschler? The hype surrounding the Michigan game this year is tremendous already and it would be a shame to see these games not occur anymore due to conference realignment and our place in it. Drew, Charlotte, NC

A: Can’t imagine it would be closed to the idea. That’s fairly common business at that level…

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7 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb. 27: Would UConn Offer Hoops To Solid Football School To Come To CT?

  1. White Dog 777

    I too would like to see us develop a relationship with the B1G. UCONN is pursuing AAU status with the 1.5 Billion investment in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Research effort. This will greatly aid UCONN’s goal of AAU (Association of Accredited Universities) status which is required by the B1G. UCONN should prove themselves to the B1G as many times as possible. We have already beaten Indiana at the Rent in 2003 34-10. We lost to Michigan in MI in 2010, 30-10. I think it would be great to be in the B1G. Initially until the Rent is expanded we could play the B1G teams at a bigger stadium.
    Noone things the B1G would want us but they might to gain access to New England and the New York market. Our Men’s basketball program will offset talented ACC teams. Our Women’s basketball team will be a big asset to the B1G.

  2. jack54

    Need to develop football reputation “Will play anyone , anywhere,any time” Fans would rather see a road loss at Ohio ST. than a home win over Buffalo. It will take time for UC football to get the respect that we all desire.

  3. Alex

    If UConn cannot escape the Big East – then non-conference games in basketball will be far more important than non-conference games in football. The men’s basketball team will have to have a strong non-conference schedule in order to maintain national prominence and simply will not be able to throw games away to schedule “strong” football schools unless those schools have reasonably strong basketball teams.

    1. Olde Huskie

      I have absolutely NO problem with substituting a Nebraska or Mizzu for Stoneybrook or Maine in basketball to get them to come to us for a football game. We need to compete against creditable competition in football to gain the respect we don’t get by playing close games against MAC teams.

      1. Alex

        Agreed, but who says going forward that those Stony Brook/Maine games can’t be played against the old Big East – Marquette, Georgetown, Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame, Louisville, etc…UConn football should be considered to some extent, but not at the cost of basketball. Since UConn’s in season conference games will lack meaningful games outside of Cincinnati, Memphis, and Temple tossing a game in basketball to get Penn State here for football may just not be worth it (using a reasonable/attainable example). Mizzou/Nebraska don’t need help (Kentucky, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin – etc etc etc – are enough of a draw in basketball.

        Now, if UConn football is trying to get meaningful football games I’d call the BIG. They just said they will no longer be playing FCS schools – obviously, UConn could go to any one of those schools, not ruin their ranking by being a total embarrassment, and perhaps get a home and home out of it.

        UConn football should be willing to play 2 for 1 deals to get bigger football schools to come to Hartford.

  4. Chris

    I’m sure Ward Manuel is open to leveraging basketball to attract a big name football school to the Rent. And I’m also sure he would only do it where it makes absolute sense.
    In no way does UConn want to compromise its basketball standing. You’re talking about a program that has won 3 national championships and you don’t want to lower the program’s standards.

  5. mg

    is that not how we got Indiana to come here and open the rent, or Michigan for 13, or Tennessee down the road.

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