Mailbag March 4: Why Doesn’t BE Commish Push UConn As Jewel Of New Conference?

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Q: First I really was happy to see how Uconn’s recruitment turned out. I think our new OC is really going to get things moving for us. My question though is what is your take on Aresco’s silent treatment on Uconn sports? As the crown jewel of the new league I have heard next nothing about his thoughts on Uconn. Eric, Ohio

A: Hey Eric. I’m not sure I understand your question but I don’t think conference commissioners do that for one program. I can’t think of one who has. The conference commissioner is to look out for and promote the conference, not one school. That’s the school and fans job. Thanks Eric…

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8 thoughts on “Mailbag March 4: Why Doesn’t BE Commish Push UConn As Jewel Of New Conference?

  1. husky66

    hoops maybe the jewel, but FB? not sure if we’re in any position to be looking down our noses by making comments that reflect poorly on the new members like SMU, Houston, UCF et al; a couple of 5-7 seaons should have convinced us otherwise. We could very well find ourselves being looked down upon if we don’t win, and frequently, in the new FB conference.

    Let’s go get 8 ,or better yet, 9 wins next season, get ranked, get a decent bowl game, sell out the Rent, travel well, and then we can talk about the kind of jewel we are.

  2. Artie A...

    Desmond, how come my refrigerator makes funny noises? It is a name brand purchased from a very reputable dealer. Actually a professional model, it burps and gurgles now and then. Could this be due to the ice making feature?

  3. Mike C

    I’m a diehard UConn fan and grad, but I don’t know why he would ‘promote’ us at all. Especially if the ACC comes calling, then we would be out the door in 30 seconds.

  4. Howard Lubinger

    Yeah. I’m not sure why this comes up as an issue for folks. He is paid equally amongst the conference to be the commish, not to be UConn’s PR guy. It’s like UConners think the new conference should be called ‘Connecticut and Others’.

    Plus, let’s say he was in a position to plug UConn as a highpoint in the conference lineup. He knows UConn wants out. If/When UConn leaves, how does that make him look? Like he just lost the highlight of the conference? Whether or not that’s true, he can’t paint himself into a corner like that.

    Say what you will about Aresco. But you cannot say he’s dumb. He’s trying to salvage something and wants it to be whole in membership and image when it comes out the other side.

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