Mailbag Feb.8: Anything Lately On Richard Lagow?

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Q: Dez, Thanks for doing such a great job. Have you heard anything about Lagow lately? Is he coming? Paul, Worcester MA

A: Hey Paul. Nah haven’t heard anything since signing day. He said then he needed time to talk to his family. Good kid with an important decision to make. Should take all the time he needs.

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11 thoughts on “Mailbag Feb.8: Anything Lately On Richard Lagow?

  1. White Dog 777

    Don’t blame Lagow for hesitating. This is an important decision for him. Shane Day had Boyle rated as one of the top QB’s in all of college football. Not that Boyle is a running QB but for what it’s worth he runs a 4.9 and Boyle a 5.2 40. Looks like Taylor could run the spread. Boyle was offered a scholarship by BC. In all honesty, I can’t see Lagow coming to UCONN. I wish him well though. He’ll do a great job for whoever he plays for.

  2. Marcus

    If the kid ends up coming to Storrs, he’d better hone his social media skills. Commenting about Boy Scouts and making snide comments on their sexual orientation won’t make his coaches or fans feel warm and fuzzy. Just sayin’.


  3. Ed

    Those disparaging Lagow, should stop a second and think about it from his perspective. Suddenly, UConn recruits the beloved home state guy at the same position. It’s reasonable for him to think, all things being equal, the home state guy gets the nod.

  4. Chuck

    Being afraid of additional competition smacks of a lack of self-confidence. Not exactly a trait you want in your quarterback. It doesn’t speak well to a players character Makes you wonder what coach/program would want to take a chance on a player who may be afraid to compete. Things happen for a reason. Perhaps it’s the best outcome for “ALL” parties concerned.

  5. rich

    Agreed on all counts, RST. Although, I wonder if Lagow told UConn he was a little hesitant and they then went and got Taylor. From what I understand, Taylor was a late get?

  6. Steve-CT

    It is interesting to note, though, that on 1/18/13 Lagow Tweeted, “if uconn took another qb in my class it would change things significantly just so yall know!”

    1. RST

      Yup, I read that too. And I am sure that got back to Storrs and may well have contributed to the Taylor get. An unfortunate example of how not to use social media. But we all learn from our mistakes especially when they result in self-inflicted pain. I am sure the young man will not make that mistake again. It doesn’t change the basic equation. He should just get his butt here and compete. He starts with a big advantage athletically.

  7. RST

    I understand that Mr. Lagow might have been unnerved when he heard that not just one but two additional QB’s had been signed in addition to his offer. But he has to understand that when the highest ranked player in a state becomes available, then State U has to make him an offer. It is just that simple. Politically impossible not to. And since Taylor will likely not be competing for the same minutes, I think Lagow’s best move is simply to come and compete for the job. If Texas 5A is really that intense a crucible, he should start the competition with a huge development advantage.

    1. Husky69

      Totally agree, RST. There will be competition wherever he ends up and, as the saying goes: “a rising tide lifts all boats”. The competition will only help him improve on his already impressive skill set. Come to UCONN, Richard. It’s a tremendous opportunity!!

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