Mailbag Jan.15: Has UConn Hired TJ Weist As OC?

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Q: Hey Dez, hearing some twitter chatter about UConn possibly hiring a new OC (TJ Weist from Cincinnati). Do you have confirmation? Adam, Middletown

A: Hey Adam. Seen the chatter, heard the rumors. As of this morning, I’ve been told from UConn that it has not hired any new members to its football coaching staff. That’s what I was told this morning and yesterday when I heard the same thing pretty strong.

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10 thoughts on “Mailbag Jan.15: Has UConn Hired TJ Weist As OC?

  1. JL Meyers

    TJ Weist is a lock! Get ready for a high-powered offense to match the defense at UConn. Weist is absolutely super! Made great inroads here at UC and also at Western Kentucky where he brought THEM to a #23 ranking offense. Great coach! Super person! Super mentor of young men!!!

  2. Shaggydog84

    Agreed DC. Tuberville has been coaching forever & wants his own guys. Nobody should read anything negative into this.

    1. dconner Post author

      Common sense, good judgement, buried behind clouds of negativity. Negative is the new thing not just here everywhere so I guess we better get used to it. Anyway, the majority wanted GDL out as OC. He’s out yet, he and potential new guy getting pinged. The fact this talk comes from some who should know better proves it. They’re just piling on because its the thing to do. And it clearly – clearly – shows.

  3. Artie A...

    My how times have changed. Used to be honor among thieves. Schools did not poach coaches or players within conference.

    1. Artie A...

      My bad realizing too late he was not retained at Cincy….That in itself raises other questions…

      1. Anonymous

        Check his record he’s better than UT and UC positions. Major catch-is reported to have many offers.

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