Mailbag Jan.17: With New OC Will We See Different Style Attack?

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Q: Hey Des, with change in OC, will we see a different type of offense? More spread style of attack? What do you think? David Natick, MA

A: Everybody is doing the spread thing and everybody who does it right seems to have success with it. UConn has the piece to do it with Scott McCummings. I wouldn’t be surprised if its in the book more than we’ve seen it. McCummings is a solid, big-bodied athlete. Now is the time more than ever to use that young man. That being said UConn has seen success in the pro style and there will be three pro style QBs in the program in Chandler Whitmer, Casey Cochran and incoming freshman Richard Lagow. Whitmer can run the spread too which is a bonus. If they can both improve it could really be an effective way to go and exciting too

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11 thoughts on “Mailbag Jan.17: With New OC Will We See Different Style Attack?

  1. Paul M

    @Jesse: Your description of the spread is generally correct; however, there is a back next to or behind the QB and the option is primarily a handoff play where the QB puts the ball in the RB’s gut and reads the DE. If the DE commits to the RB the QB pulls the ball and heads to the corner on a run. IF DE stays on his heels he lets the RB take the ball.
    That said, what matters most is: 1. Physical football (see Alabama, which does not run the spread); 2. Doing whatever you do well (see Bama). The spread offense actually is not that sophisticated, but it hasn’t yet been completely solved. It will be solved in time, however, with new defensive schemes that disguise the actual number of players “in the box” and take-a-way the ability of the QB to read the DE.
    ON identity: We are from New England. It is cold. We should be able to recuit and develop lineman, run the ball, play defense, and pride ourselves on being the most physical team on the field. Our OL needs to step it up and start playing New England hard nosed football.

    1. Jesse

      Thanks for the info. I was under the impression that they were two separate offenses. I’d like to see the spread implemented some way or another into the offense. I’m not saying go five wide every down, but I would like to see more of Whitmer (or who ever is the QB) take more shotgun snaps. I will say one thing, if UConn does in fact go to the spread, they’re going to miss Nick Williams. That kid would have had huge numbers in that type of system.

      I like what you’re saying about being the most physical team on the field, but in college usually the more finesse team wins because they can score easier. There are exceptions to the rule of course (Bama and Standford), but look at the Big 12 they play next to no defense and they win lots of games. Same with Oregon and Clemson.

  2. Jesse

    Is there a different between the spread and the option offense? I always thought the spread was going 5 wide in the shotgun and doing a lot of quick slants, screens, and hurry up to the line of scrimmage. And that the option was more of the QB reading the DE on whether to hand off or run it himself? I know I’m over simplifyin, but if that really is the case with the spread offense, then wouldn’t any of the QB’s (currently enrolled or coming in) be able to run that type of offense? I will say if it’s an option based offense McCummings definitely has the advantage though.

  3. Artie A...

    Not trying to be negative here but I would poop footballs if Paul was to run a spread O.
    He is a pro style guy and has recruited that way. CW was brought in because he could run for his life. This as everyone knew last year was going to be a adventure with with the O line. This with two pro prospects moving on and the rest trying to learn a new blocking system trying to open holes for an undersized RB.
    McCummings was never utilized in any way shape or form that would have been fair to him and the team or fans. That or lead anyone to believe Paul was looking for a more open O.
    We will see CC under center or in the shotgun hopefully protected. Let us hope if this is done they see Scott as a RB and let him lose, all he does is make people miss or run them over.
    I could be wrong and if so I’ll eat my crow and wash it down with a nice ale. This to celebrate Paul’s transformation…..Actually I’ll have the ale anyway.

  4. RST

    Was there anytning in the job posting other than hurry-up no huddle? Did it mention running a spread offense or even allude to it? If not, I will believe it when I see it.

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