Mailbag Jan.30: New Uniforms This Year?

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Q: So here we are in the offseason, what should we talk about? Signing day is around the corner, the recruits look exciting and excited, but my question stems around a semi-buzz around twitter with one or more recruits that the team is getting new uniforms this year. Our skyscraper QB recruit, Richard Lagow, has thrown words out there about his desire for metallic-painted helmets. Dez, what, if anything, have you heard about this? Steve-Ct, Ct.

A: When it comes to the media on stuff like this we’re among the last to know for obvious reasons but I have heard Nike is rolling out a rebrand for the entire athletic department.

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32 thoughts on “Mailbag Jan.30: New Uniforms This Year?

  1. will rsnger

    As a UCONN alum, pls get rid of the non-threatening, corny, smiling dog face. It’d make a great logo for a kids TV show, cereal, etc but in my humble opinion, is lousy for big time collegiate athletics.

  2. Minnie Morris

    Maybe they are going to go for one logo for all of the teams. That may be the rebrand. Consumers may look for the fresh gear but it could be an effort to make brand more recognizable across the country.

  3. Goteanook

    If you look at the best programs in college football, most of the better ones have kepth the same style of uniform year after year. The uniform has become part of their teams tradition. UConn present uniform look smart and traditional. Why change????

  4. jack54

    Change needed. Dump the high top black shoes. It makes you look like the J.V. team at Weaver High. Along with grass turf players look so slow. Speed recruits (like in the SEC )will not be attracted. Need artificial turf before uniform updates.

    1. Navin R. Johnson

      Are you comparing the Big East to the SEC? Connecticut battles for the same recruits as SEC teams?

  5. Tom

    I can see why UConn is in the shape it’s in considering the non-substantive discussions that seem to interest so-called fans.

  6. JoeP

    Please NOOOOOOOO!

    It’s a fad. If players need that to be inspired they probably shouldn’t be recruited.

  7. JoeP

    Please NOOOOOOOO!

    It’s a fad. If players need that to be inspired they probably shouldn’t be recruiting.

  8. Doug

    Perfect example would be Maryland. Some of the unis were a little much but it inspires the players and the fans. Keep the traditional look and mix in alternative unis

  9. UCFBfan

    Uniforms attract recruits and better recruits help build a winning program. Just look at Twitter at some of the recruits and they are talking it up about possible new unis. UConn is trying to go with a traditional look when we have little to no tradition. I welcome new unis that are creative and exciting.

  10. TDog9

    The simple answer – yes.

    Why? More fans (consumers) will flock for the freshest, gear…

    So, it’s smart for Nike to put out new digs.

  11. Artie A...

    Let us pray, Dear God I know from conversations past that football is low on your priorty list. Having said that I want you to understand this could be an emergency. Please use any and all influence you can on the folks at Nike and the school staff to avoid the clown suits some schools have resorted to recently.
    Also while at it if you would please remind them that chrome looks great on motorcycles and cars but does not belong on the grid iron.
    Amen……P.S. Bless our dogs!

    1. Howard Lubinger

      New uniforms bring attention to the team. I’m not suggesting we go the Oregon/Maryland route, but it’s something that excites players and recruits. As long as the team doesn’t look like Ringling Brothers cast-offs, I’m ok with spicing up our look.

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