Mailbag Jan. 31: If UConn Gets Boyle What Do You See Happening?

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Q: Love the blog! If UConn gets Boyle, what do you see happening? Will they redshirt him as I suspect? Also, who do you see stepping up as QB? Doug, Middletown

A: If UConn gets Tim Boyle not only will it be getting a heck of a player and kid it will only increase the competition where I’m sure UConn fans want to see the absolute best player emerge to help form a legitimate, balanced and effective offense. I’ve had the benefit of seeing Tim play several times and talked to him as well. He’d be a great ambassador for the program no doubt about that. I don’t think there would be a need to rush him into action vs. getting him prepared for the rigors of being a 1-A QB…..I think they all have to step up Doug. Thanks

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25 thoughts on “Mailbag Jan. 31: If UConn Gets Boyle What Do You See Happening?

  1. Teresa

    I rather see Boyle interested than writing UCONN off…gotta be hopeful and think positive
    Optimistic news for you, Dez to write about ):


    Thanks Leeny it ..I think he will sign with us?? BC Offense looks like it will transform once Adazzio gets his pieces in place ..This kid fits UCONN’S current system ..especially with new OC where at Cinci there was a more balanced pass/run offense.He would be an excellent talent/recruit if we do land him …and from Connecticut ..maybe the second comming of Orlovsky??

  3. Leeny

    After reading the article, it sounds like he doesn’t fit into BC’s new offense but BC wants to get rid of him.


    How’s it going Artie? Thanks for the info..when did the kid change his mind??..I must have missed that one.

  5. Adam

    The more competition, the better. It’s been a long time since UConn had a D-1 QB. If Boyle switches and stays home, then the next few years of UConn offense with improved QB/WR play and TJ Weist calling the plays will be VERY exciting to watch! GO Dahgs!

  6. Lost in Transition

    I still think Pitt is in the mix as is bc. Lets have guarded optimism. Lots can happen.

  7. paul

    This is really cool to be thinking about and talking about the best talent in Conn heading to our flagship program (vice going to BC (stink anyway), Florida, Temple, PSU). Would be nice to see the HS State Championships stay at the RENT (with expanded marketing to youth football). This helps keep in-state kids dreaming of playing at the Rent and is good relationship development for UCONN. Who cares if it is mostly empty – the kids still love it.

  8. doug

    Casey was NOT recruited by any Ivy league schools. Nobody is transferring from Uconn to the IVY league thats absurd hed never get in. If Boyle comes let the two young guns compete for the job right away. Boyle wold be great here.

    1. Steve

      Harvard and Princeton both offered him scholarships. And yes, he can get in. He is a very smart kid.

        1. Steve

          I realized I wrote it incorrectly after I posted it. I am aware they do not, but my main point was interest was shown and grades would not be a factor for his admittance. Not that I want to see him go though

  9. jack54

    If Boyle comes in, look for Casey C. to leave for an Ivy league school after a couple of years if he does not start. It would just be a wash.

  10. Jake

    Dez, always something to take the joy out of living. Now complains will start about to many QB’s, and not enough lineman. Numerous times I have read how bad our QB play was, and now that we might have several coming onboard who appear to be above average players, complains will move to coaching staff, line play, and other segments of the team. Thanks for your great coverage Dez.

    1. Ryan

      I tend to think we over evaluate every QB recruit we get and think they will solve all our QB issues. I have no problem having 4-5 QB’s on our roster fighting for a starting spot and at the end of the day if one transfers out it will be because most likely he did not crack the starting lineup. The goal is to strike it rich with that one that can put you over the edge

  11. TAD

    It would be great to get him but we need more running backs and offensive linemen at this point in time

    1. husky66

      not sure about need for more RBs, but more OLs, most definitely. the more competition there the better.

      you can put just about any reasonably talented RB behind a good OL; those fat guys in tight shirts win games.

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